8610 Brentwood Blvd, Brentwood
(925) 516-4581

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Charity Millar

My new local Starbucks and I have never seen one that is landscaped beautifully with a staff to match. I love going there and getting my caffeine fix.Food: 5/5


I appreciate the staff here! They're welcoming! Upbeat! Superb customer service! Great teamwork! Thank you to the awesome people here ♥️ I will be back when I'm nearby ? good job! Thanks guys n gals!? Have a great new year ?Food: 5/5

Ely Berns

Friendly staff, quick service, clean tables and bathroom. ?

Crystal M.

This is my go-to Starbucks location! It's a nice building and I like the atmosphere. The smell of coffee permeating through the shop is a plus! The bathrooms are clean, and I love the hours! Staff seem friendly. I just wish they had kept the comfy chairs.


I ordered a strawberry refresher and it was more water than anything. I basically paid for water with strawberries in it. That was disappointing. This is the drink I purchase most often. I felt ripped off.

Sarah Jane

I usually LOVE this Starbucks, but not anymore. The young woman at the window was clearly very sick. She looked clamy and was hacking and coughing ALL over the drinks. It was disgusting. On top of being clearly sick she was extremely rude. She was coughing all over her hands and then picking up the drinks by the lids and handing them to people. ?

R Fantastic

The employees there need to make sure to wear their hair up and out of there face. Literally had a barista guy his hair all over the place so long couldn’t even see his eyes. Really they are food handlers!! The manager should really have that conversation on grooming. Same with the Corporate. You need to do better.

Kelina Webb

They were nice but…. They forgot the whipped cream and to blend my drink, they blended and gave it back to me and forgot the whipped cream again. I gave it back, They added whipped cream. I started drinking it and it’s wrong. My order is supposed to have 5 pumps of brown sugar and it’s so bitter, like no sweetness at all. I told them and they remade it. I tried it again and it the exact same as the first time. I checked to see if I ordered it correctly, I did. I don’t want to come off rude and keep asking them to fix it so I just have two nasty drinks now?

Garron Gibson

They've really gone down in quality in the past few months. They keep on getting my orders wrong or they label them in such an odd way that it makes me initially think that they messed up. I don't think I'll be going back to this location for awhile until the staff have cleaned up their act.

Nicholas M.

I have lived all over the state of CA, and in many different US states as well, this location is honestly one of the best Starbucks in the state and that I have been to in the US in the last 20 years. It's always incredibly busy, but that's part of having the only drive-thru Starbucks in town. Always amazing customer service with a smile, polite, and rest attitudes. They NEVER mess up my order and the staff are so fast at getting through their orders. The lobby is pristine, It's immaculately clean as are the restrooms. Honestly 10/10 recommend. I rarely ever give 5 stars. But this location lives up to what a 5 star review should be!

Kristina Moldovan

The staff here is always so nice. Thanks for being cool guys.

Benny A.

Just bought the new chicken breakfast sandwich and found a long plastic thing came out of chicken. Pretty disgusted.


For being the go-to coffee shop for a lot of locals, you would think this Starbucks would be congested, but it isn't. They are so fast here, especially in the drive-thru. They do get super busy, but they keep things moving. So far, my drinks have been consistent and tasty, and the staff are friendly and efficient.They are often out of bacon gouda breakfast sandwiches, unfortunately.When the line for the drive-thru gets long, go around the back so you don't get stuck in the main parking lot.

Cierra P.

I placed a mobile order at 1:34 online it said it would be ready in 10-11 minutes so I took my time getting to this location (I was only 5 minutes away) I got to the store at 1:40 and the guy couldn't find my order and goes to say (oh it got tossed out) .... It hasn't even been 10 minutes so why are you guys tossing drinks out? The guy is asking for my order on my phone (it was a long order hence why I ordered through the app) he ends up remaking my drink but it's completely wrong. I ordered a coffee Frappuccino made with heavy whipping, I think he used non fat milk and there was a big chunk of ice in the middle of it. I was already having a rough morning so I just didn't want to go back inside to have him remake it again. I was very sad because my drink was $7. My overall experience with this location was horrible and I won't be back.

Sarah Esmon

The line can sometimes be excruciatingly long. And they tend to not always get even the mobile orders correct.

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