Basecamp and High Horse Dinette

1221 W Riverside Dr, Burbank
(747) 477-1135

Recent Reviews

Tiffany Loverd

Coffee is soooo yummy here. I like the new menu much better. The food seems to have improved greatly. IM SO EXCITED ABOUT THE IMPOSSIBLE BURGER!

Kathrin A.

No matter if you eat there or you order, Basecamp's food is always good. My favorite breakfast/brunch place in Burbank. Their coffee is delicious as well!

Christian R.

I'm a regular here and love the atmosphere, the food is pretty good as well. My fam and I come here at least 4 times a month and we noticed the owner seems rude not sure if it's his personality. He never says hello how are you guys, thanks for coming in, nothing. He's aware that were regulars because it's obvious. Employees are friendly, just thought to mention it in case anyone else has noticed.

Wendy S.

I really enjoyed this place! I had the bbq chicken salad and my boyfriend had a roasted turkey sandwich, and both items were so fresh, healthy AND delicious. The two young men behind the counter were very nice and seemed really happy to be working there, and that says a lot to me. The decor was so eclectic and interesting, bright, happy colors and really artsy. I felt right at home. Quiet enough to study or work and light enough to enjoy the beautiful day on the patio or gazing out the window at passers by, I will 100% be going back here. Every single hole thing in the menu looked amazing. I want to try everything!

Kevin DeBacker

Cute little spot! Would def go back. Order at the counter and sit wherever.

Alexis C.

Basecamp is a favorite of locals and tourists alike. My parents always ask to visit here when they're in town. It's delicious, comfy, and the staff is very kind. My favorite dish is and always will be the Breakfast Burrito. It isn't huge but it's executed well and I leave with a full belly. We're also big fans of the Biscuit with Jam, Avocado Toast, and the Croissant Breakfast Sandwich. Our oat milk lattes are made perfectly by the baristas, too. All around a wonderful place.

Alexis B.

Love, love, love this place!! Amazing breakfast pastries, açaí bowl, burrito, the coffee choices! The turmeric latte is staple and my usual go to. For lunch I love their veggie wrap with sweet potato fries. The staff is awesome, super friendly and give great recs. I'm rambling at this point but hopefully have convinced you to click on directions and head over immediately. Plus points, cute dogs and horse sightings.

Cynthia B.

Highly recommend! Area is very cute! Fresh feeling to it! Staff of friendly service is fast!! For seating, you have to wait for someone to get up . No host. Parking is small but there is street parking! Highly recommend

Lotem B.

Yumm yummm yummm so good!! Just ordered Avocado Toast (comes with 2 eggs and side of fruit) with Potatoes.. BEST Avocado Toast!! So delicious and fresh! I was surprised with the size of it too!! Their menu looks amazing and based on this meal, I think I will end up trying everything! My new lunch spot :)

Rachel S.

Very, very cool atmosphere with tons of seating in and out and a gorgeous design/ cool theme. I'm absolutely obsessed with the vegan, gluten free pumpkin donut. It's more like a breakfast bread - really hearty and filling when you're having a chaotic morning and need something on-the-go. Not too sweet so there's no crash, and it's saved me on several occasions when I didn't have the opportunity to even catch a meal later in day because I was so busy. I love an oatmilk latte, but I really appreciate the extensive tea list at Basecamp. Usually cafes can only be counted on for one or the other, but Basecamp can make both a tea drinker and coffee addict happy. It's got a cozy, neighborhood feel and the prices are moderate. Street parking on Riverside or up the nearby neighborhood is easy - otherwise they have a dedicated parking lot! You won't find anywhere with a motif more committed to. Basecamp is a Basecamp in the heart of Burbank.

Spontaneous 5

This Bbq chicken salad is the best one I've ever had. Its not only delicious but its a good portion for a good price. I highly recommend it! This diner is amazing! I love the vibe. I always find something new that i enjoy seeing from the art pieces to the decorations. I also recommend the palomino burger it has a hint of spiciness that gives it a different twist.

Vanessa M.

I usually love this place but the last 3 times I ordered on UberEats the order is always wrong and missing items. For what the price is for two people having breakfast ordering oatmeal with milk on the side shouldn't be that difficult and each time it's missing.


