Another Broken Egg Cafe

250 E Olive Ave Ste 110 Ste 110, Burbank
(818) 563-3344

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Chandaki Ohakim

this is a fantastic breakfast place!I went during Covid - 19 season and was able to dine in. They do sanitize the table and the waiters also wear masks. Everything is very safe and the coffee is always warm. Tried the Skinny Omelette , which came with feta cheese and red peppers and green onions. It was almost sweet? If that makes sense.Also tried the Benedict eggs , opening them was a dream, watching the yolk melt over the ham and bread.Overall this food is fantastic and priceyWorth the trip !

Jacqueline E.

My fav brunch place. Great food. Great mimosas. I absolutely love it. Love how it's not that busy on weekdays.

Cris P.

Great place love the ambiance and the service was great. Very lovely place. Would go again and recommended to all my friends.

Raul Frame Gamboa

My first time here...Freaking great place for breakfast!!!I had the Lobster and City Grits and it was incredibly good and rich in flavor! The only thing I'd change the next time I order this is less sauce and thicker Grits. The Grits kinda gets lost amongst the rich taste of the Lobster sauce and made it kinda like a stew or soupy... but the flavors were awesome! -see photo-Definitely coming back to try the other items on the menu!!!Thank you Tanya for a wonderful experience!

Bill K.

Love the service love the food!!! Wait time is sometimes long but ver worth the wait. We drive from Monterey Park but it's worth it.

Taquanda H.

This is a good breakfast spot in Burbank. I am giving it 4 stars because my first time there I ordered the avocado toast and it was just ok. My second visit I ordered the Belgian Waffle breakfast and it was delicious. The waffle was crunchy on the outside and flaky on the inside. The eggs were cooked well and the turkey sausage had good flavor.

Oliver O.

Hey what's up yelpers ? Hope my review finds you well. The following review of the restaurant is broken up into different categories: food, environment, service, price and overall thoughts. Food: I've never been disappointed the many times I've come here to eat. Today I ordered the Blackberry Stuffed French Toast, Turkey Sausage and Scrambled Eggs with Jack Cheese and a Hot Chocolate. The BlackBerry Stuffed French Toast is French toast stuffed with blackberry cream cheese, topped with fresh mango whipped cream and rum butter sauce drizzle. It tasted as delicious as it looked. I didn't have to add any syrup it was definitely sweet on its own. The portion was good enough to eat by yourself and still be able to share a few bites with others who might be curious. The Turkey Sausage and Scrambled Eggs were good, nothing WOWing ( made up word), but satisfying to say the least. And that Hot Chocolate, was definitely delicious. The white cream they used was more solid than most whip creams establishment use on their hot chocolates but I enjoyed just spooning out the whip before actually drinking. (4 stars) Environment: Another Broken Egg is located in Burbank near other restaurants, residential and the city hall. This place is in a great location considering the cleanliness and safety it provides. The actual inside is open and clean. Nothing about the actual furnishes, architecture and lighting grasp my attention. (4 stars) Service: The staff were friendly. The waiter made genuine conversation and not text book customer service talk which was nice. Getting a seat was no wait. Which is at time's rare because of how busy they are. Once we left around 11am there were many groups waiting outside. (4 stars) Price: Compared to other breakfast spots in the nearby area they are okay. When considering price on the smallest item we have to put in consideration the location, the company's expenses, the labor making the items, ingredients, etc. when considering all this the price is accurate but I always refer back to the actual taste of the food and it was a bit overpriced on certain items (like the basic eggs and turkey sausage). I know I'm confusing. Lol. (4 stars) Overall: The spot is always a go to for breakfast or brunch. They have enough of a diverse menu to choose your favorite breakfast items and enjoy every bite. The parking might suck as they don't have their own lot but finding parking is not difficult. Thank you Another Broken Egg for the service and scrumptious food. Thank you for reading, until next time.

Wendy D.

I didn't know where to take my friend to a birthday brunch, another friend recommended this spot, and it was a HIT! My eggs Benedict were so delicious. The coffee lit as well, we will for sure be returning soon!!

Cat B.

Great breakfast! Loved the Southwest Scramble and Biscuits and Gravy. I got takeout but noticed the two hosts (a woman with blue hair and a brown haired man) were SO good at their job. They greeted everyone with a genuine hello and acknowledged everyone with professionalism and kindness. The place was very busy and it was nice to see such a kind and welcoming staff.

Karine S.

We came here for breakfast and everything was clean inside and out! Food: it is good not bad and fresh! Service: Perfect Price: $$ Thanks a lot !

Chantel Polizzi

indoor or outdoor seating, excellent friendly servers, delicious food.

Walter T.

This place is GREAT! The pancakes are HUGE and their salmon avocado toast is really good. I'm familiar with the one in Houston, so going in wasn't much of an adventure, but it didn't certainly disappoint, if you want a good traditional breakfast this is the spot. Love it!

Nayeli Guzman

Loved this place, food is great, staff is friendly, my son loved their French toast! Definitely coming back regularly.

Wendy M

The food here is ridiculously good and the service is just as good. The only downside is the wait time. I think it's well worth the wait though the food never disappoints. Highly recommend.

Morgan Hunlen

The food here was good. We ordered takeout and mercifully avoided the massive line for this place everything felt it wasn't quite as seasoned as it could be, but overall, it's hard not to call it a good time. Got the chicken and waffles and everything was good.

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