Kitchen On San Fernando

401 S San Fernando Blvd, Burbank
(818) 509-7964

Recent Reviews

Mindy P.

I'm staying at the hotel. I've had a few of their items They are good. I did noticed that if someone orders for delivery it's $2.99. However since I'm staying at the hotel it's 18% extra fee plus $4 for delivery. That doesn't make sense

Jim B.

Just ate here and it's not good at all. Free range chicken really dry no seasoning on it at all. Just a bland dry half of chicken. The waiter never even asked how it was left almost all of it in eaten. For 26 bucks you would think it would be edible worst chicken I ever tried to eat. The side were ok but not real good but could eat it. Wife had fish and chips hers was ok fries were good. But the coleslaw was crap right out of the bag pre cut with no dressing on it at all. We are stay for 3 days here at the hotel won't waste our money again the Hilton proberty should be ashamed to serve food like this. 60.00 dollars wasted they have to know it's not good very disappointing. Don't know where the cook learned how to cook but don't think they learned very well think the cook failed the school course try seasoning the food and quit letting it sit in the oven drying out my dog would like it but would have to lick her butt to keep it down Hilton must went down hill won't stay at one again feel ripped off terrible stuff

Michelle A.

The Kitchen at San Fernando is a great place for a delicious bite to eat while you are out and about in Burbank. The atmosphere is very modern and very relaxing to meet friends and coworkers. The food is great, tried different items and I'm never disappointed.

Steve T.

I stay at this hotel often when in town on business and was pleasantly surprised when they opened this new restaurant in the hotel lobby a few months ago. The food is amazing, not what you would expect from a Hilton Garden Inn lobby restaurant. I had the filet mignon with veggies and mashed potatoes. Did not disappoint. The Korean BBQ tacos were also really yummy. Cat the bartender made me a perfect, perfect Manhattan and service from everyone else was on point. Can't wait to go back!

Ieda A.

October 2019! The Kitchen on San Fernando (KSF) is located in the lobby of Hilton Garden Burbank, CA. Love it: 50% of appetizers and $5 drinks during Happy Hour ...see website for details. Like it: -The fried battered Shishito peppers and artichokes hearts served with the calamari appetizer. Too bad the calamari was overcooked and rubbery. -Rosemary chicken Sandwich with fig spread and Brie was good. Needs Improvement: -The bao taco appetizers with the Bulgogi rib eye meat was tasteless. -The calamari appetizer was rubbery. -When we arrived no one was available to seat us since there was no hostess. -Please note in the menu to order apple tart in advance since it takes 20 minutes to prepare.

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