Chicago's Pizza With A Twist - Brentwood, CA

6700 Brentwood Blvd, Brentwood
(925) 516-7600

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Brittany Cobb

I just ordered today from this place for the fourth time but never again. When we received the pizzas, the large with extra halal pepperoni was burnt and had MAYBE 10-15 pepperonis on it when I ordered extra. The other pizza looked over cooked and dry. I took it back to the store because of course I’m upset with the state of the pizzas. I’m assuming the male who always comes to the counter is the owner/manager. I showed him the pizzas and one of the employees proceeds from the back to look at the food. I explained to them why I brought them back and I was not pleased. They then to process to try rationalize burnt pizza and a lack of pepperoni as if I should be happy with whatever I I receive after paying over $40 dollars. As a customer, why are you arguing with me when I have a legitimate complaint about the food I’m BUYING from you?? They remade the food but as they’re doing, I here chatter and laughs from the back and the delivery woman making snide remarks. She even decided to come explain to me how pepperoni cooks when she doesn’t even know why the pizza has been brought back. For the safety of my children and myself, I threw the food away because the energy of the enviro made me feel as though the food may be unsafe for consumption. I will never order from here again and I will never recommend it to anyone.

Hassaan Afzel

Very tasty pizzas and great service. Quite impressed.Ordered a chicken tikka pizza and a lamb kabob pizza (with pineapple). Would highly recommend. Both were incredibly tasty. Some places slather too much seasoning but these pizzas tasted just right. Will definitely order from here again. Perhaps try their vegan plant-based next time. Thanks for all the hard work.

Meric Velasco

Apparently there is a new owner, figured I’d give them a shot. Great fresh made crust. I had no idea they did that. The Butter Chicken pizza had great flavor.

Sharon G

Love the pizza not fan of the service. We are regular customers but lately the person handling the counter has been less than nice. When I came in they said additional 20 on top of the 20 minutes that had already passed. And all the while the pizza was already boxed and ready to go and she kept saying they were busy. They also almost charged us an extra 8 dollars when we didn’t do any additions to the menu pizza. Really used to love the place.

Irene Ruvalcaba

Great pizza and great customer service. Highly recommend it. Crust on pizza is best I’ve had in long time!

Davis Vance

Great owners! These are some friendly locals who bring passion to their business. I like that they are experimenting with their item and love the developing space inside.

Jazmine H

1st time here. The service was great and the pizza was delicious. Thank you guys so much. Recommend 100%?

Cuyler Engle

Best pizza, really good prices. I eat here all the time

Jayasimha Nuggehalli

This is really a Pizza place with a Twist. It is located right next to Chevron gas station. There is a separate entrance to the pizza place, there is outside seating as well. There is a bar area. Twist is they offer Indian curry flavored pizza and pasta too. Service was pretty good. We ordered Tandoori Chicken and Paneer Tikka pizza half & half, it was really tasty. Highly recommend this place.

Cameron Brown

They've got some good pizza here. Some choices are a little bland so you just have to figure out what would have a lot of flavor. Last time i went they cheaped out on how much sauce to put on the pizza

Joshua Phillips

Their hot wings is off the chain terrific service me and my wife he's out every now and then and I like this place to eat their hot wings and don't let me get started on the pizza pepperoni and sausage is one of my favorites my wife likes the chicken and olives they deserve a 10 * I recommend anybody that like a quick bite or some dinner or order out this is the place you want to go to or order from???????

Mukunda C P

Expensive and taste is ok

Taryn Smith-Derr

Love their vegan pizza! The vegan cheese is extremely creamy, melted and satisfying. I am originally from the East Coast and this is the best crust I have had since moving to the West Coast. ?

Drunkn Madman

Anything that will deliver to bethel island is awesome

Natalie Alvarado-Pons

Great service and pizza!! Friendly staff

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Chicago's Pizza With A Twist - Brentwood, CA

6700 Brentwood Blvd, Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 516-7600