Crown & Crow

613 1st St, Brentwood
(925) 684-7489

Recent Reviews

Aaryn Dunton

Great drinks, great service.

cathryn porterfield

Great Moscow mules half off on Mondays!

Praneet Raj

First time @ downtown Brentwood. Seems like a great spot with a great crowd.

Chrysippus of Soli

good and cool

Christina esan

Great vibes, good atmosphere, drinks were very good.

Richard Heredia

Great place for craft cocktails and a great selection of bourbon.

Gilbert Cerda

Terribly slow service with a a couple staff members for the entire place on a Friday night. Don't go there thirsty. Had to leave due to lack of service. Not the first time it's been slow but yesterday was the last straw.

Alma Tinajero

Great service and delicious drinks!

Aaron Chacon

I tried to come a week ago. Their websites says open but it was really closed. Doesn't take much time to update your hours!


Been a while, but this place used to be a wonderful local bar! Still is...

Amanda Dove

Fantastic spot

Rob Petty

Great bourbon selection. Friendly staff

Brittany Connors

Gets super packed. Too small of a bar for the amount of people that they let in. And they dont even try to stop serving alcohol to the people who are WAILING and screaming because they're plastered and too far gone. They need a bigger bar! Good drinks tho and it's a cute little bar when it's not so packed!

Juliane Sharpe

Cool bartender, atmosphere and Bloody Mary was spot on!

Michael Boyd

Loud and busy most nights, great drinks and atmosphere anyway.

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