Corner Poke

171 N Maple St, Burbank
(818) 793-5900

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Great independently owned poke spot with high quality food

Finn C.

Love this place. Such a bummer sweet fun is trying to push them out of their spot and take all their business. Wish Corner Poke the best!

Jaime M.

I would post a zero star if it's possible. The food it's horrible. It has zero taste spicy tuna it's more like bland tuna. The whole experience it's horrible don't waste your money here. If you do bring your own spices so you are able to give flavor to the food ....

Marlene S.

The food is always prepared with love. Thank you! I've tried the places to the right and to the left. They aren't comparable. This is my favorite and I'm a very picky eater.

Kiran TheWitch

You absolutely should come here!! The food is fantastic and it's a small business! Support the small businesses!

Nick Ferguson

Support small businesses!

Amber C.

I was about to go to SweetFin when I saw this place right next door. After reading their sign, I knew I had to support them. I got a small salmon and tuna poke bowl and it was absolutely delicious!! Their signature sauce is a must! Even my husband, who I never thought would try a poke bowl, tried some of my food and was jealous of what I got. Lol Their customer service is also outstanding! I can't wait to go back!! Support small businesses!

Sarah B.

Really happy with this place! I ordered online and my order was ready in 20 minutes! I got the regular poke bowl with salmon, spicy tuna, sushi rice, signature sauce, sriracha aioli, cucumbers, carrots, scallions, mango, crispy onions, masago, crab salad, pickled white ginger, and sesame seeds. The portion is pretty generous for 11.50 which was a nice surprise. I think next time I would get the citrus ponzu instead of the aioli just because there were already so many mayo/creamy elements in the bowl or sub the crab salad for the seaweed salad. The fish is fresh, if anything I wish I had gotten more fish instead of other toppings. Overall very happy though!! I also got (not pictured) their Cochata, which is a mix of Cold Brew and Horchata (I got 3/4 horchata 1/4 cold brew) and it was delicious! I think it's made in house which is even better and for around $4 I'm super happy. The staff is also so sweet and welcoming. Definitely coming back!

David Martinez

Eat at Sweetfin, these guys are hacks!!

Alisha K.

This place is AWESOME! I get poke a lot, and after Covid I've been looking for a place that is still open and give great portions and THIS is the place! 10/10 would recomend, so many options for toppings as well!

Joshua C.

I love supporting this local, delicious, tasty poke joint! They have a good variety of toppings that you don't normally see at a poke restraint plus the sauces! MmmMm! The tropical one is crazy good. They are super Covid friendly and the sign on the front door regarding Sweet Fin is what drew me in. i was hoping that the food was good enough to make me a loyal customer and yep, it sure was. I'm happy that i work close enough to order from here often.


The staff here is absolutely fantastic. My issue was the spicy tuna is minced too fine. It had no texture. Also my bowl was supposed to have crab and there wasn't any. The other ingredients are very fresh unfortunately the only thing I could taste was the green onions and cucumbers. This was my only time here so maybe it was a fluke.

Tora M.

Wow, wow, wow! Another winner from the dynamic duo at Red Maple! I've, so far, ordered two poke bowls and they were both fresh and super delicious. The first one was more traditional with a white sushi rice base topped with salmon and organic tofu. The second bowl was when I got really creative with a buckwheat soba noodle base, ahi tuna, spicy tuna with edamame and roasted red peppers, their signature no-mayo crab salad, pickled ginger, wasabi, and topped off with a sprinkling of sesame seeds and furikake (a Japanese condiment blend of dried seaweed and spices). They are open from 11am - 5pm Monday through Friday as well as on Saturday from 11am - 4pm. There is convenient curbside parking for pick-up (signage says Red Maple and it's ON Maple Street!) All fish is wild-caught and sauces are scratch-made in house. A regular bowl with 3 ounces of protein, $11.00 and a large bowl with 4 ounces of protein, $13.50. Add another ounce of protein for $2.75. Protein choices: Ahi tuna, spicy tuna, salmon, organic tofu or red beets (beets have 2.2 grans of protein per cup!) Base choices: Sushi-style white rice, coconut brown rice, citrus kale, buckwheat soba noodles (add $1), and ancient grains (add $1). Flavor choices (sauces): signature sauce, traditional poke sauce. tropical, sriracha aioli, citrus ponzu, mango habanero Veggies/ fruit/add-in choices: *14 different veggies/fruit and 6 add-ins, avocado (add $1.25) *see menu picture that I added Salad choices: crab no mayo and seaweed Extras: sesame seeds, furikake, pickled ginger If you're not feeling creative, they also have suggested bowl ideas: Aloha Bowl, Lava Bowl, Volcano Bowl and the Veggie Power Bowl. Support your local small business! These poke bowls rock!

June L.

I saw your sign about the new poke place next door and I totally support you! The problem is, you close at 5 pm and a lot of people, including myself, aren't wanting dinner at 5 pm. I love the food, hence the 4 stars but your hours are the reason I couldn't give you 5 stars!

Albert A.

I work within walking distance of this place and have been going there for a while. Its quick, easy, convenient and reasonably priced. I've actually been eating there more often since I noticed I gained the Covid-19lbs. Their poke is fresh and bc I get salad base to my bowls its a lot lighter. I always get the same 5 toppings but they have a ton of em. I like the place. Its good and a fresh change of pace from pizza and burgers. The staff is nice and its great to see they're taking the pandemic stuff serious w the ppp.

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