Alfredo's Mexican Food

911 N San Fernando Blvd, Burbank
(818) 972-2625

Recent Reviews

Christian Arriaga

Food its ok but service is terrible, the bleach odor was suffocating when I ask for sauce they say they charge for sauce in a rude manner also no soda refills even tho I have mostly ice with my ain't cheap like not to have sauce or a refill to go with your food, I will not comeback. Wouldn't recommend it for a good Mexican food experience

Michael Wofford

Definitely not San Diego style. Pico de gallo mixed in with their guacamole to reduce avocado and sour cream added on everything, even if not stated in menu. If you're from SD, avoid this place at all costs.

Jai Sheela

Used to be good, but now the food is mediocre at best and the service is trash. Unfortunate for one of the places that used to be one of my favorites in the valley

Simon Magno

My go to Mexican place in Burbank! It doesn’t get much better than San Diego style Mexican food and this place does it right at a great price. I’ve tried a few different carnitas items on the menu so far and haven’t been disappointed with any of them!

Sierra Sampson

I love Alfredos there so good

Erick Villanueva

Family-owned business never fails to disappoint always good quality and great testing food!

vance taylor

Cashier was rude and gave me attitude ordered 2 super fries carne asada taco and he only gave me one bag of pickled jalapenos and tried to charge me 15 cents for another bag when he gave me alot of salsa

Amy Alderson

The food was awful and the service was bad. I ended throwing away most of my meal because it was inedible. I got the super nachos and they were just super gross. The meat was a very poor quality and the only flavor I could taste was the oil from the chips. The guy working the counter said very little to anyone that came in. No "hello" or "thank you" or "can I help you." I should've taken that level of thoughtfulness as a sign that the food was going to be bad.I don't know if I caught this place on a bad night, but I went there because they were supposedly good (based on reviews and a recommendation) but I will never go back to find out.


Good is good for the most part, but the quality has gone down.

Robert Carr

For a little place they have great food with big flavor

Brandon White

Ew. Meat was nasty. Everything was thrown together with no care.

Anthony Hernandez

How hard is it to screw up a quesadilla? The cook here is horrible!!! Cheese not melted and covered in sour cream!!! Had to throw the food away!

H. Gerardo Garcia Z

We went the other night . and i saw one off the cashier's drop an cutting knife on to the dirty floor we stared at her to see if she would pu it with the dirty dishes . ans she didn't untill I question her . wow wow all bad and we are in a pandemic

Lauren Meadows

Sooo good! I have been to other Alfredo's before and sometimes the taco shells are a little stale but this place was amazing and everything seems fresher and just a better quality

Gilbert Pacificar

Very satisfying Mexican food! Our go to when craving a Super Nachos or Super fries and everything in between.

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