1701 W Olive Ave, Burbank
(818) 846-8885

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Steve P

Customer service sucks but they were quick. Make sure you specify you want a combo because accordingly to the guy at the register even when you ask for a combo they don’t automatically give you a combo.

Alexis Schoffstall

This location is always bad. The people are rude. We were handed our bag, and then a lady came to the window and told us to give her the bag back (which is illegal, by the way; once it goes out the window, it's not supposed to go back in) and when my mom didn't move fast enough to return it she started yelling at her "GIVE ME THE BAG BACK!" This was my first time returning in a year because I had bad service the last time I was here, too. I have only used the drive thru, so I am unsure of the cleanliness inside.

Jack James

As McDs go it was ok. But they seemed a bit disorganized and looked like they were rushing, despite the place not even being half full. I'd eat here again.Food: 4/5

Jeff Gladu

Due to the location, this store tends to get quite busy, so the drive-thru is usually packed. Fortunately, if you walk in, service is pretty fast.Food: 4/5


Burgers don't taste like beef. Their french fries are delicious but only while warm. The service at this location was satisfactory.

Anton G.

Drive Through. Me: Is Ketchup in the bag? McD: yes it's in the bag. Later... no ketchup in the bag. Not driving back a few miles to get ketchup. Instead I'm eating stale fries without it. Also ordered a Big Mac meal. McD: that'll by $10.39 at the window. Later... charge appears for $11.45. DON'T GET A BIG MAC, GET A DONUT (next door).

Ark M (Mushedroom's Toy Box)

UPDATE: came here for the newly released Cactus Plant Flea Market Adult Happy Meal and the service was impeccable!!! the restaurant was already SUPER BUSY with morning breakfast orders so when it came to my turn, i was able to quickly order this limited edition meal. My cashier with the two little pony tails was super polite, sweet and extremely helpful. ONE THING ABOUT THIS MCDONALD'S IS THEY ARE ACTUALLY VERY FRIENDLY AND NICE!!! other stores, not so much! the Manager (a petite lady with her hair in a pony tail) was SOOOOO ACCOMMODATING AND NICE and even though she was SOOOOOO BUSY she always took the time out to listen to my additional requests with my large order. on a side note, there was a mildly irate woman (karen) who almost seemed to get to the boiling point because she was waiting 2 mins too long but the sweet natured cashier immediately took care of her and she went back down to a simmer without exploding. I, personally, started the day HORRIBLY with a parking ticket ($73.00) so i wasn't in the best mood but after dealing with the amazing staff at the burbank olive restaurant, i totally (for the moment) forgot about my terrible parking ticket and was pleasantly cared for by a fast paced feverishly busy McDonald's staff! thank you so much to the burbank restaurant. i will always return to your restaurant!

My Freedom

Very good service. The drive through team is great

Simon Telford

Ordered food to be brought to table but it wasn't. When I went to check where our order was, I was told they had called us three times so it was sitting getting cold on the counter. Part of the order was missing. No straws provided. Poor, poor service and not even a "Have a nice day". Would not go to this McDonald's again.

Spaggio S.

Ok. Sequence of events. 1. Spaggio wants hamburger. Ok. 2. Spaggio goes to McDonalds. This is at normal time like dinner time not at stupid 1am time like some drunk people. 3. McDonald's is closed?! How can McDonald's be closed on a normal day at a normal time when it's dinner time. So Spaggio is hungry but he can't get hamburger. This is sad in America.

Levon M.

great food, but will close at random times throughout the night even though the website claims 24/7. Please fix this! customer service is great when they are open, but the low rating is because I cannot enjoy their good customer service if they are closed!

Stephanie Carter

Abysmal service. We ordered 4 meals via the electric screens. As indicated we took a tent marker, entered the number into the order and placed it on our table. We waited patiently for around 20 minutes before going to check on the progress of our order. It turns out that they hadn’t bothered to bring it to the table but had just dumped it on the counter. They claimed to have called out our order number three times but we were pretty much the only people in the restaurant and we never heard them. There was no offer to remake our meals so we ate them cold. What’s the point of having the tent markers if you can’t be bothered to deliver to the table?

Sylvia Johnson

Fast efficient service. Time was an issue. I was in an unfamiliar area. They were able to get me in and out. I went inside because there were several cars in the drive through. I had concerns about getting out of the drive through line because I have attempted to go inside some fast food restaurants and found out that the dining room was closed due to staff shortages. The egg McMuffin and coffee were fresh and good.

Esmeralda T.

0/10 the The managers rob us five dollars and told us the we are wrong and as soon as we walk in they were lots of people fighting over there Order it was wrong and that they give them the wrong change


This McDonald’s is absolutely vile. The bathrooms are disgusting, the restaurant is disgusting, and the staff is disgusting. In addition to being extraordinarily slow, the restaurant is run like a giant, greasy vending machine. You’re forced to order on machines, even if you don’t want to, unless you’re a cash customer, at which point you stand endlessly at the counter, while rude and unhelpful employees stare at you like you have three heads, and do nothing to assist. If you ask an employee if anyone is taking orders, they can’t give you an answer. The entire building should be razed.

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