1010 W Alameda Ave, Burbank
(818) 842-0555

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Nancy Bihler

Early breakfast on our way to Northern CA. The best and lost gracious service ever by Paul! Food was fresh and warm.

Ronnie Cheng

Ordered a breakfast and all came neat and tidy. I love the toast freshly came out of toaster. The sunny side up eggs were perfectly cooked and the bacon were crispy.The servers were very friendly and asked if I need refill in about every 10 minutes.A very cozy Denny's to enjoy a breakfast.

Bruce Haft

Not many people and fast service. Food was exactly what we expected. Reliable for consistent food and service was better than past visits but shortage of help is common and we expected slower service and were pleased

Anita Woolfolk

The food was delicious to top that I lost my wallet and everyone pulled together to assist meThanks to the crew my wallet was found. Great and honest place to eat.

mirma hernández

Today I didn't like the attention because I had to ask for a dessert and he says you're going to leave very full I didn't ask if I'm going to leave full and you had the audacity not to give me my dessert, this type of waiter doesn't come out in the store

Emma Melendez-Sehakeian

Last minute trip for new year's eve dinner. They accommodated a big party table with no problem and our waiter made it the best experience ever! Kids were happy therefore the adults were happy.

zareh beglarian

My family is small its Me & my mother & we enjoy having our Thanksgiving & many weekend breakfast at Dennis this location on Alameda st in burbank cross the street AAA main office. Best one in California

DH Quin

Denny's breakfasts are always okay but never great. And as everywhere else, their prices have increased substantially since the start of the year. Their coffee is awful as is their imitation maple syrup. However, the waiters and waitresses are very attentive. And their salads are very well prepared. Do not order their prime rib and eggs. The meat I was served tasted like it had been refrigerated and definitely didn't taste freshly prepared.

Me Avila

This place was really fast to attend us and serving us. Definitely recommend. Good job Denny's !

Thomas Honles

Typical menu and quality that you'd expect from Denny's. We had the multi grain pancake breakfast and the grand slam breakfast. Giving 4 stars for this location because service was very good

cara cruz

Dennys is always a comfy favorite. They have consistently good food and average prices.

Leonard Pasen

A little bit of communication problem getting order correct. Food was fine.

Madeline Vallejo

Excellent service. Good food. Courteous staff.

Arturo Stransky

Nice location for a Denny’s with great service. Get all of your traditional pancakes or grandslam here. Lots of parking lot nearby.

Ma Auxilio Gonzalez

I've been a regular at Denny's since the 70's. Today (10-6-2021) is the first time I've had this bad of an experience in ANY restaurant. They must have a new cook or maybe the owner had to learn to cook fast not having enough people to cover shifts, I don't know but I should have cooked at home today as my wife originally suggested. I thought I was doing good for her to take her out to lunch, but not this time.Undercooked (considerably undercooked) was: bacon, hashbrowns, egg whites on over easy eggs. This is the second time today after a week ago having the same issue with the Grilled English Muffin. You're suppose to butter it on both sides and fry it on the grill (thus the term "grilled english muffin". It came back dry, white and with whipped butter on the side. Whatttt??? Come on! Teach the guy to cook, please....To top all this off, the coffee creamer was curdling up and had to ask for more coffee. When they brought more coffee, it was either burnt or possibly just way too strong. This coming from someone who LOVES strong coffee but not if it's not a quality coffee "ok" to be strong or maybe it was burnt... ???I was asked at check out, "was everything ok?". I answered no and after being asked "why's that?" I layed it out as I have here above. Told here that it's not usual but 2nd time with Grilled English Muffin issue in two weeks and this time was WORST restaurant experience in my life, no, not acceptable to undercook, cook wrong and have poor coffee service on top of it. NOT AT DENNY'S. Sorry Denny's but you need to step up your act there on Alameda Ave., in Burbank. Spend the time to cook it good and learn to cook a Grilled English Muffin. It's really easy!I'll give it a year and try again then. If still having problems, would not return then thereafter.

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