Pickwick Bowl

921 W Riverside Dr, Burbank
(818) 845-5300

Recent Reviews

Cristian Vasquez

Quite outdated. Could use some remodeling to appeal to a broad audience. Service could improve.

Robert Ambriz

Always a great time going here!! Great staff and people. Looking forward to next time!

Ken An

If you like bowling, come to Pickwick Bowl. It is a nice place to relax and have fun.

Krystal Woody

The chili cheese fries and pepperoni pizza are amazing!! I love this place. It's cheap to play as well!

Byrnes Productions

Terrible staff running the place. They make you wait a long time while lanes are open. Very dirty. Very smelly. Poor planning on their part, when placing people in lanes. If you are in a large group then you will have to be split up or wait a very long time to be kept together. When lanes are open. Hot and muggy inside. Manager is very mad.

kevin moreno

Highly recommend it .. no line even on friday nights. Not too shabby on price perfect for a date or a night out with the homies..also they got arcade with pool son

Patrick R.

Great bar tenders but the new manager Vern customer service is sub-pair and could use some training.

Sussette Dodero

Great place to bowl very clean

Patricia Chisom

very good place to bowl love it a lot

Bill S.

My wife and I decided to take my daughter and niece to Miceli's last night and wanted to make a little adventure out of it, so we went bowling at Pickwick Bowl. This was our first time bowling at Pickwick and we were laughing at how this place is a bowling alley, wedding venue, and ice skating rink. So I guess you could get hitched on the ice and then go bowling afterwards? Pickwick Bowl is a very small old school bowling alley. You walk in and you can smell the stale oil used on the lanes. The carpet if filthy. The seating looks like it is about 40 years old and the place is dimly lit. Believe me, in a bowling alley, dim lighting is a blessing. There aren't a lot of oil paintings in bowling alleys if you catch my drift. I am a league bowler and strongly believe in etiquette when bowling. While I don't expect everyone to understand the rules of etiquette when bowling, I do expect people to use commons sense. That being said, parents, control your kids. DO NOT allow them to walk in front of other bowlers as they make their approach. Parents, please keep yourselves out of other bowlers lanes. It is just common courtesy. For the four of us to bowl was $61.00. Very expensive in my book. There is a snack bar and a cocktail lounge which doesn't open till 5.

Sofia Ribeiro

Super fun and entertainment! Great place to spend time with friends and family.

Bunny KV

Yesterday was my first visit to Pickwick Bowl to celebrate a birthday. Friends and I played darts, listened to great music from the jukebox, danced, ate and had fun in the Five Horsemen's Lounge. Nice casual atmosphere...quiet during the weeknights! Definitely will return...I LOVE Burbank!!!

broken corazon

Nice bowling alley.

Thomas F.

I like this place in the way that it makes me feel like i left LA and entered a far away small town's bowling alley. Its kind of dirty and definitely not fancy, but like, come on its a bowling alley. You came here because you like that the paneling on the ceiling is falling off and the snack bar sells a soup of the day and the saddest salad youve ever seen. Are you tired of paying $60 to bowl with the rich hipsters at highland park bowl? Then this is your place. Prices are great and everything works except the pool cues in the neighboring riverside room. The employees are nice enough and the service is good. Definitely go here.

Fred E.

So sad to see this place go to shiii#%. I used to go here 20 years ago as a kid it was coolest place for teens to hang out and bowl. It has not been upgraded since the 90's. It's exactly the same was as i remember it, but much older and ghettoer. Not a place to go have family fun. It's old smelly dirty and dark. Half of the arcade games were out of order.

Stephanie Q.

This was my favorite place to go to not so expensive. It was a good place to come with friends and hang out by the pool tables and get a drink at the bar. But for some reason the last time I went to get a drink at that bar both bartender ladies were being kind of rude. First of all we haven't even had one drink yet I ordered a LA Water and the bartender was making a big deal on how she could not give my friends a pitcher of beer because we had enough alcohol for us. When we haven't even started drinking. Then she was telling us you guys can order one drink and then come back 30 -40 mins after and order one more but that would be it. So they were limiting us drinks as if we were little kids now I understand if we were messed up slurring ay by all means please cut me. But none of us drunk or buzzed we were just starting our night. Yeah use your bad judgement when you see someone slurring and asking for more. We would come here often that we remember specifically that one of the ladies (red head) once gave one of my friends a pitcher of beer for himself only and he was able to walk out to the pool table with it. And all of a sudden no we need to show her who are the people that are going to be drinking. After she explained that to us I was like okay if this is a new rule then they must apply this to everyone. No, while we were just sitting there thinking of maybe just going somewhere else with better bartender service one the the ladies that explained that to us served a guy a pitcher of beer and she didn't ask him how many people are drinking and I need them to come in here and show me their license before I give you the pitcher. ‍ Talk about being hypocrites. Not going there anymore taking our money and group of friends somewhere else that has better service. I'm sorry but I would of understand if she would of done the same thing to the guy that walked away with the pitcher and didn't get asked how many people were drinking g and they have to come in and show ID, I would of been okay if that's the new rule but to give preference that's rude and offensive at least to me. Idk who wouldn't be upset with this situation. And if it would of happened to them.

