Panda Express

2585 N Hollywood Way, Burbank
(818) 847-2543

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gina swerdloff

The beef (top of photo) in my beef and broccoli serving was shameful. The huge pieces of broccoli should be cut smaller

Jeff Wright

This is by far the worst Panda Express I have been too. The portions are so small compared to other locations. My two item plate was basically a one item plate. I recommend spending a 5 minutes to drive to the one down the street.

Armando Castellanos

This Panda always seems to get orders wrong ? specially if you go to the drive thru. Missing or wrong items...make sure you take your time and double check your order before you leave. It seems as if it's on purpose. Seriously. And if you go inside to fix the problem, you are met with very rude employees. It just happened to me for the 11th time, LOL...I went inside because they did not give me my drinks, I was missing an item and didn't get a receipt. I was waiting at the drive thru window for a long time and no one came to help. So inside I went. Told cashier my order was wrong. She asked for my receipt and I told her drive thru person didn't give me one. She had such a bad attitude. I was polite and requested to speak with someone else if she could not help me. Finally, I talked to someone else who gave me the drinks and the missing item. Still didn't get a receipt, though I asked for one. I was in a hurry so I had to leave. This took longer than expected. It should jot happen. It's no coincidence that another customer had the same problem and was yelling: "Panda always messes up your order!!". Ha ha.

Adam H

They give the smallest portions here. It's literally rediculous it's half of a half . I could eat each side in 3 bites. Terrible

Arturo F.

Always missing orders. Rude staff, most chicken dishes such as King Pao or string bean chicken has very little to no chicken.

Augie L.

This Panda has a great management, my family and I came in to order Honey Sesame Chicken. They were out. Manager made a fresh batch and made sure my daughter had her favorite item for dinner. Thank you very much for taking care of us.

Bubble Bee

Really good place for take out. A lot of variety and overall a great clean place.

Clumsy as

Really good place for take out. A lot of variety and overall a great clean place.

Autumn C.

I went to get lunch. I was welcomed in and then they left me standing there for 10 mins. I asked if I should go to the drive through because they were helping the drive through. They helped me once another customer came in. But im writing a post because the food was really plain. I live next to a panda and there's isn't like what I got. The beef and broccoli didn't have much taste. Just tastes like plain broccoli and the beef was dry.

William Bear

Food seemed stale. Cashier wouldn't allow me to change order. No one ever did that before

Tommy D.

They completely stiffed me on beef with broccoli in the drive thru line and I don't think they would have if I went inside. I got almost 100% broccoli and it's not cheap. Literally 2 tiny slivers of actual beef. Not cool at all, had a bad day and now a bad dinner. One star for this location.

Side 2 Side

I was not impressed with the guy who accepted my money. Because I was waiting 5 mins for them to replace the empty containers, he was given my empty food container to ring me up, he opened it and put his nasty gloves covered hands in the tray and rubbed the bottom of the inside of the tray.I asked why did he do this because he's CROSS CONTAMINATING.He said sorry and the woman said if I wanted to she would get me another tray.YESSS I want a New and CLEAN tray! Once my food was ready he put it in the bag and gave it to me without putting a fortune cookie inside.I asked, yall don't give out fortune cookies anymore?He replied "yes we do", Just not me huh? So he says "here you go", and dropped 2 inside of my bag.Be aware if you eat here, pay CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE FOOD PREP.The food was Hot which was nice.

Erik H.

Absolutely terrible when remembering to have everything in your order it's almost like they do it on purpose. Will leave out NUMEROUS items in your order . It's like they're trained to rush even when they don't need too

Joyce G.

Great to come here after getting off the plane in case you are starving. The only reason I didn't give five stars is because it's very limited as to what you can purchase. If you like the limited menu, then this place is fine. The food looked and tasted the same as other Pandas that I've been to. The portion size looked the same as well. Will definitely come back if I'm near the Burbank airport.

Si C.

If I could leave zero stars I would. Out of all the Panda Ex locations this one had the smallest portion sizes. They also give you more veggies than meat. Service was below average and the quality of the dishes were meh.

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