Basecamp and High Horse Dinette

1221 W Riverside Dr, Burbank
(747) 477-1135

Recent Reviews

CJ Leong

Portions are big! Food was delicious and fresh! Sat outside. Loved not being rushed.

Marisa Ortiz

Awesome vibe along with the friendly staff!! Food was delicious and you can relax and watch the horses go by. Very chillax...👍

Christina Cervantes

A little gem of a place in Burbank. Great food, great drinks and excellent customer service. There blueberry muffins are out of this world but get there early because they do go fast. It’s also pretty neat to watch the horses roam by while you enjoy a latte and muffin.

Dana Swanson

I wish someone on a horse would order food here but that hasn’t happened on this trip. Anyway great gluten free pancakes. And cold brew. And sauces.

Alexander M.

Go. Here. I drive past here every Saturday and Sunday for work and finally stopped in. The young lady who served me was absolutely lovely. Professional, helpful, and courteous. I ordered a cronut (so good) and a lavender latte (unbelievably good). I will be coming back for sure. Great location as well and relaxed friendly vibe. Check it out

Melissa Rooke

Good food with a low key vibe. Enjoyed the place to hang and get great grub! You get the whiff of animals like cows and horses every now and then but I like the smell! If your inside you don’t smell them.

Paula Myers

part of the community

Shannon H.

To say I'm obsessed with Basecamp is an understatement. It's become a joke between my friends and me that whenever I say I'm going to brunch, they just say, "Basecamp", not even as a question, but more of a statement because they know how much I love it. Local girls' brunch? Basecamp. Friends from out of town? Basecamp. Early afternoon happy hour? Basecamp. Coffee by myself so I can sit and read a book? Basecamp. Yes, folks, it's good for all occasions. My favorite items are definitely the breakfast burrito and breakfast tacos. Both are the perfect size with the perfect ratio of eggs to potatoes in the burrito and eggs to spinach in the tacos. The only item I ever had that I was disappointed by was the croissant breakfast sandwich, although it could have been because I got it without bacon and that's where the flavor was supposed to be coming from. *shrug* That said, they have a ton of great vegetarian options and their black coffee is refillable, which is great when you just want to chill out on their patio. There is tons of seating too, both inside and outside on the two patios. Their parking lots are small, but it's not a problem because there is tons of street parking. The only complaint I have is they're not open late enough in the week (they close at 6P) to continue enjoying happy hour! :) Basecamp is truly a Burbank hidden gem and I'm so glad that I found it!

John C.

The food was good. I didnt expect the establishment to be overly political and anti-Trump, (there are pictures denigrating him at the counter). But I would come back.

Ed Binkley

I guess it's okay but it's nothing to get excited about. I probably won't go back even though it's close to where I live. I don't feel the employees were properly trained or are serious about their jobs. My opinion.

David Corral

Neat cafe. Ill be coming back here more often seeing as I am so close and pass by all the time. Great service, great smoothies, food looks pretty tasty, free ice water, and dog friendly.

Nathalie Santiago

Overall, the food is is great! The portions are large and the food is amazing. They have several options and accommodated my requests without an issue. My only gripe is that seating is very limited: only a few tables inside and a handful more outside. On weekends, you’ll be lucky to nab a seat

Melanie A.

Cute hidden gem in Burbank! A great solid spot for grabbing breakfast or lunch. My friend and I decided to check out this place for brunch around noon on a Saturday and while there were a lot of people there, there was a good amount of seating available. The food was pretty good! I got the Basecamp Omelette (no cheese) and liked it, but I loved the potatoes on the side so much more. For my drink I got an iced jasmine green tea and really liked it as well. My favorite part was the overall ambience, such a cozy and cute spot. I would love to try the coffee here next time because my friend said it's really good! There is plenty of parking since it's in a residential area.

Ari Castleton

This place is so good! They've recently revamped their menu and fixed up their seating, so it's just a much better experience now. The coffee is great too, just a nice place to relax and grab a bite to eat.

Steven Z.

Awesome salads here for lunch. A bit packed and cramped though for large parties and spacing. If you are coming here for lunch during a work day I'd definitely try to get here early before the crowd.

Alice C.

We decided to try this place out on a Tuesday at lunch. Food was good and came out reasonably quickly. Everything tasted fresh. I would rate Basecamp 4 stars because no one checked on us during the 2+ hours we were there. We were not offered water or refills for iced tea. Nothing. We ate at the patio which was very pleasant but has limited seating. The only interaction we had with the staff was ordering and when they took our plates away. I would have liked a refill or at the very least been offered one.

Patrick W.

