Don Cuco

218 E Orange Grove Ave, Burbank
(818) 955-8895

Recent Reviews

Ridley Gomes

Number 13 on the menu was Very Tasty.. I am going back for a second time.

Jonathan Pritzlaff

Good food. Some of the times we have come, the food has been lackluster but for the most part good. Margaritas can be a little weak, but hit the spot with food. Service is always good and food is quick.Overall, good location. We come at least once a month.

Chris Lyon

OMG So good to be dining inside! Food was excellent and the staff was very friendly and welcoming. A go to spot for great Mexican food and drink

Jean Von Queen

One of my fave restaurants!! Shrimp cocktail is delicious and one of the best, not to mention the chips and salsa while you wait for your main course!! Al pastor taco plate is one of my usuals and just love the setting, such a lovely place specially if you go on dates!

Rick Dennis

What's better than wearing masks with outdoor dining? This is our new reality. Food is consistent and workers all friendly. Good drinks. Time to leave the house for Mexican food! I'll be back

Sullivan Sanchez

Tried this spot in the past with my friend and I am hooked since then. I like the awesome mood and flavorful food and beverages. Highly recommended.

Liz Hermosillo

Great service and food. Was quite upset that no drinking water in a glass is available only available for a charge in a bottle. REALLY? Meals & drinks can range $30 and above and they can provide water? Bad business!

Moon Howler

Beat food, great service and amazing drinks!!!!

Jennifer Ordoñez

The food was good, I enjoyed the lobster enchilada.. yummm!

Nathaly H.

Food was great! Came out quick. The Cadillac Margarita was really good!! Staff was friendly. Nice place to have brunch or hang out with friends.

Kareb R.

Apparently eating outdoors means you can bring your dog and parade it around like a dog show. Due to covid there is barely enough room for 6 feet let alone huge dogs that are walked down from table to table. As a female patron paraded her dog and I had the privilege of enjoying her pets dander as he shook himself out next to me. Nice! Sorry but not cool dog lovers. I wouldn't go and brush my hair over you while eating. She however had entitlement written all over her and didn't have a care in the world and is "always" there. Sorry for the poor manager that had to deal with her. For those of us that don't want a sprinkle of pet dander, I guess we are not welcome there. The worse experience and lunch ever.

Rhett Frye

I really love their dishes. I always get good customer service there. The place is well kept and the staff members are always helpful. Will come back again.

james harriman

I love this place some of the best Mexican food I've ever had the service is excellent and everybody that works there is so friendly oh, if I could give 10 Stars I would

Beatriz V.

I placed an order for a bowl of soup and had to wait around 25 minutes. It was a to go order and not once did anybody notify me that it was inside waiting for me until I checked again. I asked the waiter if he knew why my order was taking long and he really just said go inside and ask

Disclaimer: I was told to wait outside

When I arrived home the soup was basically warm and no longer hot

I was hungry though and the soup was delicious

Daria R.

Margaritas are sub-par, the guacamole is very small for them to charge $9, and absolutely no vegan options aside the drinks and guac.

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