Reno's Pizzeria

4006 W Riverside Dr, Burbank
(818) 843-8550

Recent Reviews

S. T.

Been ordering from here for a long time to support local mom and pops before and during the pandemic. Today I'm attempting to order but can't because I am out of their area all of a sudden! It would be nice to see loyalty work the other way around sometime. Can customers at least be appreciated after sticking with you through the rough times?

Matthew S.

Ya know, I don't like to leave bad reviews about food, who wants to complain about take-out to-go, but this time I will make an exception. I just ordered a medium pizza from Reno's paid my good money, opened the box and ... this pizza is like a bad practical joke. The crust was so thin I simply could not believe my eyes so I measured it with my trusty calipers. Well it's LESS than 1/4" thick. What kind of skimpy freaking pizza is this? There's nothing THERE! More tissue-thin pizza, folks and WHAT an insult. I could buy frozen pizza at TJ's for half the price that's 3 times better so why am I going to RENO'S? ONE slice from Amazon fresh is MORE PIZZA than this whole medium pie that I bought from you! SHAME on you, Reno's! There are some people out there that know better and will not accept miserably thin skimpy pizza. A SCATHING review is well-deserved.

Tejal B.

Its been a while since we have been ordering from this place. There are many other eateries around this place as well. Street parking is available. We ordered their:- Cheese garlic bread- OMG its bomb, by far the best I have ever tried. Crisp outside of bread with melt in the mouth cheese & soft spongy bread on inside. Overall, the service and the cheesy garlic bread is awesome, we have tried their pizza in the past & not a big fan of it.

Laura R.

GREAT place to eat pizza, good prices, very flavory and thin, delicious dough. It's our favorite place to eat pizza in Burbank

Camille J.

I'm never disappointed with Reno's. The delicious food, relaxed atmosphere and personable service make this place just feel good, like coming back home!

Emily Thompson

Great food! Amazing music!! I highly recommend it. I will be coming here again.

Christine Bacci

From out of state and wanted to try something local last night after a long day of flying. The pizza was delivered exactly an hour after ordered and was hot and fresh!!! It was delicious!!! We tried the supreme, the pepperoni and a cheese pie, and a calzone. It really was fantastic with very fresh ingredients and picture perfect. Would definitely eat here again!!

Markie b

My first visit here. Good Italian food here. Super great when you have hungover and eat lunch here

Antonio Acuna

Love the wings, and their lunch specials come with fries before 2pm

Brian S.

Came here with my wife and two kids to get an order to go back to our Hotel. Ordered some food which was a Hawaiian pizza, cheese pizza, and buffalo wings. We asked for extra crispy and we received it extra crispy. The food was excellent and no complaints period. I would suggest this business to anyone either who lives in the area or from out of town.

Silvana Espinosa

The pizza was not bad it was ok I had the gluten free Mediterranean pizza. But will never go back the prizes are a rip off. $18 dollars for 12in pizza. We had 2 small pizzas beer, soft drink 1 meat ball appetizer are bill was $75. Not to mention the waitress was not friendly very short and never bothered to ask how are food was till after she came with the check. Not worth the price


My pepperoni, mushroom & tomato pizza was good. Nice little place with outdoor seating and TVs inside. People were nice as well.

Joanna Ramirez

pizza was delicious and the ladies running the pizza place were very welcoming and did an amazing job helping us on a very busy night.

Carrie P.

UPDATE: I posted the review below but have since corresponded with the owner. I appreciate a business that recognizes its flaws and wants to maintain their reputation and keep their clientele happy. I was offered a refund for the order that I placed and also was delivered a new meal altogether. It is Customer Service such as this that will make me come back to Reno's pizzeria in the future. Well done!!! I wanted to try this place out since they offered a gluten-free pizza. However even though the delivery person was exceptionally nice, the pizza itself was horrible. The crust was like rubber and not even fully cooked. I also ordered tiramisu and it was straight out of the freezer. I tried calling to talk to the manager and was put on hold for over seven minutes. I figured I would give my review this way. Maybe I just caught them on a really bad day...but I won't be back. Sadly I'm out 25 bucks for a lousy pizza and dessert.

Jonathan M.

Great service I love the food and how everything is clean and nice. The food is great 10/10 I would definitely recommend this place and if you are vegetarian they have salads and soups. This place is very neat and I would definitely recommend going here

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