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Ben McFadden

I'm not sure what has changed here, but we used to really love coming to Basecamp for a weekend breakfast or brunch. It's a place we loved to bring out of town guests as well. We always looked forward to the food, the chill atmosphere and the delicious coffee. But our last few visits have been very subpar and disappointing. We've received our eggs and bacon cold and the quality of food has definitely dipped. Maybe they're doing too much volume and can't keep the quality up. I have noticed they've got busier and busier. Today really was the most disappointing. It took my wife and I 45 minutes to receive our lunch. It was only a salad and a chicken wrap. Others who sat down way after us received their food before us. I used to be a server and floor manager at a restaurant- I know that something must've happened. Especially since one of the multiple kids that work there came up and asked us what we ordered. We asked the counter a few times what was taking so long and they replied "I'll check," and then proceed to keep working behind the counter and helping other guests. I would have only rated one star, but the food was tasty once we got it. I just think we probably won't be returning unfortunately. The price point isn't worth the unfortunate experience.

Andrew Stahelin

Not sure what changed but the healthiest breakfast option I had was okay. It was avocado toast but the biggest issue was the eggs. I had to order egg whites given some dietary changes I had to change. The egg whites were super runny and the general flavor of it was super bland. I know it's avocado toast but normally when you spend between 15-20 bucks you get a decent bang for your buck. I have had great meals here but something has changed with the cooking.Vegetarian options: They had some options including avocado toast.Dietary restrictions: Dairy free is a bit tougher but they have some limited options.

Chad Wright

I give this 4.5 stars. Delicious food. I had the bacon cheeseburger. The fries were excellent. My wife had the teriyaki rice bowl. She didnt like it that much. Food was reasonably-priced. The food took a bit longer to get than expected. We loved the outside dining. Very little parking - we had to park on a residential street.

Chanida Bunk

This is the way they served the food here. So unpresentable!! Called to complain girl named Rebecca said " least it's eatable"To the owner!...She should be fired!

Carrie L.

Great first time visit to this place. I ordered a coconut frappe with a shot of espresso and it was delicious. It was hot outside so this is exactly what my tastebuds needed. My boyfriend ordered a peppermint mocha with oatmilk (shocked this is not a seasonal drink) but had no hint of peppermint so that was disappointing (hence one star deducted). We also got a pastry with strawberries in the middle which was also good. The ambiance and decor of the place was great and I would love to return to try more drinks and food.


Can't believe we have never discovered this place before now. Came with a group of six of us and we waited a few minutes for a table. Most of the seating is outside, however there is some seating inside. Very cute and hip place to come get coffee and hang out. It was very hot so maybe go early in the morning. Parking can also be a problem so plan accordingly. Food came out fairly fast and was hot and fresh. A little on the pricey side, but that being said, portions are nicWould definitely come here again.

James Thor

Went to get brunch on a Sunday morning. Plenty of neighborhood parking. Great food and coffee. Will be going back.

Jeffrey C.

Very nice atmosphere. That's where my hood experience ended. As I can't have sugar, prior to ordering my breakfast I asked and was told by the one taking my order they do have sugar free syrup and even told him I can't do sugar. We receive our meals, meals weren't hot, and there wasn't any syrup. When I asked the server for the sugar free syrup, I was told she didn't think they had any. She goes and checks, returns telling me they don't have sugar free syrup. She never offered to exchange meal for anything else. Waste of money for breakfast. Our last visit here.

Shelby Y.

My friends and I all ordered and were put on the same number. Their food arrived and mine never did. My bf let the staff know who apologized and said it was on its way. 10 more minutes went by, he goes back in and they say they're about to make it? Finally he goes in AGAIN and is given a refund but then a very rude waitress (or co-manager?) comes out and says since he got his money back they wouldn't make my food. I spoke with her and let her know I'd been waiting for 30 minutes at this point and asked if she had a manager to speak with. While she went to get him, another waitress ended up bringing my food. So, the manager and her arrive to me getting my food, I said "Hey looks like it all worked out" and then the adult male manger said a very snarky line- "Guess we have a cake and eat it too policy" and walked off. Like, no sir, your restaurant messed up and I sat there hungry while all my friends finished their meals before my food showed up. I've thankfully rarely been in situations like this at a restaurant, but the few times I have (or someone in my party has) usually the food that was late is removed from the bill and the manager is apologetic. Definitely will not be returning here after experiencing such an unnecessarily rude experience AND the food just being subpar.

