Alfredo's Mexican Food

911 N San Fernando Blvd, Burbank
(818) 972-2625

Recent Reviews

Christopher Slaughter

Perfect hole in the wall Mexican. Great food, incredible hot sauce. Don't go if you're into the Chevy's BS or other chains. Simple parking, bench seating outside by parking lot. Nothing fancy, but they focus on your food, not embiounce.Food: 5/5

Aaron Tozier (atakuzier)

Always my go to spot for quick San Diego style takeout Mexican food! everything on the menu is good, but as the name implies, everything on the menu that is "super" is definitely super good!Food: 5/5

Elodia Ybanez

Rice was pretty good but the tacos were dry meat was so dry I couldnt chew and the chile rellenos were left with all the seeds in them.?Food: 1/5

Elias Ontiveros

My go-to restaurant for a quick bite when I go to the Burbank mall. Great service and great foodParking: They have their own dedicated parking lot, but you can also park at the mall and it's only a little bit of a walk


Food wasn't good, chicken was dry, rice, and beans were meh. Maybe I ordered the wrong things, but this was one of the worst Mexican food places I had ever gone to.Food: 1/5

Kahaylee & Veejay Steele

I've never been a big fan of Mexican food... I AM NOW!!! Places like Taco Bell do a disservice (when compared) to authentic Mexican food. I'm on my way back there right now! Yes, the food is that good! However, what I can't understand is why there are SO MANY GREAT REVIEWS that ultimately end in only a 4/FOUR star rating. SMH. This is a 5 star establishment ... give them the rating they deserve!

Suzanne De Leon

I ordered a burrito and the women that took my order got it wrong. When I realized that my food was a wrong order, I went back and the woman gave me a nasty attitude. I asked why she was acting that way? She just ignored me. This was my first time at this establishment. But I will never return.

Ben W.

Exactly what you would expect in a small taco shop. Good food. Tasty salsa and spicy carrots. The carne asada plate and breakfast burrito were both good.

Rodrigo G.

Good food for the price. I usually get the their super fries because they are good. I've tried other things but so far my favorite from them is the super fries. I definitely recommend them for their super fries

Derrick N.

Okay food. Terrible service. It used to be REALLY good but it seems like it took a down swing lately. The female cashier is super rude and will audibly sigh when she has to do a little work. She does it. Then stares at her phone without looking up for minutes. I used to come here 1-2 times a week. Now it is maybe once a month at most. Unfortunate...

Mia S.

Would have been 4 star, love the food BUT the service is bad. The lady cashier is very rude! She needs to attend good customer service training

Charles W.

Might be the best burritos in LA. I have driven from Culver City to have these burritos and I would do it a million times over again. The price is incredible (where else can you fill up two bellies for less than $20 these days?) and the portion sizes are surprisingly big. But they could charge $5 more per item and I would happily oblige, because this stuff is absolutely incredible. I think they make everything from scratch in house, and you can taste the difference. Do yourself a favor and come here and try ANYTHING because it's all amazing!!

Tamara V.

Great food, good prices, super quick! It's our new go to place for burritos. The burritos are huge!

Ally M.

Their chile verde burrito is THE ONE. I add cheese. I am about to cry rn since they shut off their deliveries on all the apps and I don't feel like driving down there to get it. and damn that lil outside seating nook is MF COZY.

Reynaldo S.

Im from San Diego and this place just slaps. Super good. Tastes just like home. California burrito is super good. Carne asada fries or súper nachos are AMAZING especially when your high AF. Must check this place out. Oh yeah. Rolled tacos and potato tacos are bomb too. Get the green salsa.

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