Mark Davidson

Went to the pro shop to have my ball drilled a bit more. I can't remember his name, but the guy who helped me was very friendly and made sure my ball was in good shape.

Jonathan L.

What an amazing place.i came with my girlfriend and my friends and had a great time.we enjoyed the games and drank alot.i loved how everyone were chill and the music was amazing.I loved the environment.i will be coming back

Ash D.

I love Pickwick Bowl. Honestly makes you feel like you are in a small midwestern town. The prices are afforadable, they have plenty of lanes, and bowling balls. They have a cute little arcade for the kids and a saloon type bar for the big kids!

Erv Hernandez

Fun little place with an old school vibe. The bar makes great cocktails for cheap. I feel like it’s going into a time portal.

James Booth

Always a great time going here!! Great staff and people. Looking forward to next time!

Nick Ramirez

Not Safe & Rundown! Exposed electrical wires and a bathroom that looks and smells like a murder scene. No thank you! The owners should take care of this place. What a shame.

Lee S.

Had a good time here the other night with some friends. The kid who was running the counter seemed miserable and wasn't very pleasant but we still rolled 150s lol. 4 stars !

Armen H.

One of the best bowling alley in LA. Reasonable prices and super friendly staff. Lots of lines and cool music, good food and beer.

Kelly K.

Pickwick is one of my favorite bowling alleys in SoCal. Pros: They have tons of lanes with the right amount of oil. It's still got that old school charm inside. The saloon-style bar has cheap drinks. Amanda the bartender is always awesome and remembers everyone and everything. The snack bar food is actually a bit above average, as far as bowling alleys go - also pretty cheap. The scoreboards are pretty easy to operate. Ample parking outside in a safe, quiet neighborhood. No glow-in-the-dark shenanigans here, so bowling purists take note. There's also vending machines and a few arcade games with a separate room for pool and electronic darts. Plenty of bowling balls to choose from if you don't have your own. Prices are pretty decent as you don't have a 'renovated lounge' surcharge like the fancy AMFs. Cons: Sure, the lanes break down here and there, but the staff is always quick to fix, or move you to a functioning lane. Can feel under-staffed at times. So yeah, overall, pretty solid. If you want to get dressed up and feel swanky, you'd be better suited at a Lucky Strike, but if you just want to be cas' and knock some pins down, drop in and grab a cheap drink or three.

Erv H.

Fun little place with an old school vibe. The bar makes great cocktails for cheap. I feel like it's going into a time portal. Truly old style bowling alley but I like it.

John M.

came to this bowling place last night and loved the atmosphere. It has this old Hollywood feel to it and as I sat and watched my friends play I realize that this environment very much reminds me of the many hollywood movies. It even reminds me of the movie Stranger Things.

Agent S.

Had a wonderful time bowling with friends last night! Place was clean, nachos were good and there is an easily accessible area nearby to get drinks (one at a time- sensible plan so people don't get crazy). Staff was very helpful and were able to get us a lane with minimal wait time. Highly recommended!

Maria Elena Carter

Great place to have fun with friends and family. Not just bowling you can play games or hang out in the bar. They have great food and drinks. You can also play darts or pool.


First time in a long time my wife and I decided to try bowling while on vacation. We both are horrible bowlers, and we had a blast. The staff we super nice and while the place is a bit older everything was clean and the vibe of the place was great.

Daniel Dill

Great old school bowling alley. Friendly staff. Lanes are nice. Perfect place to practice, play in a league, or hang with friends. Reminds me of home!

patrick moore

Cool entrance felt as if i was going underground and just had a good experience with the people i went with.

Alen Mousaian

Our company's Christmas party was there and the food was good customer service was excellent

rudy ceja

Good place to bowl

Mary Kay Schumacher

We had a great private event at Pickwick today and the staff could not have been nicer!

Rae Hilton

It's was awesome. Great staff.

Karina R.

This is the second year in a row that we celebrate my daughter's birthday at Pickwick Bowl. Both years have been amazing! Sales Director - Janie D. Is absolutely the best! She made sure everything was taken care of for us and made sure the planning of my daughter's event was stress free for me. The assigned party host was super sweet and helpful as well this year and last year too. The bowling package for 10 kids is 100% worth it. The food was great! We had pizza, chicken wings, fries and guacamole and chips ALL DELISH! And the adults had a great time as well, even the grandparents enjoyed the party! Thanks again Janie and your staff for such an amazing experience and unforgettable birthdays!

Gohar K.

Great place for family fun. Reasonable prices and friendly staff. They also have a small arcade and a snack bar that's sells pizza, salads , sandwiches and more. Full bar area and pool tables on the other side. A great venue for kids birthday parties. I have been to a few with my kids and it's super fun for everyone. Kids love it. They offer food and decorations so you don't have to worry about planning. Needs a bit of remodeling in some areas.

daniel cruz

The best bowling place.

Chris Santos

Had a great time with friends and family! Staff was very helpful, we will be back!