Finney's Crafthouse - Burbank

164 E Palm Ave #102, Burbank
(818) 572-4610

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Carlos M.

Sunday early afternoon. Not crazy busy. Food took 45 mins to come out. When it did, it was very obvious that my burger was under a heat lamp for a long time. Staff was very nice. The ambiance is cool. Beers where cold.

Robbie B.

Burbankers cried their eyes out when the Italian restaurant at this location closed (Market City Cafe with a giant cow out front), but we dried our tears when sports bar Finney's came to town. Yes, Porter Ranch, we have our own Finney's now.I'll go anywhere for a big Bavarian Pretzel (Rock & Brews at Yaamava Casino has one that's so big, it's served on a giant hook). But why drive all the way to Highland when there's a local alternative at Finney's? Not quite as big, but still big, and so good. Definitely sharable or you will not be able to finish your burger. If you're not a pretzel person, the mini-lobster rolls are an appetizer yes. One of Burbank's best burgers for your main course.Tons of craft beers, if that's your thing. Too many choices, so let your server choose a flight -- it is a great deal. Sleeper item here? The pizza. Oval shaped, so don't expect round. The pepperoni has a bit of a kick and is a perfect pairing to my not-so-giant Bavarian Pretzel. I don't like eating outside, but there's tons of seating out there with fossil-fueled heating towers everywhere. Save room for some candy after dinner from Sweety's Candy (two doors down). It's the sweetest candy in Burbank.

Jacklyn D.

To be honest, this place is alright. It's your typical American food with beer taps and cocktails, super loud hangout spot with happy hour between 2-5pm. I arrived and asked to be seated for 2, and they gave a heads up of a wait due to the backed up kitchen, but the wait was only 5-10 minutes. I thought that was a pretty reasonable time and not really a wait, but the heads up was really nice! The service was decent. For a Wednesday evening, and the restaurant not being as busy as usual, I think we could have received better service. My friend had to ask for her water to be refilled, and the server came to refill hers but not my empty cup of water. I guess you have to ask for your water to be refilled. At the end, we also had to ask for the check even though she took all our dirty plates away already... Side note: The food came out reasonably fast for the kitchen being backed up, so great job to the kitchen for that! Waited probably no more than 10 minutes for 3 food items.I did not enjoy the food I ordered, which were buffalo cauliflower and truffle fries. First of all, it should not even be called buffalo cauliflower because it is not even buffalo sauce they use, and it is not the typical cauliflower florets drenched and coated with buffalo sauce. They have their own twist on a spicy sauce to put on top of the cauliflower and on the side. The dish came with a bed of garlic aoli (super delicious) and as mentioned, the cauliflower with the sauce on top. The cauliflower was lightly coated in the batter and were not soggy, so that part was enjoyable. From the reviews I see, this seems to be a very popular food item that many people enjoy. I rate them a 2/5 and will not be getting them again.As for the truffle fries, it lacked the truffle taste I was expecting for them to have and they were salty. It came with a side of their house made spicy ketchup. Truffle fries here are also 2/5My friend got a ceasar salad with salmon. It looked like a regular ceasar salad and the salmon looked a bit overcooked. My friend said it was pretty tasty and seasoned well.We both got watermelon margaritas which were strong but so good and the watermelon flavor stood out. The rim of the cup had tajin and a cucumber as garnish. I recommend this margarita along with the guava, which I've tried before. 10/10This place has a 10/10 happy hour menu, with the typical times of 2-5pm on Mondays - Fridays. I have seen this place be really busy and lively, so there are some days that the service and food is thriving. The good thing this restaurant has is a very good appetizer menu, the plates are big enough to share with the table!Will I return? Maybe, but not for the food, just for the cocktails!

Bri A.

The food is hit or miss. The mac and cheese was great, the salad was lacking and the soup was too small, but my sandwich was great.Fun selection of beers and themed drinks, and their holiday ambiance is always wonderful!! Amazing service and fun staff. Great location in downtown Burbank with (usually) easy, free parking

Peter X.

My friends and I decided to grab an early dinner here before the John Wick movie started. We parked at the Police Station public parking about 2 blocks down the street because it's easier to get in and out. When we checked in at the host stand, they said if we wanted to sit outside it would be a 45 minute wait but if we wanted inside they could sit us immediately so of course we chose the inside. The place is nicely decorated and they have TVs at almost every corner. They were busy on a Saturday and we believe we saw Ben Savage from Boy Mets World there as well, he sat outside. We started off with the Gary Pepperoni pizza for our appetizers since one of our friend name is Gary. The pizza was pretty good and it's a decent size. I got the Double Stack Smashburger and got regular fries with it. Getting fries are an extra charge so be aware of that, the burger is not that big and I thought it was okay. My friend got their wings and loaded tater tots for his side. He liked the wings but not the loaded tater tots. My other friend got their Grilled Chicken club with chips and fries. He liked his chicken club and you get a decent size of the entrée. The service we received with our waitress was alright but not the best when we needed refills or extra napkins because she didn't really check up on us. My score:Food: 4 star, the food were okay but it's not my favorite. The pizza was fine, smashburger was okay and I didn't like the loaded tater tots.Atmosphere: 4 star, the place is nice to watch a sport game or just to chill out with friends especially if you choose the outdoor seating. They have heaters too keep you warm out there .Customer Service: 4 star, It was sometime difficult to get out waitress attention when we needed refills and other stuff.

