Hollywood Burbank Airport

2627 N Hollywood Way, Burbank
(818) 840-8840

Recent Reviews

steve mora

Still the best airport in the U.S. Amazing service, family friendly people, wonderful food and beverage options. It's the place to choose when choosing to travel anywhere in the world

Chloe H.

LAX who??? If you have the option to ever fly out of here instead of LAX, please do so! I flew out from here for the first time recently and everything was great. It is a small airport so drop-off and pick-up were a breeze. We had a morning flight and there was practically no line at TSA. I grabbed a coffee from Jones Coffee Roasters inside the terminal and the barista was friendly and the coffee was good! Otherwise, I don't think the other food and beverage options there are very impressive. We flew with Alaska and the flight was great. Not to mention that BUR is very close to my house. I am going to try to fly from here all the time from now on!

Susan Hamilton

I absolutely love this airport. It is so quick and convenient and much better than going all the way to LAX. It has a parking structure that you can park. And the also have car rentals. On the other side of the parking lot they have several food places. I have been dropped off many times here. It is super easy and convenient to be picked up here as well. Usually it's about a $100 more per ticket to use this airport. Well worth it compared to flying all the way out from LAX. I highly recommend this airport.

Jason Kunert

Very comfy airport. Easy in and easy out. Nice selection of restaurants considering the size. And they have a cool pet relief closet.

Paul Brown

Awesome small airport. Less busy and easy in and out. If you have the choice fly into Burbank instead of LAX.

Carson Garfield

The music is too loud and too pop! Why is that the vibe an airport wants? Makes me almost want to go to LAX! I’m now in slc where the music is low and relaxing! Much more pleasant airport experience!

Jennifer Buffie

Nice quiet little airport, easy to get checked in and to your gate fast. limited on food choices, but that's to be expected with a small place like this. About a billion times less hectic then LAX, and convenient for getting to my work buildings in burbank ??

Alicia Colin

First time traveling via this airport, my local airport is DFW so my only complaint may be biased due to what I am accustomed to. This airport due to the size — is easy to navigate, clean, and the staff is very friendly. The only issue was that the line to bag check-in was timely due to not being properly staffed for the crowd.

Anh-Dao T.

This is my go-to airport. I have flown in and out at least a hundred times over the years. I remember years ago, (trying not to date myself too much here), there was just a little dirt road across the street from the terminal and you'd park there for a few bucks a day. Then you grab your bag and jaywalk across the street and into the smallest, fastest moving airport lines ever. Now, they have a parking structure in addition to real lots. They have separate lanes for arrivals/departures, airport shuttles and Uber/Lyft. This place has expanded a lot but it's still one of the best around in terms of ease and airport lines. Why am I not giving them their fifth star? Because their WiFi sucks. I've been able to log on in the past but the last few times were terrible. And as someone who travels with her work computer and relies on WiFi to get work done, it ain't happening when I'm here. And it's not just me - I spent a good 45 minutes at my gate today constantly restarting my laptop and trying to log on, listening to the same frustrations from people around me. It's enough of a frustration to cause me to log on to Yelp and write a freakin' review of an airport. Burbank, ya'll know I love you but PLEASE fix the WiFi. Some of us really need it. ;)

Jessica B.

Small but efficient airport. Also conveniently has a small plaza right next door to grab a bite at before your flight and easy walking distance. TSA check in is quick and easy and terminals are not that far from each other. A lot better off to fly through here than LAX for sure. Not too many options for eating/drinking, so I would definitely recommend checking out the restaurants at the plaza before going. I personally grabbed a bite at a small Japanese grill called Sansai and walked less than 5 minutes to my terminal/check in. Will definitely fly through this airport again!

S Alicia S.

Amtrak gave me this address. I went there because I didn't know where all the train stations were in Burbank. It was actually the address for the Hollywood Burbank Airport (aka Bob Hope Airport), buses, car rentals and parking lot. I called back Amtrak driving around the little domestic airport... They prefer I park my car at the airport and walk to the train-station or something because the Amtrak parking lot is small and always full. It might be a dangerous walk because of the high traffic and planes flying in and out so close-knittly. But I found the Amtrak Station. It was the same one I knew about already. Good thing I checked before my daytrip next weekend. Otherwise, I would have missed the train. Amtrak CustomerService was a helpful 800-number. They made my roundtrip reservation. However, they are not really knowledgeable because the people working there are situated around the nation and not familiar with the local stations. They could only give information that would be on their databases around the designated areas. Amtrak Burbank's Correct Address is as follows: Bob Hope Airport Train Station 3854 Empire Ave, Burbank, CA 91505 Toll free number # 24/7: 1-800-USA-RAIL

Jane E.

Since Burbank is a smaller airport, you have to walk out to the plane and you can get on from the front or back entrance. The gates are much smaller, but there is a few convenience stores, coffee, restaurant/bar choices if you didn't get a chance to eat prior to. Getting to and from is much easier than LAX. This trip was easy to fly in and out of for meetings in our Hollywood office for the day.

