New Buenos Aires Bakery & Cafe

1723 W Verdugo Ave, Burbank
(818) 861-7500

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Patrick Elliot

Amazing authentic beef empanadas! Great pastries (facturas) too. Great prices.

Bianca Lucas

Great facturas and service!

Nicholas Roth

This place is a family favorite. My dad grew up in Bs As so we had this type of food growing up. Of all the Argentine places I've eaten at, this is the only one to get it exactly right.

Seamus P.

Amazing custard pastry, strong Americano & delicious empanada. Will be back again for larger plates.

Diane Scrobola

Interesting place. I didn't know what half the food was but it sure smelled good.

Jazz Shademan

Happy I found this spot by my work! Great service and food. I got the sandwichs, alfajores, and spinach empanadas.

Hana M.

We stopped to grab a bite to eat at the New Buenos Aires Bakery and Cafe. We met the owner's son Gonzalo and he is a very personable young man. He told me that the bakery has been open for 10 years in this Burbank location, but the majority of their business is catering and as a bakery. They bake breads & such for the Gaucho Grill and several other restaurants. We ordered beef, chicken and spinach empanadas. Mom has never had Argentinian food that she knows of, so the seasonings were foreign to her. She found the taste of the beef. Empanada to be much more her liking than the others. Which makes sense since Argentina is known for their beef production. In Hawaii, eating canned corned beef is very common and most of it comes from Argentina. I ordered the sandwich with chorizo. It was Argentinian chorizo which is very similar to the Spanish and Portuguese chorizo that we eat in Hawaii. It's firm and in a sausage form not in the loose fatty form that the Mexican chorizo comes in. The bread was crispy and it had some chimichurri sauce and I doused it with even more sauce and enjoyed every bite. We washed it down with inca çola- my favorite Peruvian beverage. At the end of the meal, Gonzalo came to thank us for visiting and to see if there was anything else we needed. Several customers had come in and I was asking him what they were getting so he said pastry. This afternoon they had dulce de leche and custard. I told him that the custard sounded interested and I would order one after I finished packing up our leftovers. I was so surprised when he brought over two free custard pastries for us and he thanked us for coming by.How wonderful to be able to support small businesses that are doing their best to make it in a new country and in this economy. Kudos to this hard-working and sweet family.

Eden A.

I love this place, it is a hidden gem The lady who served me is very sweet. Delicious coffee and empanadas. Will be coming back here!

Ruth E.

Love the empanadas! they are good size, their price is very reasonable. I'm looking forward to trying the milanesa sandwich on my next visits. The staff is very friendly...

Ruben V.

Great empanadas and baked goods. The milanesas were delicious. Highly recommend for Argentinian food.

Alexis C.

Their empanadas are GOOOOOOD! We had a very simple order... 4 chicken empanadas. I'm not kidding when I say I ate both of mine in maybe 2 minutes. I asked my wife if she was going to eat hers lol. It took everything inside of me not to turn around and get 20 more. THANK YOU! I'll be back... tomorrow.

Joseph K.

Authentic Argentinian cafe on Verdugo offering empanadas and other traditional dishes. For those of you that don't know there are a substantial amount of Italian immigrants in Argentina explaining why pizza is also served here. Would definitely come back to try some other pastries and menu options.

Grace K.

I LOVE THEIR EMPANADAS! They don't skimp on the filling! They're also super cheap! My god. They offer beef, chicken, spinach and cheese, along with ham and cheese. Beef and chicken are my personal favorites! :)Their ribeye steak sandwich is also something to write home about. I could eat this every day and be happy as a clam! Their service is also really great. Everyone is very sweet and accommodating. Their food tastes fresh and they also make good espresso drinks. There is plenty of room to dine-in. Free parking directly in front of their building, too. Forget the McDonald's across the street, people! Please support this local small business! I want them to stay here forever! :)

Thiago Oliveira

Food was OK. A little bland. Prices were good. Location had a bunch of charm. I only tried the sausage sub, empanadas are likely good

Tony Garcia

Loved the beef empanadas ? where bomb. The cheese and spinach were also good

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New Buenos Aires Bakery & Cafe

1723 W Verdugo Ave, Burbank, CA 91506
(818) 861-7500