Frank's Coffee Shop

916 W Olive Ave, Burbank
(818) 845-2216

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Melissa H.

An unpretentious, unfussy old-school diner that specializes in the classics. We came during a stay-at-home period, so did a to-go order, but we'd love to dine inside sometime for the full experience.

My husband's chicken fried steak with gravy, scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, and toast was good. My pancakes were fluffy, but I was confused because the photos of the menu on yelp said they came with strawberries and whipped cream, but mine did not. It could be that the menu photos were outdated - and I just added my own toppings at home (they did provide butter and syrup). They forgot to bring our coffees out with our order, so we had to go back and remind them.

Covid: We placed our order at the door (there is a table blocking the entrance) and a staff member wearing a mask delivered it to our car. Everything was packaged carefully and survived the short drive home.

Parking: there is a small free parking lot for picking up your order.

TLDR: It's satisfying and what you'd expect from a diner. Double check that you got your entire order before you drive away.

T D.

been going here since 1986 of summer.
This place hasnt changed one bit...
Food always fresh, large portions, great people to chat with and a nice clean home-ly environment. I would live in this place if i could!

Brea Tolson

Sometimes I'm craving my own creation. And the girls are usually pretty cool about working with what I want. Coffee for me? Isn't that strong but it gets the job done. Breakfast burrtio is better than corner cottage; dont forget to ask for their salsa verde (pricey, but worth it) Rye toast is delicious, Greek omelet is my favorite here. Pancakes are simple, French toast is nice and fluffy, their potatoes (hash browns, whatever you want to call them) bomb!!! Scalloped to perfection ?. A lot of usuals come by. If you? You know.

Albert G.

This is a great breakfast or lunch spot! My first time here and the coffee is amazing. I'm doing my best to follow a vegan diet so I ordered hash browns with bell peppers, onions, and jalapeño. It was AMAZING!!!I also like my coffee black with no sugar and even that was great. This place has good vegan options. I'm sure the rest of the menu is good as well. Staff is very friendly.

Ada Rodriguez

Good food good customer service

Claudia Q.

service! Like good old diners, thanks guys for amazing steak and eggs, customer service, I will go back!

Tim Thompson

I had a pleasant breakfast with outside dinning.Best food I have had since the Covid lockdown.Most locals know this place.It's been in a few movies as well.

Irma Zierlein

Delicious food. Nice service.

Christy G.

You get what you get. And I like it. It's not fancy, and never that busy. Always super quick to get you your food, and I feel Frank's is superior to Bob's Big Boy as far as breakfast fare. Or at least equal to. Since the shut down, I've taken to ordering breakfast burritos to go from them. They are GOOD. Cheap, and way faster than any other breakfast diner or burrito place in Burbank.

Jvon C.

I am a pretty big "Sausage and gravy" fan. Ever since I was a kid (1989), Hardee's offered it on their breakfast menu. Where ever I go and it's on the menu; I'm ordering it!!! I've had some good ones, and over had some that I couldn't do anything with. I understand some of the difficulty's that come to many different taste buds a restaurant may have. But I can say, "Franks" did a good job. We did sure outside, they have limited seating. Which is m was mandated by the governor. I'll recommend for future customers. We are a "adaptive" people, let's adapt!!! Sausage Biscuit Gravy Scrambled Eggs

Caitlyn H.

Let me start by saying I am a HUGE Reuben fan. I mean if I see a Reuben on a menu, chances are I'm ordering it. It's been a while, so I was really looking forward to enjoying the Reuben. I had never been here before, and I had heard that in the past this sandwich was very good. Let me just say that whatever they did back then, stopped when new owners came in. I honestly couldn't even call this a Reuben. There was no thousand island can you make a Reuben without thousand island? In fact, there was no dressing at all! The sandwich was bone dry. The "corned beef" looked like very dry strips of dog treats, and my jaw hurt from chewing. I couldn't even finish it. The fries were good though. I would have enjoyed a plate of fries instead. Despite the less than enjoyable food, the service was good, and our waitress was nice and made sure we had everything we needed. Can't fault the waitress for the food quality! But please, please find a good Reuben recipe and take notes!!

Coby Jones

There are many coffee shops here where you can get amazing coffee, but this is the best of the best. Honestly, I don't really like coffee but when I tasted one of the flavors, I was wondering how they made it. I am always surprised and delighted to taste such savory! They also have delicious desserts here. Must try!

Carlos D.

My experience here was outstanding. After a long wait. It was nice to enjoy a Dine-In. You will require to wear a face mask coming in and once seated (in the designated areas marked with "X") you may remove your mask. Ordered myself Chocolate Shake (Felt a lil extra today) this shake was so delicious the rich chocolate texture on top with chocolate syrup just made my tastebuds felt so enlightened. Grab myself hash brown, 3 eggs sunny side up and crispy bacon with a side of sour dough. Not sure what the big fuzz is about with the negative reviews. But I really enjoyed my stay here. The waitress (Beatriz) was very helpful. Overall a great worker glad to have her around. Sh very thorough with procedures due to CDC. Official open to dine-in.

P. John S.

Placed used to have excellent food, 10-15 years ago. Then it changed ownership (the nice Greek couple retired). Worse than mediocre now. Mainly used for studio filming. Can't see how they're making money off the food. Pass.

Sadie S.

There was always hair in the food. The cook cleans the egg grease with a towel (witnessed this with my own eyes). There are holes in the ceiling where rain will leak in. The management sucks as there is always just one sever doing all the work. I will never come back after feeling mistreated, laughed at, and talked about in Spanish. DO NOT waste your time and choose one of the many other breakfast spots in Burbank.

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