Red Maple Cafe • Gelato & Coffee Bar

173 N Maple St, Burbank
(818) 230-2500

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Tim Hill

Wow, great breakfast & super friendly staff. will visit again on trips to visit family 1!

Matthew Carothers

Great food, service and location! Can't wait to go back!

Lisa Farmer

My experience here was pure bliss! The service was attentive and friendly, the food was fantastic and the overall ambiance was a breath of fresh air. I will definitely be back and I highly recommend this place to all.

Mildred Hunt

Wow, I was SO pleasantly surprised by this place!!! Everything was phenomenal.

Jessica W.

Wow, I was SO pleasantly surprised by this place!!! You know, I always go to Jinya Ramen around the corner and always wondered how this place was. It was always closed when we would walk by, but finally, FINALLY, after years of walking by, we came to eat today for a Valentine's Day breakfast!!! We put our name down around 1030am and were sat within 10min! I guess we got lucky!!

After being sat, we were greeted by our server (I think her name was Amber?) She was super kind and polite. By the way, this is probably the first place (besides my own restaurant that I work at) where the servers wear BOTH masks and face shields! LOL.. I've seen places where the servers are only wearing the shields (!!??) Or only masks, lol. But this is the only place that I've seen that wears both excluding my own work place lol. So, that's a plus!! Great job in sticking to the CDC guidelines!  

Anyway, I digress. The parking here can be a little tricky, but I've never NOT found parking in this area. So, on with the food. We ordered the Papas Con Chorizo and The Fried Chicken Lemon Velvet Waffle, fries (LOL idk why we did), sourdough toast, 1 Red eye (coffee +2 shot espresso), and a latte.

Okay, the reason why I started this review off with "Wow" is because when the food came out, it smelled so good already and it tasted even better.... like...... wow. I'm not a huge breakfast person, and I usually skip it all together lol, HOWEVER, I will make an exception for Red Maple! Ahhhhh the lemon and ube mascarpone on the waffles with fried chicken were soooo delicious. I loved the lemon with because it made the dish feel more fresh and less heavy (because yeah, it's still chicken and waffles!!). The papas con chorizo were also so yummy,  the chorizo was cut into perfect bite sizes (not teeny tiny like at other places) and the dish was nice and hearty!

I totally forgot to order gelato before I left because I was so full :'( so next time, I will get some for sure :)!

Julianne B.

The food here is phenomenal. I got the brisket breakfast burrito and all the flavors complimented each other so well. Their lattes are also good, not too sweet, the perfect blend of coffee and syrup and milk. Plus the service was excellent. Our waitress, Marianne, was friendly and checked on us appropriately, not overkill and not too little. She was very kind.

Brent T.

Yelp, Yelp, Yelp, you have yet to let me down and the Red Maple Cafe has found a new regular because of you! Sometimes the hype is not worth the wait, but then sometimes the hype is worth twice the wait. Red Maple Cafe is PHENOMENAL! I am not sure how it doesn't have 6 Stars (yes, I know that's not possible), with the food they are serving up. But be forewarned, this place is not for the faint of heart when it comes to portions, they are not only filling the plates but stacking them high with amazing pancakes. But wait Johnny, there's more... you have to try the breakfast burritos, they are just as incredible for a savory dish and absolutely rivals the sweet dishes they offer. And I do have to say this, I am definitely "that guy" when it comes to customizing an order of food, and they didn't even blink an eye when I changed it up a bit, to add a thing or two or three to my burrito! (Let's just say I am a glutton for punishment!). Yet another Burbank restaurant knocking it out of the damn park.

Sarah Sweigart

While I’ve only had ‘take out’ from this sweet cafe, the service was friendly and food delicious. I would recommend this morning joint to any coffee lovers and suggest you get a signature latte with a famous Hollywood star burnt on the foam.

Dolcesmom M.

I love this place so much! Wonderful service by Amber today.  I do not live in the area but I am an avid hiker and foodie extraordinaire.  Even during Quarantine a girl has got to eat. So last week when I called this place on a hiking trail in Burbank,  Vital link, the girl who answered the phone was beyond kind. Other places I called were not so friendly,  I get in we're in lockdown, but in my defense in my county scores of places are open for sit down dining.  Not the case in this  county and that's okay but still be nice on the phone, this place was so helpful and their employee answering the phone beyond helpful.. After speaking to the employee on the phone I promised to show up, having my food packaged to go, I was ready to nosh... such fresh ingredients,  omelettes,  waffles,  the breakfast potatoes.  Fammm! You can not go wrong  with anything you order here. Today when I was hiking in Glendale it was a no brainer to again visit this spot. Fresh natural ingredients,  lattes, Americanos and red eyes lovingly prepared. If your hiking in the area its a must stop..really amazing food and warm happy people here..I will absolutely be back, and you should too

Pamela K Michael


Daniel M.

This place is so good. Ive had almost everything on the menu and you honestly can't go wrong with any if them.

I recommend the Brisket Breakfast Burrito. Its delicious.

Only criticism is that they aren't on any mobile delivery apps anymore so I can't have it literally anytime haha

Jessica V.

Red Maple Cafe had a limited menu due to COVID-19, which is fine, but we didn't realize that until we had already gotten there and stared at the online menu through yelp for about 20 minutes. When we finally got seated (it took awhile since this was back in the outdoor dining days), I decided to order the Lemon Ricotta Berry Bliss French Toast. I don't know what I was expecting as I'm not a big fan of berries (other than strawberries), but the lemon zest was a bit overpowering. The french toast wasn't bad, but again, the lemon zest was just too much.

My brother got the brisket and egg burrito and that was an unsuspected star of the show! It was actually pretty tasty - I wasn't sure how I felt about brisket in a breakfast burrito, but it worked pretty well. Enough that next time I come by with this limited menu, I'd get this burrito!

We got a few of the lattes and they are cute and fun. They are a reasonable price so it's just a fun little add on to get, especially if you like a little splash of coffee with your breakfast.

Ron Deo

Fantastic service! Red Maple Cafe was very accommodating for my large party of friends and our dog. Keep in mind brunch is pretty busy on the weekends. Our server was very helpful and was attentive to our needs (I.e. extra sauce and refills on refreshments). I ordered a brisket breakfast burrito per our server's suggestion and was not dissatisfied with the presentation and taste of the dish. The burrito was packed well and the verde salsa on the side added that nice kick to the savoriness of the burrito. Also tried the watermelon refresher and it wasn't overwhelmingly sweet; Perfect?.

Kyle Marks

Red Maple Cafe has the most unique and diverse menu in all of Burbank and Toluca Lake. It is a hidden gem serving high quality food! I love their breakfast, lunch and dinner menu! And they have the best dessert...home made from scratch gelato! Today I got the Farro Bowl with chicken tinga breast as my protein for lunch to go since outdoor dining is not currently being allowed in Southern California by a state order (even though a judge ruled that LA County is not allowed to ban outdoor dining). My bag had this amazing, and sweet message from the restaurant and their workers with a joke that made me laugh and smile. Thank you Red Maple Cafe for being open for our community and making such delicious food!

Mbasa Mbali

I've never been but judging from how highly @LoveLiveServeVLOGS on YouTube spoke about this place, I have a great feeling about them

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Red Maple Cafe • Gelato & Coffee Bar

173 N Maple St, Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 230-2500