Really enjoy all my outings to Basecamp. Good food and drinks (I've not tried any of the adult beverages but they make a great hot chocolate) and very nice portions. If you're showing up on one of our rare, chilly days, I do recommend bringing something warm to wear as there's more outdoor seating than in, and the 2 doors don't really allow the place to get cozy (not to mention High Horse is fully outdoors and shaded). Always happy to go back.

Carlos C.

If you like a place where the locals eat, this is the spot to be. They have great coffee, I recommend the Horchata Latte (bomb). I also ordered the chorizo skillet (delicious). Every time we come here, we get great service and delicious food. The staff are super friendly. I love that the place is small and cozy, because it makes me feel welcomed. This place has great vibes.

Garren Parkins

Basecamp burger ? was AMAZING! Pair with an Arnold Palmer for the perfect Saturday lunch!

P M.

Super nice little cozy place. All staff very friendly and the manager/owner made soup only for my sick wife (flu). Highly recommended. BTW the Pinot Noir was great

Diane Cochrane

Love the toppings you get with Basecamp Burger.. Very generous in portion as well...

Betty M.

First time at Basecamp. My friend brought me as it's walking distance from her place. We chose to eat in the patio as she had brought her son in a stroller. I ordered the avocado toast with coffee and my friend ordered a breakfast sandwich on a biscuit. The patio had a cute, colorful decor with colored liights which kept our little guy occupied. The coffee was hot and delicious. It had a unique taste. I was surprised at the size of our meals. I've had avocado toast at many places and this one out did them all in terms of portion size. It looked like one huge piece of sourdough piled high with the mashed avocado, fried egg to order, tomato , sprouts and arugula. Once I started digging in I discovered a 2nd piece of toast covered with avocado as well. I couldn't touch the 2nd slice as the first was so filling. I thought the price was high, but I got two meals out of it, so it's very reasonable. My friend couldn't finish hers either. The only disappointment was that no one came around to check if I needed more coffee, even though the hostess told us I could get a free refill. I'd come here again and I know my friend does. It's tucked away on a fairly quiet street, more like a neighborhood eatery if you want a good meal away from the hustle and bustle of a crowd.

Jenny C.

Ive been here twice for breakfast, twice for lunch & I'm giving this place 3 stars. While their breakfast has been good both times (Breakfast Sandwich & Jamison) the lunches have been god awful- note the staff is always nice & wonderful! Lunch 1- I got the veggie wrap, it was missing quinoa which they happily fixed but overall completely bland with no flavor with soggy lettuce. Lunch 2- Southwest Chicken bowl (pic included) on top was a completely dry chicken breast that had no flavor. Under the chicken was very thin layer of black beans, salsa (barely any green salsa) & a decent amount of avocado. Under that first thin layer ALL RICE. The rice was dry also no flavor at all. It was so bad I dumped it & opted for a croissant which sadly was stale & tasted like a cheap Costco white bread that was attempting to be a croissant. Definitely come for breakfast, get the Jamison- yummy eggs & French toast! But good lord avoid lunch. The drinks are good & the vibe is so nice that I love coming in the afternoon just for a drink & to read!

Evelyn S.

If you are looking for a very relaxed California vibe with good quality of food and drink this is your spot. We came here on a Sunday after church to brunch around noon and the restaurant was not crowded at all. We placed our order at the register, payed got a number and took a seat. There was plenty of seating outside and in. We decided to sit at the the High horse area since they do serve alcohol on that side. Their menu gives you the option to order breakfast or lunch items. Now to the food: Chilaquiles 10 out of 10: The chips were crunchy like I like them, they had a lot of sauce but not too much to make them soggy (yuck), the plate had plenty of queso fresco, eggs were not overcooked/undercooked. Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich: 9 out of 10. Big portion of crispy warm fries and a delicious giant tender chicken sandwich with mozzarella, bacon, tomato and avocado. Sparkling Flight: A trio of peach, guava and orange mimosas. They were pretty big to my surprise and refreshing. They were about 4 ounces each and were not to sweet. Victory Golden Monkey: 9 out of 10 looked like an Allagash tasty! Parking situation: We found parking right away and if there isn't in their private lot there is plenty of street parking. VIbes: I really loved the relaxing and pleasant vibes. We saw a couple of horsies pass by which was a big plus. They are also pup friendly so we had a couple of little furry friends brunching with us. Customer Service: 10 out of 10. They were so attentive and friendly. Our food and drinks came out really fast but didn't jeopardize taste. So that made our group happy. Decor: 10 out of 10. I loved their decor it made it feel like you were in a little farm house. Lot's of cool paintings inside the restaurant and really cool seating. The restrooms were really clean! I actually want to come back soon and try other stuff in their menu. They serve teas, coffee's and pastries. I really loved loved LOVED this place. Till next time!

