Pizza Pazza Wood Fired Pizza

207 E Alameda Ave, Burbank
(818) 861-7877

Recent Reviews

Mark Johnson

Quality, handmade pizza. Love the thin crust, crispy on the edges, nice cook on the bottom. Definitely coming back.

Shayla Meads

This place is so great!! Pizza is always delicious and the options to choose from are endless, every one we’ve tried has turned out to be super yummy! Everyone is super polite and very quick with their service. 10/10 place super great pizza & people.


I spent little over one minute inside the shop but it left a lasting impression on me. Very good shop with lollipops and renovated everything, it was very obvious they put time and effort into the interior of their shop also very clean. The lady in the front was very attentive and felt more like a mother too me then a cashier. Employees having good conversation and laughs made the shop feel real and genuine. When all saw said and done the lady held the door open for me when both my hands were occupied holding the pizza (would never happen in a dominos). When I walked out I said to myself that they would have a new regular customer if the pizza was good, now they have a new regular customer.


Hidden gem for the best pizza in Burbank!! Not only do they have amazing customer service - but the best menu ever. So much to choose from! I always get a regular plain pizza and I love the crust because it’s so thin! Also - the Nutella pizza is a MUST TRY!!!

Chris K.

Service was excellent so was the pizza. I would definitely recommend this spot to anyone looking for a good pie!

Jon M.

Hands down best pizza spot in a 100 mile radius!

Cooked to perfection!!!

High quality pizza that puts other places to shame. Fast service and the owner is the nicest guy you'll ever meet.

Super happy to support a local small business pizza spot that's absolutely DELICIOUS!

Cody Filbert

Hands down the best pizza in Burbank; which is saying a lot considering there are about a dozen mom and pop places in the city of Burbank. Their crust is absolutely stellar, the definition of leoparding thanks to their beautiful wood fire oven. Always friendly and neighborly, we always order an extra large Pizza Pazza, their signature, and it's always ready right on time; don't forget your reward card, after ten pizza the next ones on them! Also, don't forget the chocolate mousse for dessert!

Elaine Kan

Ordered pizza and a meatball sub. Got cancer and a 45 minute delay instead. I know it's raining, so adjust your time accordingly on the app. It's not hard. Also consider hiring a chef rather than a blind dog.

Joel C.

Love the pizza here and great service. The pizza pazza special is delicious! And the wood oven adds a tasty crisp to the pizza itself.

Ani M.

They have the best crust. It was so light and the smell was so good. The pizza was really good.
The Nutella pizza was the best one I have where tried. Service was amazing! Can't wait to try the rest of the menu

Cristine D.

This place has the most amazing pizzas ever! My family and I always order from Pizza Pazza! Even there pastas and salads are amazing. If you haven't tried this place, you are truly missing out. 5 out of 5 stars!

Claudia R.

My boyfriend and I decided to try this pizza place. WOW, the best pizza I had in a really long time. I ordered the presto pizza. Beyond my expectation. Right when you walk in, the customer service is excellent. Asked us if we like something to drink and pulled out two chairs if we wanted to sit while we waited. We went to Trader Joe's across the street while we waited for our ordered. We got back, waited for awhile - not long. When we got our order, my boyfriend asked how much and the owner said it was on him. Wow, I was shocked by his kindness and humility. Thank you so much! You made our night. We will definitely be back. I wish I had asked his name so I could put his name in this review. Thank you again.

Debra B.

Quick delivery!  Best of all I have found the best meatball sandwich.  No place has measured up to where I lived before.  This places makes great, delicious meatballs.

Allan V.

This spot is on point! The moment you arrive you are welcomed with the smiles, laughter and the fun energy of the staff! Too bad that we can't dine in yet, as  I am sure this would be a cool place to hang out, have a pizza and drink a nice cold one! So about that pizza, the crust was perfect! Thin crust and just crispy enough and also tasty! We ordered one medium piano and one small Chicken Buffalo. Had to try both and they certainly did not disappoint. Thanks for the service! Pizza  Pazza  Wood  Fired  Pizza  ROCKS!!!! Cheers

Courtney H.

I just ordered two pizzas from here tonight! I'm so glad I found this hidden gem! Great fresh ingredients. The service was so friendly and FAST! My pizza was here and fresh in about 25 min! I ordered the Texas pizza and the pazza pizza! Both were great! I will definitely be back and order from here again!

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