In the area and decided to make a long awaited visit here. Quirky split building setup that is kinda quirky and has an almost tropic vibe about it. I like the surrounding neighborhood also as it's a little more chilled than on the nearby main roads of regular Burbank. The Palomino Burger was pretty good - not the best but decent. The accompanying salad was flavorsome (of course you can have fries etc instead). The Biscuit with Jam (I also had whipped cream) was tasty and reminded me of Scones with the same accompaniments. The portions were good. Service was decent. Definitely will come back.

Rita L.

We decided to try the Dinette side because we were having a rare, rainy day. It was really crowded, but the turnover is pretty fast, so we had a spot within about 10 minutes. The people behind the counter were welcoming and helpful with our questions (be sure to ask about Christopher Walken - you'll see it when you're there) and our food was served quickly. We both had typical breakfast choices - eggs, fruit, toast - nothing unusual. It's immediately apparent that the food is fresh and made with care, not just slopped onto a greasy grill then tossed onto a plate. There's something about a place that really cares about the quality of the food they serve that makes you want to become a regular customer.

Steve Steinaway

Great breakfast spot! They have limited indoor seating and a nice outdoor patio to sit with an awning. They recently just added a small bar with beer in tap.

Paul Sallabedra

excellent location to get refreshed with caffeinated beverages or craft beer with a bit of nosh on the side. more of a residential neighborhood than a commercial one so that makes it more like a local pub. definitely worth a stop

Nita F.

Super cute cafe/ restaurant in Burbank. Both the cafe and restaurant have the same menu. There's a patio that's cute too. The food is absolutely amazing! Try the avocado toast or any burger. I must say the staff is friendly and attentive. There's something for everyone!

Amy Peet

Not only was the presentation of the Chicken and Waffles superb but it also tasted amazing. We will definitely be back. As an added bonus they have several craft beers on draft in addition to red and white wine. I also had the lavender latte with oat milk that did not disappoint.

Benjamin Mitnick

What a cute spot for a morning coffee, breakfast with the family or even lunch if you work in the area. Serving up Stumptown coffee, this spot has it all. They even have story time the 3rd Saturday of every month. Their music playlist usually consists of great jazz tracks, which is a welcomed accompaniment to my morning cuppa.

Etienne K.

Nice place. Good employees. Clean and well managed. Shane is great. Don't worry, order something, it'll taste delish. I go regularly. Tip: It's not fast food, that's why it takes longer. Recommend you organize your time to take advantage of this little gem and relax. It can get a little loud, music and people-wise. I'm Swiss and comparable places in Germany and CH are quieter, but then, Europeans chat at normal volume. So another recommend, lower the volume please? Regardless I praise highly.

Devon O'Kane

Friendly service. Lose key spot. They play Jazz music! It’s rustic, cute and eclectic.

Duncan Fry

Great food, nice laid back outdoor dining and friendly picnic like atmosphere. Service was friendly and helpful. Kitchen was a little slow and the parking lot is very small and awkward to navigate.

Amber Adelmann

I’ve been coming to Basecamp for over a year, and from my first visit I knew that it was going to be my regular coffee shop. John, the owner, is known by many and he is always there, highly involved with everything from overseeing to the little tasks. Coming from a background in the foodservice industry, I know this to be rare, and I believe that’s why Basecamp is so successful. I love all the baristas there and they felt like friends from the start. I always feel special and like I’m walking into a much needed refuge when I go. Not to mention the coffee quality, which makes it a double whammy with the food and pasties, as well as cups of comfort that I never regret. Thank you all for being so kind and welcoming always. I have met so many great people here, staff, customers, and the canine community! I feel very thankful this morning, love you all!

Lily A.

I had no idea this place existed and I'm so happy to have found it! There aren't a lot of chill, neighborhood coffee shops in that area where you can also get a great meal AND a beer :) Their coffee is wonderful and their alcohol selection is surprisingly large for such a small place. I was able to get a lot of work done and can't wait to come back.


We were here as part of a “day after” brunch for a family wedding. They couldn’t have been nicer. Reserved the Basecamp Patio for us on a gorgeous Sunday morning. The Mimosa Towers were a blast and just the right level of levity to start the party.We had a somewhat limited menu due to the number of people but the food was perfect. The service was friendly, prompt and they went out of the way to make sure several people with dietary restrictions were accommodated. I highly recommend this place.

Davina Kotulski

One of my favorite cafes. Great coffee, great people!

Robert M

Stopped for lunch, on Good Friday, place very busy but service quick and friendly, salads are massive freshly prepared to order and tasty. Would visit again.

Katherin Morris

I really like the food here. Large portions and a good variety. Seating is limited to a small amount of indoor seating and some out door seats that are nice when the weather is right. We often take our dogs with us and when they are not with us we enjoy meeting other people and their pets. We also like the neighborhood feel where if you go often you are most likely to see people you know from the area.