Jessica P.

Awesome place! Cool location. Reminds of eateries in Austin Tx! Love the variety in seating both in doors and in various places around the property. Lots of great options for drinks, food & pastries! The pastry case was pretty amazing and wish I could have tried them all. Our counter was pretty unfriendly & short. I had some questions about the food and just felt like the girl could not take time for me. I truly hate that feeling from hospitality workers, when i feel like im unwelcome to be a customer. However the guy busing & doing food delivery service was AWESOME!! So fast, friendly, aware of our needs & quick to clean spaces. Breakfast burrito was pretty good but wouldn't get again. Green tea frappe was not good. Skillet dish & flat white was really good! Overall, will come back to try more items

Derek H.

Love this place we go every weekend. They have incredible pastries and coffee. The breakfast quesadilla and burrito are delicious. I've never had anything on the menu I didn't like. The service is friendly as well.

Jennifer A.

This used to be one of my favorite spots to grab lunch. But where it started years ago to where it is now are two totally different worlds. The sandwich I've always ordered (chicken breast) has progressively gotten worse and worse over time...Lesser quality ingredients and sloppily thrown together. Today the sandwich, which was supposed to be on a soft French roll (which also used to be much better bread, in general) was on regular sliced bread, which was somehow made completely greasy and practically inedible, as were the fries. These used to be fresh and well-flavored and now they look and taste like grease. There was also no cheese on the sandwich. Unfortunately, I think I officially have to write this spot off for future orders. It's just not worth the cost or the risk that I'll end up with an order like today.

Elizaveta N.

I loved the interior and the food, but the whole breakfast experience was ruined by two girls who were working at the counter today. While eating, we ordered a cappuccino and espresso to go, once we got up there to pick them up, we saw that they put it in the regular cups. We asked them to redo the coffee, one girl rolled her eyes and literally poured coffees into the "to go" cups. We were shocked, and said that the service was terrible. Two girls stared at us as they didn't even bothered to do their job. We were leaving and heard one of them saying "Your attitude is terrible" behind our back. I had to turn around and say that their attitude is actually much worse, since they're the ones that should be focused on providing their customers with good service and make sure that they leave satisfied. Well, we were not. So, here's 1 star for these two ladies. The food was great, though.

Jamie B

First time visiting this restaurant. I really wanted to like this place since the atmosphere is nice and the food presentation is good. There was a pretty long line to wait in to place the order at the counter before receiving a number to find a table to seat ourselves. The only table available wasn't wiped down, so we wiped it ourselves. Ordered two smoothies, salmon bagel, acai bowl, and a burger patty for the dog. Picked up the smoothies at the counter ourselves. The smoothies were okay. The food took half an hour to arrive. When it did arrive, I noticed the smallest amount of cream cheese- enough for half the bagel and asked for more. I then noticed the browning on the salmon. I brought it to the wait staff's attention and she offered to bring more. She brought more and said the chef said it was normal. I have never been served browning salmon before. The additional salmon was browned, too. I cut out the brown bits and ate it, since I was hungry. Stomach issues followed. The browning of the salmon is apparent in both photos. The brown in the middle.of the spiral is not a shadow.

Brent G.

Waited an hour for our food while watching the people who ordered after us get theirs. They also gave us a number for our coffee but said nothing about having to come grab it off the counter, so it sat their getting cold while we waited. Pretty sure they lost our order and we had to ask multiple times for them to check. People who came after us was done before our food ever came. Happy Mother's Day!

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Basecamp and High Horse Dinette

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(747) 477-1135