Romancing the Bean

3413 Magnolia Blvd, Burbank
(818) 845-2326

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Antoinette E.

I have to say I love this place. I work a block away and I usually get the cold brew and some type of pastry or on my lunch break I'll do a salad or a sandwich. The food is always great and I must say the staff is really friendly. I will always go to romantic the bean ... highly recommended!!!

Elena A.

Came by to meet a friend here, first time here. Was delicious, good service and fast delivery, We sat outside on the sidewalk, also had great coffee and definitely will come back again when I'm in Burbank

Julie Ershadi

The drinks are really good and have a great variety. The pastries are super yum and also a lot of variety. My favorite is the blueberry scone. I normally don't even like scones lol. Only thing is I really don't care for the like, kitchen food. It takes too long to come out, is crazy expensive, and isn't very good in the first place. The breakfast burrito is concerning. That said, the ambience is also really nice. It's a comfortable place to have a pick-me-up or meet a friend or do some laptop work for a couple hours.

Linda W.

Skimpy sandwiches not worth it. My husband ordered the tuna, not much better. Barely a few leaves of greens.

Gavin Quinton

Cute as heck. Wonderful owners and employees. Chai tea latte was one of the best I've had.

Grace H.

I have been traveling in the area and stopped across the street at the Bank of America. The girls working there recommended that we go to romancing the bean café. I had to use the restroom and ran back real quick when I arrived. Walking back towards the register to get in line, the worker passive aggressively asked if we had just used the restroom and then when we said yes she said "okay are you buying something?!". She was helping someone and literally decided to act up...Obviously we were getting in line...planned on buying more but I'm not sure how you think it's okay to talk to people like that. She was a short asian chick with a butterfly tat on the back of her arm. I've never been more uncomfortable. I'll be sure to frequent blvd cafecito instead when I'm the area. It's one thing to alert customers when they walk in if they use the restroom they must be a customer, but she was outright rude. I work in the service industry- you should know what being treated like shit is by why would you randomly treat someone like that???? Instead of focusing on being the bathroom police, you should work on your customer service skills.

Caleb Yoder

My #1 coffee shop in Burbank (sorry Palm). Their oat milk lattes are just too good- I haven’t been going as frequently since getting an espresso machine, but I still stop in when nearby. The food, drink, and vibes are all great.Note: not a place to take your laptop and work on the weekends, and I respect that. Go to Starbucks if you want to hog a table all day. It’s nice that they’re reserving their tables for people to have lunch dates or just enjoy their food

Wes Stevens

My go to coffee and avocado toast spot (served with edible flowers). Pastries and quiche are off the hook. The folks here genuinely care. Always a seat out front to enjoy Magnolia Park. Great neighborhood spot - the vibe is very friendly.

Ingrid F.

It should be zero stars. I'd like to give businesses an opportunity to fix there mistakes or even simply acknowledge the mistake before I will write a review like this. BUY BEWARE!!!! I was sold cake with MOLD, yes Mold. I mean how long was the cake sitting on the counter for MOLD to have grown. What a disappointment to have bought nearly $50 bucks on Pastries for your mom's birthday and to be have mold on it. Just gross! I wasn't going to bother call or write them cause the customer service I receive was the absolutely the worse not friendly at all. In fact the guys there clearly didn't want to be there. I ask a question on how to order a dozen of there pastry and they sent me to another business. That makes no sense. I felt obligated to call this morning to let them know so they would sell it to a another customer, it was 8am (yes I know it must have been busy), but Michael who answered the phone blocked me from speaking with the manager. I told him that it was important (gave me attitude like nothing I had to say was important because I wasn't a customer in front of him) and why -his response was (in a rude tone) "I already know what you're talking about and it's gone." Well, you didn't know yesterday or the day before or the day before that. (So if you bought carrot cake in the last few days, it likely had mold) Having mold is a pretty severe offense if there was mold on cake what else has mold on it that they're not paying attention to and then they clearly don't seem to care highly disappointing and dangerous do better romancing the bean do better. So in the end I throw out everything I bought and wasted $50. Maybe try a different spot.

Aaron W.

My partner loves this cafe! So when my friends and I decided to try it out I had confirmed the same thing. There was plenty of seating on an early Friday morning. Their coffees and smoothies both delicious. I've had the apple and Brie sandwich and the lox bagel thus far and I could recommend both.

Brittany Heybrock

Staff was super great, the space is quite wonderful, and honestly, the best... Other customers!! One patron even chatted with me bc he knew I wasn't from there and was really nice and fun! Great place for B/L and def delicious coffee.

Shey Lyn Zanotti

A pre-pandemic hang out, it has been more than two years since I have stopped in, especially since Burbank is so lax and has such high infection numbers. Such a lovely staff and great coffee to go!

Sophia V.

I had the tuna panini and it was good but not worth 14$! Also I got their house lemonade and it tasted really off so I asked for an ice tea and and it had stuff floating in it so I didn't drink it. I also want to say that their customer service was really horrible. I'm autistic and I was treated really poorly. Maybe they don't have any experience serving people with autism but I suggest they get training on it. Im assuming they didn't know I was autistic and either way they were really rude and I felt I welcomed. I will never go here again

B E.

I come here to visit the cakes.... But their coffee makes my morning. Can't wait for their fall menu!

Kelly Z.

Accidentally ran into this place. Thought it would be only coffee. It's not! Amazing cool vibe Excellent pastries Terrible fix coffee And what looks like a fab lunch menu.

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