Brad Schaider

I enjoyed my breakfast here, their menu has quite a few unique items to keep you coming back to try them all. I had the coconut brioche French toast, it was pretty good. The coffee was enjoyable, certainly a step up from most places.

Keven Kaddi

Quaint, homey, indoor outdoor cafe vibe in a beautiful corner of Burbank. Highly recommended. It can be crowded at popular times so plan accordingly.

Rebecca W.

TLDR; Spacious cafe that is built to resemble an outdoor "base camp". A ton of drink/tea/coffee options, pastries, and full on brunch meals. 12/10 WOULD RETURN. They even have wine and beer! This is literally the perfect place to grab coffee or a meal with a friend to catch up. The warm homey vibes will instantly put you in the mood to reminisce about old times. I love that it feels like a friends and family space, not a coffee shop full of instaho millennials trying to one up their IG game. The Americano here is very good. I love getting that roasty aftertaste in each sip. Although I haven't tried the food here yet, it looks very hearty and very good. No issues with parking, there are several spaces in their free lot, but also a ton of residential spaces available nearby! This place will definitely be my go-to catch-up-with-a-friend spot from now on.

Lisset Verde

I love this place. I went there during a holiday and even though it was crowed, my husband, son, and I found space for us and our laptops to work for about 3 hrs. The ambiance is amazing: cozy, nice music, soothing decor, friendly workers and other customers, and nice pups, too (if you're lucky, you can even see horses outside). We had coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, and they were all excellent. We also had great omelettes and pastries. Will recommend and go back again soon!

Jeremiah Gamble

friendly staff and great food and drink!

Sarah M.

My only regret about this place is why did I not find it sooner! In my opinion, Basecamp is one of the best coffee shops and places to eat in all of Los Angeles. The downfall is it's in a neighborhood away from the main streets, which I love, it's just a far journey to get here sometimes. The other downfall is the menu is a bit overpriced. I came here for my husband's birthday. We had two black iced coffees, an acai bowl, and the Huevos Rancheros. It was an amazing meal! The coffee is die for, acai bowl was huge, and my Hispanic husband said they were some of his favorite Huevos Rancheros around town! (Guys, this says a lot). The total price for these items was $40.00! For a breakfast? Oh no. Like I said before, VERY overpriced, but the quality of the food, freshness of the coffee, bold flavors, and wonderful engaging and friendly employees made it worth it to us. Basecamp has a really cool wooden bar where you can grab coffee in the morning or a glass of wine in the evening. The setting is cozy with warm colors on the wall, great background music, and lots of windows for natural lighting to come inside. There is plenty of parking, no busy roads, rushed customers, or uptight employees. I feel like everyone here just got out of a hot yoga class. The vibe is peaceful, warm, and inviting. Basically, this is a writers paradise. They don't have a lot of indoor seating so it's best to get here early because people like to hang out for a while once they get a table. They do have a lot of outdoor seating which is great on a nice day, but this is not the place to go if the weather is bad outside. There's just a chance you won't find a seat. In conclusion, if you're a writer, a foodie, or a coffee addict you will FALL IN LOVE with the place.

Elvira D.

So good, every SINGLE time. This is how a restaurant/diner should be. You should feel confident trying any of their menu items instead of being worried if they're known for only one meal. I've tried a variety of their stuff and I'm confident in giving them a 5 star rating. VEGGIE WRAP (5/5): I remember getting this after a long hike and it was food for the soul. I honestly didn't think I'd be so impressed by this veggie wrap, but it delivered even more than what the menu described. So savory, so delicious and it was big enough to save for later but too delicious to even think about that in the moment. I loved all the fresh veggies paired up with a good amount of hummus. RASPBERRY ICED LATTE (5/5): Delicious coffee with your choice of syrup. SAUSAGE QUESADILLA (5/5): So much yes. Generously stacked with heaping amounts of sausage, cheese and veggies...served with a side of sour cream, pico de gallo and hot sauce. Pretty filling, so I took the rest for lunch the next day. Very satisfying. CAPPUCCINO (5/5): Delicious on its own with no sweetener needed. Loved the foam. Pretty presentation. Would totally recommend. This is becoming one of my regular go-to spots and I highly recommend anyone in the area to give it a try. Also very close to Picwick Bowl. PARKING Available but limited. Also available on the surrounding residential streets.

Mayank Singhania

This place is very careless about food preferences. I am a vegetarian and they served meat in my food for the third time. Two times is a mistake and three times is a pattern.

Basecamp and High Horse Dinette

1221 W Riverside Dr, Burbank, CA 91506
(747) 477-1135