Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ

116 S San Fernando Blvd, Burbank
(818) 846-0779

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Jon Cane

This place is so good. The meat quality is really good. We tried the basic all you can eat. Now this place is on the pricey side compared to korean ayces but it's a different experience. They do have more affordable meals which is great.My favorite was the toro beef and new York steak. However, everything was good.I highly recommend this place.

Derek C

Great restaurant and the food was fantastic, especially the kalbi dishes. Just be prepared for long wait times (over an hour!), especially on the weekends.Food: 5/5

Karen Biow

I ate at this restaurant for dine la and ordered the three meat combo dining launch package for $25. The appetizers were fine rice was fine slightly cold cucumber salad was good salad was okay except for the eggs in the salad and the miso soup was okay. The problem came when I cooked the meat I ordered ribeye and beef rib and spicy pork. The waiter told me the meat took 40 seconds to cook yet I cooked it for 15 minutes and when I stuck it in my mouth it was raw everything was raw the grill malfunctioned and was hardly hot at all in the room was so dark I couldn't even tell that the meat was raw. They immediately wanted to get me new three meats but after ingesting a raw piece of meat that made me queasy I was not up for it. I called the manager I expected to pay for half of my dying la $25 meal as I didn't get dessert or the meat which was the main entree. He said he would count my meal but it wasn't the manager came out. It was another worker that came out named Gustavo and they charged me $23 for $25 meal even though I didn't get my three meets one of them was very fatty by the way but it didn't matter because they were all raw because of the malfunction of the stove and the darkness of the restaurant. I got food sick poisoning and I reported them to the Los Angeles department of health case pending. Avoid this place the meat is fatty the heat malfunctions and I ingested raw meat that made me very ill. The end kicker was they charged me $20 for $25 meal when I only got 1/3 of my meal. Of what this place at all cost unless you enjoy getting food poisoning.

Sophia M

Really good cuts of meat and they have seafood too! Love the appetizer choices, especially the Spicy cucumbers, simple but delicious. Staff is kind and helpful. It’s a nice place to go with friends and they have pitchers.

Casey J. Covenant

Definitely one of our go-to places for going out on the weekend when we're not sure where we want to eat. It's fun, relatively cheap and just all around a great time. One of the cool things is that you can order multiple quantities of different meats and sides and just mix and match as you would like. They also serve beer and wine as well. Highly recommend, however, on the weekends, there can be a little bit of a longer wait so just make sure that you factor that in.

Hayk Bezirganyan

The service is bad. We got all you can eat option and 4 different peoples kept getting our orders but 30 min past no food. They would bring few items. And then someone else would come ask for if we want more food. I would tell them that we are still waiting for more food lol. But just in case would order more items. Of course half of what we ordered have never appeared on out table. I am wondering if this is the sneaky strategy by the chain to save money. Food was good though. I would nit recommend this place.

Joel Butz

Simply delicious. Skirt steak was perfect. The crunchy cucumber salad was quite good. Desert was not handled properly. The Taiyaki was luke warm and the ice cream melting by the time it made it to table. Background music is quite loud making it difficult to hear staff. Meat and cucumber 5, atmosphere 2, desert 3.

Marissa Elaine

It was great food just fo early because if you go toward closing they tell you you have to order everything all at once. They did forget my soup which sucks. Check check just in case because we were charged 2 times for our drinks that had free refills.

Blu Thorx

Eat more!!!??? Absolutely awesomeness food!!!???

Margareth R.

I love this place I was a bit hesitant at first but I am glad I did , the side dishes are good and I tried every meat on their menu so good quality it was a great experience.

Mickey H.

Decent, but not the greatest. I prefer just the ordinary KBBQ and really see no significance in quality from Japanese style bbq vs. Korean bbq. They do not take reservations so you'll have to arrive in-person and patiently wait to be seated. It's AYCE - Premium ($48pp), Ultimate ($58/pp) and Supreme ($68/pp). Looking at the menu options, I don't see a reason why anyone would opt for anything other than the Premium. Both Ultimate and Supreme options limit your order to 1 so you really can't enjoy the true AYCE aspect for a particular meat dish. Overall, all the meats tasted the same. I think they use the same marinate so I couldn't distinguish the difference of flavor. The Bistro Hanger was probably the best one on the menu while the others just wasn't something to rave about. There's free parking in the back structure so that's a plus.

Michelle B.

I am so happy with my experience at Gyu-kaku. I have tried many other restaurants in the area and they weren't as good as here. The meat was just spectacular and the service was even better! If you're looking for a place to eat, Gyu-kaku is the way to go.


We normally go to the Pasadena Location but since coming here we now prefer this location! Staff was fast and friendly! We came during happy hour and the prices were great! We come here specifically for the Spicy Bowl and House Salad !

Miles Hubbard

Wow, i flew into Burbank to visit my sons and this place was my welcome home first stop. Very fresh high quality beef and service. The fresh Lingua was definitely a hit. Thanks all of you on 05/24/22

Hambik Papa

This is so much better than Korean BBQ, they have so many appetizers and sauces it's amazing. Roy is amazing he always takes care of us! Just a little pricey though.

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