Diana C.

The coffee was great, but my chicken sandwich was not cooked. They replaced it, but seemed to question my judgement. Not a good vibe. Would return if they were just a little apologetic. It's a popular place and I'm sure they won't miss me.

Nancy W.

Super cute place with great food! We ordered the avocado toast and veggie scramble... Both excellent!

Danielle Newsome

Loved the atmosphere of this little bistro. I had the strawberry spinach salad and some sparkling tea. My husband and I had lunch there the day after Christmas and enjoyed relaxing over our meal with everyone else.

Sandra Miller

The place is definately not vegan friendly. When we looking for a place, we glance over the menu saw a lot of vegetarian item and saw we will find something vegan. I ended up taking protein bawl. Swap egg for veggie patty. So veggy patty smelled like beef, disgusting. Prices are high.

Gloria L.

Cute little cafe!! As an out-of-towner staying across the street, I came here to get a cappuccino and was pleasantly surprised by the ambience. My mundane morning was transformed into a delightful, (albeit too short) laid back, Californian start to the day. The meals arriving at the other tables looked wholesome and healthy. And my cappuccino was served up just right. The next time I'm back in Burbank, I will be coming to Basecamp for sure!

Sarah A.

nice staff, good vibes and good food. coffee isn't bad either. I love that it's a friendly spot to bring your pets and you can casually hang out for a coffee or bite. Limited parking in the lots, but there's also some street parking on the adjacent street.

Sandra M.

The place is definately not vegan friendly, like not even one dish except acai bowl. I got their protein bowl and substitute eggs with veggie patty. Veggie patty smelled like beef, disgusting. For me it is big non when they dont separate pans for veggie and meat dishes. The food was not salty, not spicy, just bunch of veggies put together. On a good note my latte was delicious. The interior of the place is reall

Ruben & Joana Miranda

This Bbq chicken salad is the best one I've ever had. Its not only delicious but its a good portion for a good price. I highly recommend it! This diner is amazing! I love the vibe. I always find something new that i enjoy seeing from the art pieces to the decorations. I also recommend the palomino burger it has a hint of spiciness that gives it a different twist.

Tora M.

I love this place! It's owned by the founder of the Republic of Pie- another favorite of mine- so you know it's going to have great quality food and a chill atmosphere. Base Camp is, "a staging area used by mountaineers to prep for a climb", and this one is filled with snowy mountain scenery via their gorgeous curtains. The place is filled with beautiful paintings & inspirational quotes (restrooms), funny takes on politicians (they're liberals or at least Democrats) and various tchotchkes. There's a lot to look at. Food & drink: First of all, this is the best dirty chai latte I've ever had and I love-love-love the quinoa eggs Benedict so much that I find that I can't order anything else! It's 12.25, and comes with poached eggs, steamed spinach, quinoa patties, avocado, Basil sauce with fruit, salad or potatoes. I've also had the charcoal latte steamer and the lavender latte with espresso- both delicious! I haven't had the courage to try their beetroot latte yet- but I'm sure I will! Their other breakfast and lunch items (courtesy bites from my friends) are tasty too. The food presentation is quite nice. The equestrian center is right down the street so there will be horse people in da house along with millennials and local Burbankians. It can get crowded if you arrive past 10 am on the weekends- so it's best to arrive a bit earlier. Great place. Yelp Challenge 2019: 82/100

Irene W.

