Boba Loca

148 N San Fernando Blvd, Burbank
(818) 842-0406

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Tejal B.

Stopped by this boba place on our way. Not our first time here. We really like their coffee frappe & lychee drinks. This time we wanted to try something different. They are following all the safety measures. With only one customer allowed to enter a time, they bring your order out to you. The cashier was very patient in explaining their drinks to us. There is an BBQ place & an Indian place on either side of the boba place. Due to only outside sitting allowed in these times, it does get clumsy. They do get your order done very quickly. Our order was done within 6 minutes. We ordered their:- Brown sugar milk tea with boba- It was a decent drink. The boba had a strong flavor of tea coming from it, which was leaving an after taste. I have had better. Lavender milk tea with boba- This drink was suggested to us by the server as their best selling. It was an ok ok drink. The boba was good. Overall the best thing was that none of the drinks were overly sweet, they had good amount of boba & not excessively filled with ice. I think we will stick to their coffee drinks only which are far better.

Patrosinio Cruz

Açaí bowl is mostly açaí. Expected their to be some granola or banana in it but really skimped on the fruit. Strawberry matcha was also a fail. It was disgustingly to sweet.

Keya C.

My favorite boba place!! You can't go wrong with the drinks (I get a different one every time) but taro is my go-to. I absolutely love that they have so many alternative milk options and they're even free of charge!!! So hard to find and I really appreciate it. Fantastic service as well. HIGHLY recommend!!!

Caroline J.

Friendly service and delicious boba. Interior of the store was limited to one guest at a time for social distancing. Highly recommend the brown sugar milk tea!

Edwin Q.

They overloaded my drink with boba, it was way too much for the drink. They were also done with an order that they took after mine, it wasn't like my order was that complicated, not sure what that was about...

Phill D.

This is a ok boba spot for it to be nearby. I usually get green team sweetened with honey which is good, however the menu seems a little short. One thing I don't like is that they only have two cup sizes small and large compared to other places you have the option of getting a bigger drink. I usually get my drinks from Quickly's where I pay 4.50 for a larger drink at this location I paid 6. So you spend more money here for less. With the pandemic they only allow one person in the store at a time which is a plus at times if your getting something simple you can stay in the store to get your drink right away. I will go here again to try the grape slush it was my favorite drink in Florida. I hope this one rises to the occasion.

Joshua Stock

Yes! The old dude behind the counter was so kind. Upgraded my coffee boba because it was a slow day (and because he said it was his favorite). Kind staff and tasty beverage gets a 5 star review all day!

Luisa S.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie with extra boba is the best thing that I have ever tasted or even came across! Each time I go to Burbank mall, I always HAVE to stop by, no matter how cold or hot it is outside, I get a nice and cold smoothie with warm boba and drink it all in less than 10 minutes So amazing!! I love the owner he told me to follow their Instagram the first time I went, and oh my I scared to try other flavors, but for now I'm gonna stick to this amazing drink

Dustin W.H

super nice staff & incredible smoothies!

Vivian P.

First time here and we tried the earl grey milk tea. It was okay , nothing amazing but I was shook when I received this half empty... wth!!!! They should've filled it up with ice or something but this is unacceptable. Ugh

Eliana A.

There are so many good things to be said about Boba Loca. The staff is so friendly. The manager always manages to put a smile on my face and the guy at the front always has the best recommendations. If you aren't in the mood for boba, they also have some bakery goods like cookies, warm pretzels, and churros. I personally recommend the Thai Tea. If you are in Downtown Burbank, I highly recommend stopping by Boba Loca. You won't be disappointed.

Tori S.

The Blue Lemonade is fire but anything else idk. I had a Thai Tea Coconut and it was . I only get the Lemonade drink and nothing else. The staff is super nice too.

Kat R.

Whenever I'm in the area, I always get boba from this place ever since I was a kid. The owner is so kind and so are their employees. They have a lot of flavors/teas/smoothies that you can choose from, so I'd never run out of choices. Plus they're so generous on the boba !!!!

Cynthia Gonzalez

It wasn't the best place I've had boba teas at but I guess it wasn't too horrible either. One of the teas (coconut milk tea) I purchased did not taste good at all we had to throw it out, what a waste ?

Brian Abel

Best Boba I've had in California. This is as close to the Boba you get overseas in Hong Kong or Korea.

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