Lana C Murray Logan

There faster and attentive its not so crowded they do need to get a bigger better aisle chair for disabled people

Fazil A.

They've recently updated the of service here Which is nice and really cuts down the time you are waiting. If you're driving, I recommend using the valet parking option. Is the same price as self parking and you don't have to lug all your bags across the airport. For southwest and American, you're in terminal A. They have it set up so you walk up to a kiosk and input your information and your boarding pass and bag tags print. Then walk over to an agent and hand bags off to them. If you're in terminal B, there is no separate PRE CHECK line. You have to stand in the same line as everyone else. They will take care of them from there and you go into TSA. The TSA AGENTS are pretty friendly overall and usually smile at you or engage in Chit chat. The ambiance is dated. Most of the gates lack enough seats so if you arrive to your gate less than an hour before your flight, expect to stand. There are only 2-3 restaurants in terminal A which are overpriced and are not that good. There's nothing past gate A5 as far as shops. Guys burgers isn't great. Neither is Wolfgang puck. Try to eat before you arrive to the airport. The only thing I like about this airport is that the board the planes with the old school stairs rather than a Jet way. Sooo cool to experience. Some people will tell you how amazing this place is over LAX and for time it did save you a lot. But as far as airport experiences this place is not good. I'd almost bet that it takes the same time to get off the plane and out of the airport and home as LAX.

Melissa M.

This airport is super small but very efficient. The rental car is a bit of a walk. We flew southwest and the employees are incredibly nice. When you walk into the airport, I saw at least 1 restaurant. I assume there were more but being that we didn't walk around I didn't see if there were more. TSA is small & could get a little hectic BUT, I would take this rather than the crazy big airports. After TSA there's a few different areas for food. Of course, airport prices though. When we first got to the area we were able to off board onto the tarmac. A pretty cool experience for my kids since you could see the actual plane from the outside.

Tom S.

Yes, it's a small airport. Yes, it's easier to get into and out of than LAX. Yes, I'm super spoiled with my home airport of PDX (Awesome). This is a tired airport probably from the 50's in need of some updating. I flew in and out of terminal B. So cramped. One place to eat or a quick grab and go. $16.50 for a ham sandwich is totally highway robbery. All airports need to be like PDX that requires vendors to charge the same prices as they charge off property. Being held captive shouldn't be a license to in essence steal. My flight was delayed by 2.5 hours due to fog and the plane not being able to land. That backed up things so much and they really didn't know how to handle that well. It is a throwback though to be able to enter and exit the plane from both the front and back. I think it speeds up the process if done properly. Going through security took just minutes, so that's a massive plus. As I was stuck for a while, talking with others who frequent BUR, today was an aberration and they would take BUR over LAX any day. So, while there isn't a lot of space, a remodel of the terminals would make this place a total gem.

Erica Saenz

I had a great stay before and after my long flights. It is right across the street from the airport. The room was big and spacious. The food at the buffet restaurant was good for breakfast and dinner. Nice pool as well. We would definitely stay again.

Jennifer W.

Smaller airport in the northern LA area, still just as much traffic to get here during rush hour. The airport is only one story in height, so they don't have a jet bridge from the terminals to the planes, you actually walk outside and then go up unenclosed gangways to board your plane. In California where the weather is generally good, this is probably fine, but this isn't ideal when it is raining or otherwise very "cold" outside. Not too much seating in the terminals, and the dining options were limited - no brand name restaurants that you'd have heard of (except Wolfgang Puck). It's a decent airport but not the most comfortable one.

Alex Flores

quick in and out fast and courteous service

Rick Houser

First time to fly out of Burbank!!! Will definitely be my departure airport from this day forward

Denise S.

The Bob Hope Airport in Burbank gets 5 stars for simply not being LAX!! But seriously, its a convenient, nice, little airport. It's like going back in time to a small town airport. It's not crowded, so getting through security is quick. There are plenty of food choices once you are through security and into the gates area. And bonus - star sightings! If you can get a flight in or out of Burbank instead of LAX - do it!! I will definitely be using this airport again if I can.

Tom B.

$5 stars because it's the easiest airport to get in n out of. Never a lot of traffic and tons of people I wonder why more people don't fly out of here plus there's less on street traffic. Big parking garage and less walking

Oh Mushrooms

Excellent Airport! Not very crowded either, flew to Vegas from here and had an amazing experience, definitely recommend this airport. It has a couple of restaurants and convenient stores if you need something and has a decent amount of domestic destinations as well.

Susan C.

