Gourmet 88

230 N San Fernando Blvd, Burbank
(818) 848-8688

Recent Reviews

Jorge Vaughan

Fantastic environment and super affable service. The menu was crisp and yummy. Will surely recommend this restaurant to anyone. Convenient rates and big meals. Keep up the great work.

Denise Wilcox

Horrible food. The sweet-and-sour chicken was so tough you could hardly chew it. It tasted like very old chicken. The fried rice was just mushy. I would never order from here again.

Cristian Hernandez

Great food! We usually go for lunch prices are reasonable

Robert V.

I love this restaurant. Always delivers tasty Chinese favorites. Top notch beef and broccoli, Mongolian beef, chow mein and cashew chicken dishes. I'd highly recommend this Burbank favorite.

Mr. Watson

The food here is excellent and the service and management are very accommodating.

Joy C.

Finallt tried this place after years of living in Burbank. Super fast delivery and delish dinner!

Stacy S.

This is a great spot for Chinese food. I have no complaints whatsoever. My father who isn't a fan of Chinese food lovesss it here. The food is always great, delicious and the service as well. After my family and I enjoy our Chinese dinner at home, we always look forward for the leftovers.

Rachael R.

We ordered the string beans, they weren't done, the garlic shrimp which was decent, cashew chicken that was terrible, and egg rolls that had mushy insides. If you have other options, don't bother. I would love to blame it on COVID, but I think they just don't have good Chinese food. I gave them at least two stars because the white rice was perfect!

Aaron Matthew K.

I have been to this restaurant several times in the past and always enjoyed it, but this is the first time I've felt compelled to write a review. Maybe it's because this is my first dine-in meal post-lockdown, but the food was excellent. I got the orange chicken, a staple at many Chinese restaurants, and loved how it wasn't overly breaded. I highly recommend the pan-seared dumplings as an appetizer.

Paul Venus

Best Chinese food in Burbank. Consistently good and fast friendly service. They have never let me down.

Israel Lindsey

One of my preferred places to eat. good location, well kept, and excellent service. Highly recommended!

Carrie A.

I love Chinese food and this no fast food this authentic Chinese food. Nice place and delicious food all the time!!!

Theresa F.

I've been going to this place for 25 years and I'm disappointed with the $55 dollars I spent.. ewwwwww the barbecue ribs taste really old , the chicken chow mane my husband had was terrible. We threw it away on the garbage. We learned our lesson. Do not ever order again at this place .

Natalie K.

Good old days! It use to be my favorite Chinese food restaurant for so many years. I would guess this place has been around for almost 20 years. Have never been disappointed in the past. I do remember I would always get their chicken corn soup. Sure enough, during this pandemic, happened to be in the area and got a to go order of a few items. Since I haven't been to old stomping grounds, have tried so many other chicken corn soups...gourmet 88 is the best. Had some for left over and the thickness was consistent even after a day, the flavor of chicken broth is so good, and the way the chicken is cut into such tiny pieces that blends so well with the corn is just perfect. I always add a bit of chili sauce for a kick. Another favorite was their sweet and pungent chicken. Similar to orange chicken, thinner slices and the sauce had a bit of a kick compare to orange chicken. I do hope they will be around for another 20. All the best.

Rachel Ashby

I love this place so much!! My husband and I have ordered here several times and we’ve tried something different each time. Always impressed!! Their food is authentic and it reminds me of my childhood in the best way! Also, everyone who works here is extremely kind and attentive! Highly recommend ordering from here!

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