Mayra S.

I have a finneys closer to home but prefer making the drive to this location . The ambiance , customer service and food are so much better here! Strawberry fields - I ask for it in a martini glass, I upgrade the vodka (I'm old and can't be having no house vodka), and I ask for it extra shaken so it's cold and slushy. Steak Taquitos- O M G. These get the stamp of approval. I give them the highest authorized Mexican stamp on this planet. They use high quality tri tip , the crunch on the tortilla is superb, the toppings and salsa on the side were full of flavor and delicious. Topped with Mexican queso fresco and pico. Moroccan Salad- the charred lemon vinaigrette took this salad to a new level. I'm not a fan of feta or raisins/cranberries in my salads but this was the best salad I've had in a really long time and night recommend. Guest service - I'm always impressed with the amazing customer service at this location. Everyone is hustling and smiling. Our sweet potato fries came out cold and since I was drinking I needed carbs so asked them to remake and the manager came over to apologize and had our fries out within 2min. Pipping hot and on the house.

Gary B.

Was on my way home from a conference and just had to eat. Yelp gave me some advice and I chose Finney's...was super happy to get off the 5 for a restaurant that I've never visited.Finney's is definitely a place for craft beer and the one that my server recommend was awesome. In addition, I ordered "crispy Brussels sprouts" which I absolutely loved ! As well as the Bison Burger with onion rings...a very solid, good tasting dinner!As far as service; good and I didn't have to wait long to get my food...though I wouldn't have minded if it took longer as the traffic was horrible. I'll happily comeback in the same situation!

Wayne G.

I've seen this place come up here in Burbank and also in Porter Ranch and have been very curious. Finally I get to cure that curiosity. I visited on a Friday evening with one of my buddies. We shared four appetizers for dinner. I was really interested in getting their pizza and nachos while the other items was my friend's choice. All the items were delicious except for the chicken wings. If you read my other posts that involve chicken wings, my joke is that I do need that GMO. Not only that the breading on the wings just didn't cut it for me. Normally it would be no hassle to kill some wings but this was a bit difficult. While coming to Burbank on a Friday night I thought it would be difficult to get a table. Upon arrival I saw many people standing outside thinking they may be waiting for their table. In line waiting to get a table there were 2 parties ahead of me. Luckily since there were only two of us and didn't have a preference between indoor/outdoor seating we were seated less than 15mins. I did look online to see if I can make a reservation. Although the website has a reservation tab after clicking on it, it says that they are first come first served. Unsure is that was based on location or that tab on the website would be totally useless. Overall I enjoyed my meal and time hanging out with my friend. The service was great. I think our table was small but perfectly fit the four items we ordered. (with a small rearranging of some things)Parking: limited timed street parking, structures within the vicinityVERDICT: Rinse and repeat

Allison R.

Great for a girls night out. Came here on a Saturday night and it was obviously packed. Wait time was estimated around 40 minutes but we got a texted much sooner than that! The ambience was great and the noise level wasn't too bad. The food and beers didn't disappoint and our waitress was so nice!

Nikole M.

Originally we came here for a 2nd time to try the hot wings and were very disappointed. We tried the Cajun 7 spice and the yuzu buffalo. The flavor of the yuzu buffalo was really good but the wings themselves tasted very greasy as if they were cooked and refried with too much oil left on and then sauce/ dry rub added.We also ordered the grilled cheese and soup and the poke nachos which were each very good. I will definitely be back for both of those. We had a guava and a blood orange margarita which also had good flavor but not super strong.

Laura F.

Last night, two of friends and I had dinner at Finney's Crafthouse Burbank, the food, service and ambience was great! We shared the tasty onion ring tower and truffle fries for appetizers. I ordered the Finney's signature burger, so good! Our server, Cherish, provide friendly and attentive service. She was super efficient and sweet personality.

Christen G.

The worst phone support. Impossible to order online. I wasted an hour waiting to order food for my hubby's birthday to bring home. The phone number goes to a full voice mail box. You cannot call in an order. They use one of those crappy third party apps or whatever. I was trying to save money by picking up food instead of ordering at the restaurant. I waited to order so the food wouldn't be soggy when he got home from work. "Not taking online orders for pick up" is the message I got. Who is running this s*** show? The food is good but you get a better deal at Urbane Cafe. I guess we'll drive over tonight and for me, I'll never go back.

Steph C.

Such a fun, cool restaurant. Burgers are sooo yummy!! Perfectly cooked and seasoned. Truffle fries are delicious. The servers are great and ambience is super fun.

Elisa G.

4 stars for the beautiful waitress with the gorgeous curly hair who is so sweet! I ordered my fave passion fruit unsweetened iced tea, no ice, and the gluten free Brussels sprouts without cheese. It's fun here on a Monday afternoon!! Dogs allowed too!

Deanne H.

We went here for dinner on the way to a concert at the Greek. Parking was easy with a large parking garage behind the resultant. There was limited street parking available as well. The service was great and we were seated right away. They had lots of table options both indoors and outdoors. The food was good. We had the prosciutto and arugula pizza and seared ahi salad. Both were delicious! I would highly recommend be pizza. And yes get it with the spicy honey drizzle. The facility itself seemed slightly rundown. The restroom was not very clean and almost everything was broken. Finnys is a place you can go for consistent food and food service. I would be happy to stop in here again any time.

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