Brews Brothers Brewpub

3000 W Olive Ave, Burbank
(747) 283-1044

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Len M.

This review is a bit overdue but better late than never. Was looking for a place to hold a small gathering of about 30 people back in July and ended up choosing BBB. Communication was great from start to finish with the entire experience being effortless on my part. They worked with me to create a food and adult beverage menu that fell within my budget, set aside space apart from the other guests for the event, and the staff was friendly and efficient throughout. The restaurant has a cool ambiance and we had plenty of room to socialize comfortably. Food tasted great and everyone had a good time. Special thanks to Joey for the great help! Been there a couple other times as well. Always a positive experience. Thanks!

June K.

We were cleaning our house and had a sudden urge to go out for a quick bite and a drink. We left without hesitation and found ourselves sitting inside Brews Brothers the next minute. I am not a drinker, and what I love about this place is that they offer drinks in small sizes too! They have a good variety and selection of beers. My favorite from this night was Prim and Oatmeal cookie brown ale (their own brew!!). My husband's favorite was the Rusty Nail with its strong and distinctive taste. We instantly fell in love with this place and cannot wait to go back!

Kristie H.

Visiting the area for the weekend and looked this place up. The service was awesome and the food and beers were amazing. Their interior design is pretty cool. Plenty of TVs to watch games. Alexa was our server and she was so friendly! Would definitely recommend if you're in the area!

Seth Moffitt

Amazing drinks, staff, and establishment. Perfect for parties, dates, or a good cold one after a long day. If you can grab an in house brewed beer, treat yourself!

robert yaffe

Amazing selection of small batch Beer.And awesome customer service.Very knowledge beer personnel to customize to your fine Palette

Brian O.

Visited Brews Brothers as it was in its "soft opening" and I'm glad there's a good new place in the old Simmzy's place. And while improving over Simmzy's food was a low bar to hurdle, BB is on a good start. The burgers were cooked to instructions but pretty dry. I'd suggest some of the other apps while you enjoy your beer. The pretzel with sauces was surprisingly good! (The kind where you don't realize how fast you're eating it and next thing you know, like a magic trick, it disappeared!) The "Roast the Garden" wouldn't have been something I'd have ordered solo, but I'm glad we got it because it was very flavorful and I felt good about myself while downing another beer. On to the beer, or maybe the most important part: while their descriptions are pretty detailed, we were amazed by our server who had it ALL down. Even gave little shooters so we could sample it. In places like this it can be hard to narrow it down, and they were so helpful! As time goes on we'll be coming back to see how things are shaping up. Welcome to the neighborhood!

Joey Lingua

Great beer selection, great food. Busy place, still ironing out the smoothness of the operation but it was a very enjoyable evening, I'll be back here again soon!

Danielle M.

Honestly, I was so bummed to Simmzy's leave this space, but now after visiting a few times, I am all like Simmzy's who? Brew Brothers is far superior. The beer selection is spectacular and the the service is really great. I have worked in bars and breweries for over 10 years, call myself a bit of a beer snob, and these servers and bartenders really know their stuff, and are very friendly. To top it off, their food is freaking delicious, and I love love their vegan patty option. Only thing I would love to see a few more "vegan" options or at least modifications, but it doesn't take away from the 5 star experience. Don't go a changing guys, because you rock my world!!!

Sam V.

The blue cheese dressing is a bit runny but it actually tastes like blue cheese and not ranch + crumbles. Wings were quite good and reasonably priced plus they come with celery & carrots! Score!! The French fries are also spot-on, crunchy outside/fluffy inside & pair nicely with their ranch which tastes freshly made. They have some interesting beers both on tap and in the bottle. Was surprised to see a Rochefort 8 on their list as well as several other Belgian ales. For the beer list alone, I'm sure I'll return. The inside was oddly empty & low key, maybe people haven't realized it's open yet? The hostess said they just recently started serving cocktails so all you shaken/stirred aficionados get on down there & report back!

Steve Harris

Menu did not mention that an item had a hot pepper sauce on it. Took one bite and mouth was on fire. They did remake it for us and tried to make it right. Otherwise the food was decent but unremarkable. Beers are mostly Belgian.

Paul Lundquist

This may be our new go to spot! Food was great, beer was tasty(can’t wait to try their home brews) and most of all the service was fantastic! Extremely friendly and personable. Can’t wait to go back for their grand opening on the 20th.

cameron wong

Great place for good quality beer. Food is better quality than most other places and it’s good so I really recommend it!


Nice lil’ new spot with plenty of outdoor seating. Good beer selection and tasty food.

Julie V.

Loved the atmosphere, the beer selection and the food! The pretzel was amazing and came with three sauces, the beer cheese and garlic sauces were my favorite. I had ordered the brisket sandwich sans bread and they were very accommodating. The bartenders were funny, friendly and attentive. We were there for about four hours and they were very sweet and did not try to rush us out. We were also told this was their soft-start so their menu will increase, which I'm excited for. Will be back soon!

rhea k.

Great food, drinks, and service. The chicken thighs are memorable and really love the roasted veg salad. Chislic and fries have a super garlicky dipping sauce. Kids menu on point.

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