Basecamp and High Horse Dinette

1221 W Riverside Dr, Burbank
(747) 477-1135

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Jay C.

I was surprised they delivered. Didn't really want to make breakfast and my dad had come over to visit so we quickly ordered breakfast, a croissant sandwich, omelette, pancakes and breakfast quesadilla. Overall present was nice. I had the quesadilla and was pleasantly surprised even though it had mushrooms and eggs but I thought the combo was rather nice. Overall I'd recommend this as a breakfast spot.

Karen K.

I paid $11 for less than a cup of plain lukewarm oatmeal! Oh and 2 strawberries and about 10 blueberries. Yay! This place is cute but my oh my are they raking it in. The price of this oatmeal SHOULD be $6 at most. And even then they'll make 90%.

Courtney D.

The breakfast burrito is yummy! It's tastes homemade and comes with a tasty chipotle salsa. On the other hand, the French toast was very dry and lacks flavor. I don't know how bread smothered in fruit and syrup can be lacking flavor but here we are.

Zeinab H.

Extremely mediocre food, we ordered two plates of avocado toast. One of them contained what looked like food scraps, there was the top of a banana peel and a random piece of hash brown. The bread was stale and was not an enjoyable meal due to the lack of flavor and quality of food. The aesthetic of the place was cute but overall would not recommend.

William M.

Food and service are great. But why bother having all of the covid restrictions signs when the staff is mask off chatting away inside and customers come in with it on but pull down to talk. Either do it or don't. Don't pretend.

Ani S.

This cafe has become a family favorite! We live close by and have had brunch at Basecamp on numerous occasions! It does tend to get busy on the weekends but there's plenty of seating outdoors and pets are welcomed :)! The parking lot is small but there's plenty of parking on the residential side street. I love their breakfast quesadilla and their coffees. I've had their lattes and their cappuccinos and they're both made with a rich blend. The lox bagel and the French toast are also tasty but they're nothing too special. I suggest trying their egg based dishes for brunch!

Leslie G.

My first time here and I just walked out because the experience was horrible by a rude sassy cashier. Didn't greet us what's so ever. Literally asked one question about where there coffee menu was and she said it's the pink ones, mind you it's my first time here I don't know what the colors mean so I had a green one. My cousin asked if you make the fruit smoothie-with real fruit or frozen and she responded so rudely like "we use fresh cut fruit " like if we were bothering her. She shouldn't be working in customer service if she is going to be rude to guest! Never coming here again.

Maddy M.

Was looking for a new breakfast spot to check out on a Sunday morning and OMG am I SO happy we discovered Basecamp! Walking into the cafe, I was smiling from ear to ear. I am a big camper, so the camping/outdoorsy theme was really hitting the spot for me. The little details here are what really make the ambiance very special and inviting. There are two large outdoor patios for seating and lots of space between parties. The patio we sat on was overlooking the street corner and it was covered in the most beautiful green vines with bursting purple flowers. This particular Sunday morning was very lively, but we didn't have to wait in line to order. The cashier at the front was very helpful in answering my questions about their most popular dishes and coffee. They have their own brew! It has a lovely natural sweet taste to it, and I drank it black. Loved the flavor! We ended up ordering a breakfast burrito and the chilaquiles with avocado added. They give you a number and you find your own seat. We sat all the way at the very last table at the corner of the furthest patio. I was expecting us to wait a long time for our food to come out because I wasn't sure how they would even find us. Turns out, our patio had its own designated busboy and even a water station so you didn't have to walk all the way back to the front counter. Even though the restaurant was bumpin', it still felt like we had our own little private area to enjoy a quiet and chill breakfast. SO much to say about the vibe here, but now for the food! The breakfast burrito was massive! My husband was able to swap the regular bacon for the turkey bacon which was a nice option. My chilaquiles were great! I LOVED the salsa that was on the plate. The chips were in the perfect crunchy/mushy zone for typical chilaquiles. It was served with a side of black beans and two over easy (or your style of choice) eggs. Delicious! It was a fantastic breakfast start to finish. This may seem silly, but you have to check out the bathrooms when you are here! They are filled with inspirational quotes and beautiful nature photography. I can't wait to come back!!

Vivian F.

Each time I swing by, I feel like I'm visiting family. Basecamp is the type of place where folks not only remember your name and favorite orders, but they also seem genuinely happy to see that you're doing well. It's a Burbank Rancho darling for a reason, with many loyal neighborhood and equestrian regulars. Try the dirty chai--preferably hot. It's a game changer. I've tried to order it elsewhere, but it just doesn't hit the same. For weekend brunch, it's a tug-of-war between that and the guava mimosa. For food, I rotate between the avocado toast, the breakfast burrito, and the quiche. Regrettably, my favorite item is no longer on the menu: the croissant French toast. Sometimes I order an extra guava mimosa to help me move on from that loss. With food, coffee, and perhaps a mimosa in hand, spend a lazy morning relaxing at one of the outdoor tables, watching horses cross the street from time to time. It's a distinctly Rancho experience.

Arsineh M.

First time here yesterday, so this review is a day late. Had the chicken sandwich and lemonade both were delicious. Lemonade is on the lighter side. Patio seating is nice and roomy. Would return again.

kate rene gleason

place is chill, indoor and outdoor seating. a delicious (and big!) croissant breakfast sandwich. they subbed avocado for the bacon since i don't eat meat even though it was the thursday special. i believe they have specials every weekday. enjoy!

Troy Rawlings

Simple menu yet superb food. Top notch customer service.I love the indoor outdoor eclectic open-air atmosphere

Shaun H

Great food, nice atmosphere. Both salads and wraps are quite good.

Rene K.

I have to start by saying the minute I walked in I was greeted by the warmest welcome ever, lather on found out the gentleman was the owner of the place, name John. Not only he was extremely pleasant but as I told him I was the new owner of what use to be the Silver Spur stables he welcomed me to the neighborhood and offered his help if I ever needed anything. I ordered my breakfast and set down and watched John greeting everyone the same way and before I knew the place was packed and I can see why, This man really cares and loves what he does. Thank you John for your worm welcome great food and the best breakfast experience ever.

Gordillo Agency

Really nice environment, great decor; overall it’s a great place ??

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Basecamp and High Horse Dinette

1221 W Riverside Dr, Burbank, CA 91506
(747) 477-1135