Lou, The French On The Block

4007 W Riverside Dr, Burbank
(747) 241-8205

Recent Reviews

Monica V.

The perfect pastry for when you're craving something sweet and delicious. There's a line for a reason!

Sara I.

Love this place! I always order a caramel latte and almond croissant and they're always fresh and warm and buttery and amazing. There's always a line outside and limited seating so be prepared to take your order to go!

Kay E.

I have wanted to go here for the longest time and today was the day! I picked three pastry items including a croissant and absolutely loved each one. I also had the pleasure of meeting Lou. I'm so blessed to live 5 minutes away because I want to be in their line often.

Carolyn N.

Had the classic croissant for $4. It was perfectly crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. Service was friendly and I didn't have to wait in line too long. Overall, pleasant experience!

Craig Silver

Delightful pastries be sure to arrive early as lines form quickly and they sell out fast of their tastiest stuff, sadly. This speaks only about the quality and flavor of their pastries

Cheryl Matthews

I’ve never had a bad item here. He has the best pastries ever!!!

Camille Lambert

As a Frenchman, I think I know a quality bakery from another. This one is extraordinary.

Raymond L.

Made a stop here on a Saturday morning around 8:15am and was surprised to see a line haha. The line took about 20-25 minutes to traverse through. They had croissants, almond croissants, chocolate croissants, and chocolate almond croissants. (I mean they also have other pastries inside, but I was more focused on the buttery joy that was glaring at me through the window). They also had some coffee to order as well, and I heeded for a hazelnut latte. Going through their almond croissant, it does pack some oil/butter combo in there but there is a bunch of almond flavor in the middle and was a good crunch to have. They are pricey (varying from $4- $5) but bigger than other places as well. Parking here is street parking; I was able to find parking on a side street nearby.

Michael G.

I'm not a croissant expert, but in my humble opinion, Lou makes some of the best croissants and French pastries in LA. Lou and his team are also some of the nicest people and it's impossible not to love this spot. I'm sure lots of folks have complained about the line, so here's the deal; if you don't order ahead, there will be a line. It will move slower than you want it to but, IT WILL ALWAYS BE WORTH IT. Easiest way to avoid the wait is by ordering in advance through their website, otherwise you can hang and chit chat and enjoy the smells until it's your turn. I feel so lucky to have a spot like this in the neighborhood.

Sean W.

This is absolutely the best place to get delicious treats on the weekend. It's so good that I have a hard time giving this five stars because I don't want people to come to this restaurant because the lines are really long sometimes but it's worth it. I'm so happy to see this place thriving. You must go here.

Nathaniel Taylor

Best pastries in the area by far. My wife says maybe the best chocolate almond croissants ever! Awesome friendly staff, too!

Filip Mares

Delicious pastries and service. Got a Pain au Chocolat and apple tart. Delicious!

Sakura Jimenez

Everything about this place is great. The meals, the pastries, the drinks (hot and cold), the people and service.

Melissa H.

My biggest regret is that we didn't come here sooner, because it is our new favorite! If you are looking for high quality, authentic French pastries and excellent service, this is the place. We have come twice and were over the moon on both occasions. We tried the pain au chocolat, the chocolate almond croissants, the apricot tart, the éclair, the Jeanette (a madeleine with a dollop of nutella), and the Chouquettes, and every single item was perfection. Service is friendly and welcoming! I appreciate that they readily switch to French for those who speak it, but also graciously answer questions. So, don't be shy if you want to try something new! Parking is a bit tricky. There are free curb spots in front, but once we had to drive around the block (where it was still free). Be prepared for a line as it has a loyal following and is only open a few days a week during the pandemic. COVID: They are taking every precaution. Staff wears masks and the front door is blocked with a table and divider. Customers are good about distancing, and we felt very comfortable. Definitely add to your list!

Cammie Harris

Almond croissant..best pastry I’ve ever eaten!

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