235 Oak St, Brentwood
(925) 634-4263

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Snow Weasel40

Super loud. That may be ok for certain situations but was hoping for quieter nightFood: 5/5

Jessica Gomez

There food was so good I forgot to snap my picture before we started eating.. customer service was great.. definitely would go back .. next time I'll try there wings too ?

ashley r

This restaurant has become our local favorite, primarily because of our server and the burrata! The staff is all friendly, but the waitress that always helps us is fantastic! We also love that they have dog-friendly outdoor dining. If you are looking for good pizza and a family atmosphere, check this place out.

denise morford

We stopped by for dinner tonight. We were pleasantly surprised, the sampler platter was tasty and the lobster ravioli was delicious!Brought home an Italian donut which was yummy!We’re planning to come back ?

Boohlerh Goometherh

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Lisa Campbell


Maxine N

Family atmosphere. Great pizza, mediocre salads.

S M.

2 stars instead of 1 because of the waitress. She was polite and good at her job, she was not only acting as a server but a bartender & host. And no they were not understaffed just a lot of standing around doing nothing when several things needed and could've been done. The cook was evening hanging out in the front of the restaurant while food was taking a long time to come out, or not coming out in that he never got to making the French fries we ordered. We ordered a lot of different foods: French fries, 2 different pastas, 2 pizzas, 2 different salads, & 2 appetizers; none of which had any flavor esp the pastas. The margarita pizza although looked beautiful tasted plain & flavorless. The pizza sauce tasted like it came from a can of plain tomato sauce, no seasoning or flavor at all. My biggest complaint is that we ordered their appetizer sampler which comes with wings, mozzarella sticks, jalapeños poppers and fried shrimp. Well the cooks did not inform our server they were out of jalapeños poppers and the cooks took it upon themselves to substitute the poppers for fried ravioli instead & they did not inform the server of the switch as well. If she had been informed she could've then come and asked what we wanted substituted or if the ravioli would be ok. We DO NOT EAT PORK for religious reasons. With that said before I could realize the poppers were actually pork filled fried ravioli my children and spouse had eaten them. Consuming the pork that again we do not eat & my children never having before, it messed up their little stomachs sooo bad. Again this is not on the waitress but the kitchen staff, when made aware the waitress rectified the situation & not the manager. Again her doing every position rather than focusing on her specific position she was hired to do falls on the owners and management staff. She removed the item from our bill without us asking which we appreciated, but it wasn't necessary due to eating the other items that came with it. We did not take our not being satisfied, the flavorless food and the pork incident out on the server; on our portion of a split bill, a $65 check we still tipped $20. Communication & training in this establishment needs to be way better to say the least.

Chris B.

I ordered a verde pizza a Stromboli wings and the Burrata. It was all very good. The service was awesome. I am always happy going there with me and my girls.

kensho production

Walked in waited forever for a beer. Warriors game on, no volume. Waited forever for a meatlovers pizza that tasted like artificial liquid smoke. Ordered second beer, waiter forgot. Later asked for a to go box, waiter forgot. Lots of busy people not really doing anything. Loud. Tables and chairs hard and uncomfortable. Miss the game. To be fair I've been here twice now, won't be a third.

Goddy Ernest

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Oceania Vaillancourt

Ordered for delivery and almost 2 hours later they cancelled it without any call or notice. My children were waiting for their dinner. Just not ok and very dissapointing.

S B.

The good - the pizza, it is super tasty. We ordered the meat lovers and it was really good. The bad - the pasta. The pasta is very generic, doesn't taste fresh at all. Our waitress was really sweet and the service in general was great!

Susheel K.

Terrible customer service. We came in and were seated. Waited 15 mins and told the receptionist that no one has came. Said he would check.... He never checked and then came back to us asked us if we can move so they can accommodate another party. We said no problem.... They ended up getting there water before we even had a chance to put in our order for water. And then when we asked what's going on. And they said someone will come..... at that point we just left. Horrible customer service! No one apologies and didn't care we left.

Leogee Acuna

clean place, friendly staff, good food

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