Tasty Bites

3511 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank
(818) 508-0008

Recent Reviews

Farron S

Really nice people and tasty food. Had the pesto panini. Was perfectly cooked and the sauce that came with it was awesome!

Vigen Gharibian

This place is awesome!!!!Greatest attitude for food placeGreatest serviceGreatest taste for all items of the menuI suggest everyone to go and try this wonderful Restaurant.

o o

It says here that they open till 12am but when me and my girlfriend went there at 10:30pm tonight it was closed. Wasted our gas and time.2022. Oct 4th.Response to the reply: Well, you guys weren't open last night.

connor ohconnor

stopped in randomly for some lunch. very nice place, fast service, Delicious food, and generous owners.gave us a free smoothie just for coming in and earing.little things go far <3

Hovo Gh

I came to Tasty Bites late night, The Gyro Wrap and also Philly cheese steak was amazing, The back Patio very Romantic.

Hayk N

My wife and I ordered the Gyro Wrap and Chicken Pesto Panini. I can't explain in words how amazing both of these were. But I'll try... The flavor depth and complexity, the warm, JUICY, mouth watering aroma just blew me away. Tasty Food is simply an understatement. We sat in the big beautiful, spacious back patio, which was really nice. My new favorite place to eat in Burbank.

Barbara Jones

Former name was Healthy Bites. Very cute update and the food is still the most excellent quality and delicious. Service is super friendly and warm. If you are in Burbank you gotta stop by.

Jackson Pearl

Ordered 110 dollars worth of pick up items, 3/4 had the best part missing. Quinoa chop w/chicken...no chicken. Greek add gyro?...no gyro. Combo plate w seasoned fries?... no fries. Then when trying to get a refund i could only get those items refunded, but the entire salad is no longer an entree...so how is that fair?

Erick Dexter VENTURA

I got the chicken garlic wrap. And I must say it was delicious. The staff was quick to attend and give you the order.

Nicole B.

Nice staff, large menu. My salad was flavorful, but had a lot of "juice" at the bottom making the lettuce a little soggy as i ate. The back patio was nice and had extra seating. Skip the fries unless you want McDonald's style.

Shongedzai Matangira

I don't think you can even call this shwarma. They literally put sausage medallions that were VERY dry. On top of that, there was 80% unseasoned undercooked rice and a full tomato to fill space. To be fair, the restaurant didnt even smell like meat like most shwarma places so i shouldve known not to try it. This should only be a smoothie place, but to be honest I don't even think they'd do that right. And overall avoid if possible. China Dragon is the next block over WAY better and not over priced for how terrible the food is.


Like other customer's comments:The chicken is dry and without flavor and I found out that the chicken meat is pre cooked and then warmed up when an order is placed.Nothing fresh about it!

Daniel Busch

Amazing food! Served fresh and friendly. My, ‘go to’ for healthy Mediterranean eats!


Good wrap. Fries were really salty but overall the food was good. I will return!

Xena R.

Got this last minute for lunch after not realizing I should be on lunch. Ordered the wrap with chicken and falafel and asked for garlic spread to be used instead of tahini and it was made exactly how I wanted and was ready by the time I got there. I also ordered the antioxidant smoothie which is delightful. Would definitely come again

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