Commonwealth Restaurant

222 S Glenoaks Blvd, Burbank
(818) 845-2225

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Joaquin Gordon

From the moment you step in that restaurant the waiters give you a great feeling. Very hospitable waiters, it is a lovely place to to go out with friends and colleagues or with your date. enjoyable meals, talented chief cook and stuff, modest price and courteous service. Highly recommended.

Soo Goo

Amazing restaurant that is probably my only 10/10 restaurant. Went there for my post civil ceremony wedding dinner and other celebrations in the past. So sad that they might be closing for good and I would've definitely gone there more if I had known

Olga Parker

It's a very small restaurant with 2 seatings, but don't worry.... they don't make you feel rushed at all. We sat at 6:30pm, had a drink and ordered food. They're all tapas/appetizer sized, so 2-3 per person is what they suggest. We ordered 9-10 for 4 of us, and it was perrrrfect!The mussels and shrimp dumplings were a massive highlight! We all wanted to lick the plate clean, that is how good the sauces were. Pork belly with egg on top was fatty and delectable! The beet salad and oysters were tasty. Grilled eggplant was definitely good. We tried both seafood risotto and truffle mushroom risotto, and both were filling and tasty, thought some liked the seafood one better.It was our first time there, and we would definitely go back for seconds

Russell Rubin

Very unique and very tasty dishes. We can't wait to go back.

Megan E.

So I came early . Door was open. Was shouted (nicely) at from around the corner "we're closed sorry" . Couldn't see anyone. So I turned around embarrassed and one guy at least asked can I help you with anything? Jesus Christ, is it possible to either lock the door or be nice to someone coming in to eat?Came back at 6. Very nice service. Very kind waiter or waiters. One guy was attentive. The other was in and out. The octopus was recommended and really freaking good. Everything went smoothly. Steak was great. Could use a steak knife.They currently have a limited menu due to covid. So I understand. I usually get a desert and port wine on my solo dinners. They did not have a port wine . They did a great job converting the parking lot.I overheard everyone talking about how Amazing the mussels were so I stayed and got some . . . Mussel meat was not fresh. Sauce was great but uggg very disappointed. Not the servers fault. I haven't had decent mussels In this town since the pandemic. A few quirks but would recommend this place. Get the octopus!!

Jubilee F.

This place was so great! Reservations were easy to make, the service was awesome and everything we tried was amazing!

Andrew Kinsgbury

Incredible dishes. I'm not sure how often the menu shifts but if they have them I highly recomend the muscles, lobster, and the beat salad.

Rose E.

We just moved to Burbank from DTLA and were missing the incredible food scene. Thankfully Commonwealth is walking distance and the food is SUPERB. Their COVID protocols are well enforced and the outdoor space is charming. It was a great place to celebrate our anniversary and we cancelled a reservation at Bavel just to go to Commonwealth. Huge fans. The Mussels and the hangar steak are both stand outs. Please support this Burbank business! They're doing everything right.

Deanna B.

WOW!! We reserved the evening here on Open Table on a whim, and man are we are ever glad we did!! Both of the gentlemen working (Chris and Brendan) were polite, Attentive, Covid conscious, funny, and great! The kitchen staff we interacted with were equally as wonderful. The food is to DIE FOR. The octopus is one of the best things I have EVER eaten. The cauliflower was amazing and the pork belly melted in your mouth. They are doing amazing with Covid. The tables are a nice distance apart, they have fans on, and staff wear masks and face shields. Really the best I have seen! I think we found our new favorite date night! We can't wait to go back.

Aaron Santiago

First time trying this place, love the food so much! The chicken is perfectly seasoned and fried! Everything from A to Z was great, the toast, chicken, sauce (Amazing), fries, Mac and cheese and the corn! Highly recommend!!!!!!

Larry J.

My wife and I go on date nights often but since March 2020 we haven't been to a restaurant. This is one of our favorite places to eat and when we found out they were open for outdoor seating we really wanted to go to support them but we were hesitant because I've had some health issues earlier this year. There's maybe 8 tables, unlike some places that are trying to fit in as many as possible. The servers were not only wearing a mask but also face shields. We felt so comfortable and safe. They're doing such a great job with trying to keep their customers and employees safe. Please support them. We will be back soon!

Richard E.

I've only been once but thoroughly enjoyed the visit. My friend loved the food and the wine selection was excellent too. Fun vibe and a good night.

GodOfDestruction 15

The food was excellent and appreciated the service and chefs making it a great experience.

Anne Phillips

Just great food and wine and service! The lobster canopes and shrimp dumplings are amazing!


During pandemic they're open.... I highly recommend it ... the food is amazing. Chris was an awesome waiter.. they have a beautiful outdoor patio area.. nice ambiance.. we come here every month... :)

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