Smaller airport, less traffic, shorter security lines. Easy access from the Amtrak station. I took the Amtrak to the airport instead of spending $ on ride share. It was only $19 dollars and a short .3 mile walk to the airport. 3 criticisms I have about this airport are 1) not enough charging stations 2) no filtered water bottle filler stations 3) restrooms are often dirty. I use the Women's restroom and the stall doors are old and there are significant gaps between the doors that people can look inside. not enough sinks in the restroom, restrooms are very small

dave m

LOVE this airport! Easy to get in and get out. In fact almost all of my many ski trips was out of this airport. Everything is right there and the service by these people is great! My first go to option if available when flying out of town

Vicki May

Eat before you get here. While I expect to pay higher prices for food in an airport but 17.00 for a pre-made Caesar salad is ridiculous. Come on Wolfgang Puck and Studio bar you can do better than that!

Chris H

Great alternative to LAX. The parking lots are affordable for overnight parking depending on the lot you choose, $10-$25. Free shuttle service to and from the lot. Super fast security check.

Karen Gill Myers

Easy in and out! Love flying into Burbank. Checked luggage arrives quickly and there are comfortable places to hang out while you wait for your flight. I avoid LAX at all cost and this is a great alternative.

Jack Daniels

Lovely airport highly recommend trying to fly into here. It is small and wonderful and the people are friendly and nice. I cannot say enough good things about this place. Only downside is the steep climb planes take

Joyce T.

I am starting to fall in love with the more regional area airports. They might not have much air carriers to choose from, but for speed to get there and quickness to get through security and gate, wonderful! There are lots restaurants, but what is there will please you enough. Keep on mind it is a restaurant on the airport. It's open air walking up into the airplane and on the jet bridge. Felt stress free.

David H.

If you're from the LA area or just visiting LA, this is probably your favorite regional airport. I hadn't flown into this airport in nearly 20 years. It reminds me of a slightly larger version of Hilton Head airport based on the size of the buildings, runway and jetway. It's easy to get in and out. It was a bit confusing trying to find the rental car facility. It's a pretty decent walk to get there and to the parking garages. Not many airlines fly into Burbank, but the main ones--- United, Delta, American and Southwest are all here. It's not as busy as LAX and the staff appear to be more accommodating.

Arjan T.

Dearest Hollywood Burbank Airport, please never change. You are perfect. I'd like to share my love for you. Scream it from the rooftops. But then everybody would know. You are L.A.'s best kept secret. And that's how it should be.

Quintin E.

A little bit more, but a lot less hassle... the Bob Hope Burbank Airport is a lifesaver in terms of convenience and time... while you can't fly Internationally ( I'm pretty sure) you can fly most places in the US.... major airlines such as Alaska, Detla, etc... all have service here... flights are rarely delayed or canceled and security is usually 15 minutes and no more than 30 when busy. I usually go here when flying out to SeaTac (Seattle/Tacoma, Washington) and Portland however am hoping to take advantage of deals and flights this year for a few more destinations. Ride share connecting services, public transportation and shuttles run very smooth here... no crazy wait times for services and arrivals or departures. The flow is steady! There aren't too many shops or eateries inside... there are serval nearby on the outside of the airport such as Denny's, Del Taco, Panda Express... and so on. Sometimes flights board and take off a few minutes earlier than expected so definitely give yourself time to arrive an hour before departure. All rental car services are on the far end outside of the airport, but still on the same block... in a tall massive structure... which is a lot easier than how things were just a few years ago with everything connected to the airport. Highly recommend the extra 10 to 50 bucks (usually) for a safe round trip flight and smooth experience at the Burbank Airport.


Definitely better than LAX. Smaller and more intimate. The choices for flights is smaller than what you would find at LAX but getting to this airport is almost 100% easier than LAX. Parking and traffic are much less. The restaurants and hospitality inside terminal for southwest are very nice and comfortable.

Shawn Connell

So easy to get in and out of. Rental cars are at least a quarter mile hike. Luggage was slow off delta but super chill airport!

Heather C.

Living 5 minutes from this jewel has its perks. Easy on and easy off. No LAX madness here. Friendly traffic cops. Quick security. Worth the extra ticket money. Easy cab and uber lines faster than any airport on the planet. Old school travelings.

Terry L.

My girlfriend lives less than 5 miles away from this airport. It's so convenient when we flew to Sacramento together versus LAX, where we would've had to Uber extremely far and get stuck in massive traffic. Getting through the gates at this airport was extremely quick. Because it's so small, there can be some logistical issues for drivers to drive through. Overall, happy for the Burbank Airport.

Mike B

Great airport lines are not long. Very easy to get in and out of. Waited in security less than a half hour on a sunday afternoon

Gary M. D.

I used this airport to travel to Sacramento, Instead of LAX, It was great experience. Less people and not crowned at all. Worth the try to avoid the traffic and the parking Issues of LAX

Meaghan Bruening

If you’re flying home to visit your mom while she’s in the hospital, the employees working at the security checkpoint will make sure the trip is as PAINFUL as possible. Efficiency is a luxury they don’t seem to believe in—we had to painstakingly go through every single item in my backpack only to decide that I was only bringing candy corn for my mom—one of her favorite holiday candies. Thank you security employees for making it obvious how much you hate your jobs and how little you actual value security.