Kokoroll Cafe

214 E Olive Ave, Burbank
(818) 561-4030

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Bryan R

Visited this place twice while in Burbank. Had 2 different experiences with the quality and quantity. The first visit the food was a solid 5 stars. It was fresh, plentiful and there seemed to be a real attention to detail (for lack of a better way of describing it). The second time the order was a little bit wrong. They forgot the tofu and the tempura crunches. The salmon didn't seem quite as fresh-maybe. Kinda hard to put my finger on but just not quite as good. Would I go there again...yes. I think maybe I would monitor the order a little more closely as they're building it. Either way you should go. I had the poke bowl with baked salmon.

Jasmine N.

3.5? it's not bad but it's not great. I've tried a few times and it is inconsistent. What I experience often is that the brown rice can have clumps or it seems undercooked or not fresh. Sometimes I can taste this tap water flavor in the fish or seaweed salad. I really try to mask it by mixing it up more. The unagi isn't good quality, a bit slimy. And their boba drinks are no good for me. Thai iced coffee is interesting but wasn't a fan. The cups are large though.

Arlet A.

Needed to grab a quick fix of poke and realized there is this place nearby. Came during my lunch break to pick up a poke bowl. I was impressed at how fresh all the ingredients were in the bowl that I asked for. The place is so clean and organized. As you walk in they have you fill out a check list of what you want to order which makes it easier & faster vs you telling them one by one. The workers were super friendly as well. My only concern is that this bowl ended up being pretty expensive but it does definitely live up to the portion size you get in return. I'd like to come back and try their hand roles as well!

Erica B.

Never fails to create the perfect sushi burrito. yum! Also love the spam misubi with added jalapeno!

Kimberly Morris

I should have turned around and walked out after being greeted by a very dry and unwelcoming young man behind the counter. He seemed totally uninterested in taking my order and elaborating on the menu for me. This visit left me weary of even eating the food. I simply tossed it.

Jay D.

Ordered the Yellowtail, Tuna and Salmon rolls. I forgot to ask for them cut only to find out after I received the order they don't cut (WTH not sure what that's about SMH. The rolls weren't impressive as far as taste. I also ordered the Matcha Latte which tasted like a cup of milk hardly no Matcha. Very unimpressed with this place after spending $25 for lunch.


Used to love coming here for the friendly service I was guaranteed to receive, but the people here while I'm waiting for my food are just crazy rude. They seemed annoyed at the fact that we were there. After waiting for 5+ minutes for our order to be taken, with no words the cashier just reached over for our order sheet, took it and went "That it?" that was about the extent of the words exchanged in the transaction. It used to feel like coming to a family business here.

Eleanor Alishav

Used to love this place and come here a lot; it seems like they have a high turnover rate cause I hardly see the same people working here. They seem swamped and under staffed and bc of that the service has dropped off significantly. I was waiting patiently and the girl who took my order just snatched the thing out of my hand and wasn’t even the least bit cordial. My boyfriend wanted us to leave but I didn’t wanna inconvenience them so we just got our order but I’m super disappointed

Minhee H.

Had soba poke Togo at the golf course! Salmon, veggies with avocado and shrimp tempura and it was so delish!!

Julie Zerk

Best poke bowl ever!!!!! Cute small restaurant to eat in too. I also got a Thai Tea and it was perfect. Yum yum yum!

Grace M.

I've given this place a shot a couple times now for their boba, and it's been disappointing. Can't speak for the sushi and the other items on the menu, but I've had better boba blocks away. Who's There: This place was pretty empty, even though there's some seating with a view. Most of the people I've seen have been pretty in and out to grab their orders and go. Otherwise there's the occasional date or person working from their laptop, but it's fairly quiet. What to Get: My husband enjoyed his açaí smoothie, so there's that. Had the boba tea on separate trips and it wasn't worth it. The tea was rather bitter and flavorless, and I think they missed my strawberries I had ordered. You can get better boba for the same price within walking distance. Service: Just okay. I think there was a new trainee the one time I went, but didn't get a sense of urgency from the rest of the crew. Getting There: Steps away from the 94 bus stop. Street parking is a little more of a dance, since the lot next door is more for Wells Fargo and FedEx customers. Maybe the food here is more of a better deal, going by the other reviews. But for boba, I'd look somewhere else first.

Justin L.

employees are so accommodating and chill. 11/10 establishment also the place is super clean and swag yessir

Maddy M.

*Boba Review* I was looking forward to trying Kokoroll as I was in the area and looking for a new boba spot to try. First off, street parking was easy to find which is always a plus especially in that area of Burbank. When I first walked in, I couldn't help but be overtaken by an overwhelming metallic smell. I ordered a Taro boba made with almond milk and extra boba. Didn't seem like they gave me all that much extra boba which was a little disappointing even though I paid for it. The boba itself was so warm in temperature that it made my entire drink warm which wasn't great because I ordered a slush. The boba was also hard on the inside, not soft and chewy like I would have expected. The worst part was that my drink itself was very powdery/grainy tasting. Almost like when you mix protein powder into milk. I wouldn't come back here for the boba.

Cindy R.

Horrible service! Not friendly and that new Torrid Courtney new manager at the register is rude as hell! I say hello and not even a hello back, has a horrid attitude and gave my change and fell didn't even bother to pick it up when she was the one that handed it out. I been coming there for years but never again. We miss the old owners. People like her need to go! All about customer service but she provides Sh*t service ! You just lost 4 customers!


Love this place ~ very fresh & yummy Will come back soon!!! Specially handroll and poki! Wow!!

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