This place is so cute! Staff is super friendly. You order up front and eat outside. They have limited parking but there is plenty of street parking which is easy to get access to. I got their french onion soup and was really happy with it. It was a cold and rainy day so the soup was perfect! The cheesy top and sourdough bread underneath was so good. The soup was also super hot. My friend got the panini chicken sandwhich and she really enjoyed it. Her dad got the same sandwhich but with parmesan garlic fries. The fries are DELICIOUS but they are VERY strong in garlic content. They also have self serve fruit infused water. It was VERY refreshing. My friend and I love fruit infused water! I would definetly come back here again!

Toby S.

Fantastic coffee. Great location. One of the best breakfast burritos ever. Really light with tonnes of flavour.

Joe Yatsky

Do not be fooled by the unassuming exterior, this is a quirky, delicious, filling place that will quickly prove to you why there seems to be an unending crowd (and it's not the limited parking). Basecamp quickly makes you feel as if you've left the hustle of LA and are somewhere with abundant nature,backpackers, and fresh air. The food looks and tastes delicious. I had the breakfast chorizo scramble and felt I needed to beat off onlookers with a stick as about half a dozen people came up to ask what I was having it looked so good. And, it tasted better than it looked. The drinks were equally as good, ifnot somewhat overpriced and unfortunate in how they will bring your food to you but you need to listen for yourname to come collect your drink yourself. Will be back again for sure!

Adriana Zambrano

Delicious! Very excited about this find. Gets crowded on the weekends - but worth the wait. They have brews on the tap and a huge selection of food - can’t wait to go back for the burgers. I’ve had the coconut French toast - highly recommend

Montana Hicks

These lovely little eateries are fantastic! The food was excellent, the mimosa tower was delicious, and the atmosphere is so nice for a summer morning! My only complaint is that they don't check for spiderwebs as often as they should. I took my dog with me, and ge managed to find quite a few under the tables.

Steve K.

First, I want to love this place. I love the idea of a local coffee shop that is designed around the passion of the owner for the outdoors, hiking and mountains! I love this!! Here are the issues 1) 8 bucks for Ice tea and a scone. That's more than Intellencia or Blue Bottle for God's Sake. 2) Flies! There are WAY TOO MANY Flies outside! Not one or 2, but dozens of them! And last night when I stopped by for my 8 $ snack, it also smelled like rotting garbage outside! Im sorry but the gentle breeze of rotting garbage smell and decay is disgusting. There is no excuse. Keep your trash covered! And besides, that will cut down on the fly population. $8 bucks for Good tea, a delicious scone and flies + rotting garbage smell means there is still a lot of room for improvement here. I want to continue to come to this place. I hate starbucks coffee bean and corporate coffee, but its a steep mountain to climb to eat with flies and rotting trash.

Rafael A.

Great looking place but the food was a big disappointment. Wife and I both ordered the crispy chicken wrap and received burnt tortilla with little to no crispy chicken. An inedible, unsatisfying lunch. Won't be returning unfortunately.

Delmy Perez

The gluten free pumpkin donut is so light and airy that every bite is magical. I also ordered the blue moon smoothie and the lavender is surprisingly exactly on point to make it one delicious drink! I look forward to trying more things. I went during a lunch rush and the wait was no longer than Starbucks so that was a big plus.

Katharine Goodenow

Great spot in a charming Burbank neighborhood just down the street from Disney. Quiet in the morning before the lunch rush! Easy to get to, easy to park. Lots of food and drink options.

Dalton Alfortish

As I perused the generous menu with plenty of vegan friendly options, I settled on the chorizo skillet. Topped with 3 perfectly scrambled eggs, compressed by a slab of dense, molten cheese. This cloud of salty, creamy, goodness blankets a surprisingly fiery ground chorizo tossed in fried potato wedges. And to round out the full texture spectrum, dense perfectly grilled onions with red and green bell peppers. All somehow with the perfect amount of char. I suggest bringing a book and sitting outside on the picnic tables for a relaxing Sunday Morning. This wasn't my first time ordering this and it won't be my last.

Ruberta B.

OMG! This is the best little find in Burbank. Although this building has been there forever, I just found out this place, Basecamp has been here for 3 years. I can't believe I just found you. The coffe is to die for, the food is divine. It won't disappoint you. I promise.

Basecamp and High Horse Dinette

1221 W Riverside Dr, Burbank, CA 91506
(747) 477-1135