Pizza Studio Burbank

3619 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank
(818) 561-4476

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Luke Peters

I like to go with friends to this place with my warmest recommendations. I go their often. This recommendation is always successful. The dishes they serve are great and the crew is welcoming and cooperative. Every time we eat in this place we have a gorgeous time. I recommend this place with pleasure.


21.99 for unlimited toppings on a 16 inch you can't go wrong

Beau Broughton

Love that they have vegan pizza! The roasted broccoli and vegan sausage toppings are amazing. Friendly staff and quick to order online and take-out, too.

irvin burton

These guys are good they made 24 pizzas and had them ready at the time that they were supposed to be congratulations fellows and I guess girls as well they do a good job go get your pizza made the way you want it

D Mccoy

Had a great experience in this spot with my girlfriend. The food comes out quick and the service is just great. Prices are reasonable.

A. Casanova

Yummy yum yum! Truly the only place where you can have it your way for sure.The best pizza dough, flaky, tender and juicy! Yeah, im talking bout the crust ! Cause you still have to pile on all your fav toppings UNLIMITED Omg !Comfort food to the rescue! Ooh thank godess for stretchy pants !! Whoop whoop head on down to the pizza studio get some bomb pizza for a little bit of dough!

Jenna Stuart

The pizza at this place is amazing !! Great selection of different choices. Staff is very nice I highly recommend

Wayne G.

This Pizza Studio located in burbank is a circus from 6pm to 8pm because the management & employees just can't handle the 3rd party delivery companies, phone to-go orders and walk in customers.

Try going in around 6pm to 8pm the manager is screaming and talking very loud complaining about how they are so behind and how slammed they are from all types of various 3rd party delivery services just standing there waiting for their to-go orders which pushes your to-go order meal way far back so you will have to wait for awhile before they get caught up with all the 3rd party delivery services to-go order before you get your to-go order meal.

Major phone issues from the call in to-go orders by allowing the phone to just ring. The phone is just ringing & not one employee will answer the phone but allowing it to keep ringing and ringing which is very annoying to hear while trying to pick up your to-go order.

I don't know if the business is just understaffed or they just don't know how to run a business period. It's very dysfunctional and unprofessional when you have a manager that is talking very loud and no one is telling him to lower his talking volume.

No Discount offer ever for taking 20mins to 30mins to make a pizza and be dealing with all these at the same time.

Caitlin R.

My son and I go every week for the kids eat free Wednesdays. Tisha is the best. She is always so welcoming and always says hello to us and engages with my son and listens to his 6 year old babble. It's so refreshing. Especially these days. The pizza is great, I always get the cauliflower crust since I'm gluten-free and it's delicious. Highly recommend!!!!

Nanar G.

Frequently order delivery for lunch at work and they never disappoint. Always delivered quickly and great quality food. The beast and backyard bbq chicken pizzas are definitely favorites! Highly recommend!

FS Builders Group

I came to Pizza Studio with my daughter a few days ago. This place has really, really good pizza. My daughter and I loved it. We're planning our next visit real soon. We highly recommend it.

LaraJerry Silvaq

I tried this spot before with my friend and I am obsessed since then. I like the good character and fresh dishes and drinks. Great work.

Jennifer G.

I am one of those with weird allergies and always cautious trying new places. However, Pizza Studio was tops. The gentleman working was patient and kind, taking care to ensure that none of my allergies were on my food or near it. Which, I appreciated more than I can say.The Gluten Free Pizza was amazing and had flavor versus other versions I have tried. The cheese tasted like real fresh cheese. Between the food being great and the service being amazing, I will be back! Thank you!

Monica P.

So, this was my first time here. A couple weeks back my manager had ordered pizza for us and I fell in love with the pizza and wanted to come in person. I ordered 3 pizzas and got the most amazing service from Roy. He was very helpful, polite, and with great personality. I just wanted to take the time and give him a shout out and that he should be recognized for what great customer service he has. Hope he accomplishes a good future for the company.

Kirsten Luster

This place allows for a highly customizable pizza experience. The service was quick and the pizza was very good.

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