2500 N Hollywood Way, Burbank
(818) 843-6000

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OpenTable Diner

All awful!! Not enough staff.. website has wrong information about Sunday brunch being served with daily grill brunch menu. Double checked with staff week before IN PERSON who checked with boss and confirmed IN FACT EDB does serve daily grill brunch. BUT YOU DON’T!! Over an hour waiting for food after ordering from DAULY GRILL BRUNCH MENU L… had to beg for drinks…. AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL only AFTER food was served with apologies for delay that we weren’t supposed to order off DG brunch menu which is why it took so long… ARE YOU EFFIN SERIOUS??!!!! That was OUR FAULT??!! 🤔🤔🤔🤔

OpenTable Diner

Outstanding food and service. Great venue


Decent cross section of food choices. The taps they have from Lincoln Brewing (down the street) are Awesome! The Paella was much too spicy hot to eat... and I enjoy eating hot stuff. I've never had a spicy paella; maybe the cook is confusing it with jambalaya/gumbo/creole spicing. I bet 98% of average diners would have returned it to the kitchen because of the over-the-top heat. It was Thai 4-5 spicy.

Candace Aguirre

Very lovely outdoor venue. I do appreciate that the menu is not stagnant. The staff is knowledgeable and will offer suggestions if that's what you ask for. Plus, the food is yummy

Desiree Kohler

We both had huge pancakes, we ate about 30% of what was served to us. Make sure you sit inside if possible, we felt left out on the table outside. We queued for 30 minutes to get in, then after they sat it was another 40 minute wait for food

OpenTable Diner

Was nice , but we were bother by bee’s.

Mia M.

Food was mediocre. For sure we are not coming back to this place. Paella was horrible.


We have been here a number of times. The menu is limited, but sitting outside with some shade and a light breeze on a June Summer evening with a good drink and your loved one is perfect.

Vladimir Will G.

An okay food, very limited menu and the wait for your order is so long. Obviously has a bar. Servers and stuff is nice and friendly.

Bonnie G.

We met our niece here for a quick lunch and we were not disappointed . The reason for the 4 stars, it's hotel food and the patio view was meh. The food however didn't disappoint . We started with the deviled eggs which are unique, in that they are deep fried and then piped topped with bacon Yumm! Sort of a scotch egg feel to it . I had the chicken sandwich , sesame ginger chicken salad , paella and wagu sliders . The food was delicious and large portions . My chicken sandwich was served with parmesan truffle fries and while a little truffle is good, i found that i'm really over truffle flavor. The cocktail I had was amazing , It was the jalapeño cocktail on the menu and i asked for extra spice the second round . service was fine, we met at noon and fortunately got the last umbrella available the server was great about moving it around for us .

Luther Stoltenberg

Used to brunch here every Sunday - for a very specific reason, their menu is so delicious, and so comprehensive, you can't go wrong! Their scrambled egg breakfast sandwich is my go to for lunch, they have some delicious salads - don't neglect the occasion, they have some delicious pre-made options. Also, don't leave without taking a trip to the cheese/desert stalls!

sam y.

Just had lunch and drinks at this establishment and I just had to post a review about the horrible service received. We are here at the Marriott Burbank Airport attending a dance festival and had pleasant dining experience with friendly service and pretty good food before. The crew that staffed the bartending and waiting on table was absolutely rude and inconsiderate by not acknowledging or making eye contact for full 15 minutes while we waited patiently standing at the bar to put in an order. We finally had to ask repeatedly 3 different bar staff to take our orders before finally getting bartender named Charles take our orders as if he was doing us a huge favor by giving us any attention. He even grunted while handing us out drinks! The worst was when he threw the clipboard with our bill onto our table and hurriedly walking away without saying anything. The absolute worst service ever!!!

Alana S.

We attempted to eat at the Daily Grill (the other restaurant located in the hotel), but had horrible service. We ended up leaving and coming here. Very convenient if you are staying at the hotel and don't want to drive elsewhere for food. Amazing service, delicious food and perfectly made drinks. Our bartender was very attentive, quick service and our food came out just the way we asked. Highly recommend!


Would recommend eating here if you’re staying at the hotel attached, otherwise maybe not the best place for a weekend get-together. Overpriced for the menu and felt kind of generally abandoned.


Outdoor seating only. It’s a hotel restaurant, so the ambience is pretty casual, with the business travelers cutting loose over beers around you. We liked the vegetarian options, and the bang bang cauliflower was the best option.

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