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4451 Orwood Rd, Brentwood
(925) 634-2550

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Chrissy Copenhaver

On a wait list, I ask if there is any way we can sit outside. The hostess says its first come first serve. Okay that would be understandable, but...you then take 8 more big groups that LITERALLY just walked up and asked how long to sit outside. One star because the food was good. The younger girls that are working in the morning during mother's day, need a lesson on how to treat customers.


My God ? we went there for breakfast and I had my best breakfast burrito ever and the bacon was WOW ?I loved every bite! Can't wait to go back!!!Oh and the staff was awesome too!!!

Laura “BehaviorMomma” Matlock

UPDATE Later Mar 2022: Fish Tacos (mama and the kiddos also split an order) & Sourdough burger again! Sat on front sidewalk overlooking the water. Some mild traffic but very nice ambiance...perhaps even more than sitting on the patio! Great service! Kids even tried a milkshake this time!_________________________________________________Earlier Mar 2022: Fish Tacos & Sourdough burger again for the win. Sat on the patio along the wall, facing the plastic/water. Was told 25-30 min wait to sit outside on this Sun afternoon around 2:45pm -- ended up being beyond that, but they asked for a number to text when ready. When ready, we were placed along the wall as if sitting at a bar, ha. But was fine all-in-all.Hostess was apparently busy and not very friendly/barely even looked at us much less smiles (almost adjusted to -1 ⭐), but the server was very attentive and she was very friendly even though she appeared to be quite busy. Perhaps they don't tip-share here... ?❔________________________________________________Feb 2022:We did come back for my 40th birthday and again today to get those fish tacos! Back to normal service...wish I could give the 5th star but between not answering the phones for us to see if the hours on Google are correct and a few of our less-than-stellar visits, I have to stay at 4 stars. BUT I can recommend others come visit again!_______________________________________________Came in Oct 2020 and got fish tacos...LOVED the fish tacos!!! 5 stars for service, food, & ambiance!Fast-forward to #Maythe4th and #TeacherAppreciationDay and I chose to bring my family here to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day -- I wanted fish tacos again!But, there was a sign telling us they re-open at 6:15 and it was almost 6:45. One older sign said Winter Hours meant closed at 3 on a Tuesday, but 5/4 is not winter so I checked Google and their website...they should've been open according to those 2 sources.So we knocked, just to see what's up... And a dude and this lady both crossed their neck with their hands...assuming that means closed. So my hubs knocked again to ask when they would reopen and the lady ignored it and just kept cleaning behind this thing. Meanwhile, others were coming to eat and we had to share with them what we didn't really know... Was very awkward and the opposite of celebratory...but the lady sure wasn't going to open and tell us anything. So we got fish tacos elsewhere... actually at Wence House, and the fish tacos we're delicious!2.5-3 stars this "visit", but averaged with 5 stars the 1st visit...plus rounded up because these 2 perhaps just had a hard day = 4 stars.Returning? Hmmm ?...not sure now...

Kevin Roe

Always good food, great fun staff despite being busy! Fun to watch boats being launched by noobs.

Susan Velez

Service was excellent! Staff was really friendly & attentive. Food was delicious! I honestly think the pancakes are the absolutely amazing, HEAVENLY! Let's not forget they also make the best Bloody Mary's! Thanks Orwood for another yummy breakfast!!

m f

Been coming here for years, since 2012, but won't any longer. Came here tonight, 1/30/22, at 8pm, and we were immediately seated. Ordered two raspberry lemon drops and two steak & lobster dinners. About 15 minutes later the bartender guy came over to the table and asked if we ordered drinks and said the tickets didn't print up clearly. Tickets?? At a one room hole-in-the-wall restaurant?? I told him about the two raspberry lemon drops and he went back to the bar. Minutes later came the steak & lobster dinners, and then finally came the raspberry lemon drops. About 10 minutes later the waitress came around and asked if the food was okay. We asked if they still served bread and salad. She replied, "They didn't bring out your salad?" ??‍♂️ As we were half way through the food she brought out the salads. I asked for a box for the salads... She mentioned it was her first night there. She never asked if we wanted anything else to drink. I would have ordered another three or four of the raspberry lemon drops, just for myself, but if it's not that big of a deal to them, then it's not that big of a deal to me; it's just the loss of a sale. And if the bread, salad and drinks don't make it out before your food gets to the table it's just an indication of deeper issues, IMO. From what I could see there were six tables of people total, including the two of us. The bill came out to $103 (two steak & lobster and two raspberry lemon drop drinks). I left "zero" official tip on the credit card receipt, but $10 cash for the waitress to decide how she wants to tell the story. The food was ok, but we won't be going back. Something there seems to have changed; not sure if it's the management, staffing or the food. I'm glad I had two vodka cranberries at home before leaving for the restaurant because I clearly wasn't going to get a buzz there. I'm sure our chickens will appreciate the leftover salad that we brought home.

Karyn Geddes

Waitstaff is very attentive and friendly. Good food and good prices.

Joanna Flores

We went for a family dinner. The customer service was nice. I never went before. I will be coming back again.

Mary Freeman

So, they forgot about us…! 52 minutes for 1 pancake and a side of bacon….! We watched people come in, order, eat and leave…!!! When I inquired about it, it was someone else’s fault, must have messed up the ticket or something! No apology, didn’t care! And charged us $46 without saying a word… The picture below is the food that took 52 minutes and $46, without so much as a word of sympathy!!!! What happened to Orwood???? I would have paid $100 for real customer service….!!!

Allison Beavers

great food, great drinks and great people.

Tony Ramos

Great place to grab breakfast. Probably the best chicken fried steak I’ve had in a long time. The drinks are outstanding and probably the best place to people watch. The restaurant overlooks a boat launch and what a spectacle it is. Husbands and wives yelling at one another as they try to launch their boats. It’s pure comedy.But as for the restaurant. Good food, clean facility, and very nice staff.

Lori Fountain

Jessica was our server for steak and lobster night. Great job with a wonderful personality. So good! Love this place.

Dave Allen

One of the cool places on the Delta to take a break, have fantastic food, laid back, extremely clean, excellent service, most folks eating drinking here are way cool. always able to start up a conversation with folks sitting around you. Have always enjoyed the restaurant and cocktails. Family and dog friendly.

Michael Delehanty Real Estate

For a long time this was the unknown gem of the delta but that secret got out years ago. I’ve stored my boat here for a long time and although it’s expensive, the storage area is very secure, dry and plenty large enough for even the big wake boats. The launch ramp is the best in the area and it’s just a quick channel run down to Discovery Bay and to smooth Delta water. There is usually plenty of parking unless it’s a busy summer weekend and the restaurant and bar always seem busy. Plus, the food, drink and service are first class.I wish this place was still unknown but since it’s not, don’t miss it.

Brian Hughes

Nice place on the Delta for food, drinks, milk shake, friends and to launch your boat. Staff is super friendly. I have always enjoyed my meal.

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