Season Thai Cuisine

166 E Orange Grove Ave, Burbank
(818) 845-7387

Recent Reviews

Emi J.

My boyfriend and I ordered orange chicken from here and it was the worst orange chicken we have ever eaten. Both of us were sick the whole night and next morning because of it!

Howard Yates

We had a superb in this place. We enjoyed the wonderful ambience and the meals. The waiters are super amiable. I am happy we ultimately managed to try this restaurant.

minela d.

I've been going here for years! This is hands down the best thai place I've been to! Pre-pandemic, this place was always busy but we never had to wait too long for a table. Service is A+, no matter how busy they were, the servers were always tentative and super friendly. The food order came out fast without losing quality. Their food prices are really good too. I would highly recommend their pad thai and yellow chicken curry.

Kelly O.

The food is delicious and the staff is super friendly and respectful. My favorite dish is their tom yum soup. So yummy!!

Rachel Ashby

Where do I even begin? This place is amazing. Their food was so good! We got five different dishes and every single one was outstanding! This is our new favorite Thai place :) They are also so kind and friendly. Definitely going to come again.

Henry Berry

Tried this place already with my friend and I am addicted ever since. I love the good character and yummy food and beverages. Highly recommended.

Bianca Laplanche

One of the BEST Thai food places I've had. I'm a huuuuge pad thai enthusiast and Season Thai's spicy shrimp pad thai is mouth watering delicious so full of flavor and very reasonably priced for the amount of food you get! I'm moving back to the east coast and will miss this place and its super nice employee's so much!

Tori S.

Bomb ass Crab Fried Rice! It's the only thing I've had from them but delicious. I have been here liked 3times. But be beware of the front desk lady coughing. And they allow a few people inside at a time..:... just mindful. But the food yum!

Brandi H.

Food was so amazing! We had the green curry, Pad Thai, and sautéed eggplant. Everything was delicious!! The girl that helped us today was very kind and helpful. She made our trip down to Glendale today amazing. Thank You!!

Kitty Antix

Professional, great service. However... I ordered extra extra extra sauce and got no sauce in my Pad See Yew. And she even repeated my orders.I also paid extra for broccoli for my Panang Curry and got only a few broccoli pieces. I could've gone out and buy 2 batches of broccoli for what they charged me.

N C.

My husband and I love this place! The food is always made with top notch ingredients and everyone who works there is very friendly. They're Doing a really good job with safe takeout orders during Covid and I would definitely recommend giving this place a try!

Marcel M

This place is definitely one of the most attractive restaurants in the area. Always when I come there I am profoundly glad. They hold their high level service and the highest level of food they serve. You definitely will enjoy this this place. Highly recommended.

Eru C.

It's thai food, but that's as much as I can say about this location. Food didn't stand out but it was okay. Prices were a little expensive but the service was very good as well. Everything combined while enjoyable just wasn't something that stood out to me in any way. If you're in the plaza for some food, this isn't a bad choice at all.


This was our first dinner in LA, after a full day drive from NorCal, on Christmas Day. Restaurants were particularly crowded that night. This Thai, however, had just a table opening when we arrived, and it was pretty well rated in TA and Yelp. We gave a try. It's a good Thai restaurant, with standard menu but well prepared (for the American taste) with good service sizes. The food is pretty good, and the Tom Ka soup got my daughter hooked since then. Recommended.

Tino D.

My fave thai place. The curry, the tom kha soup, the pad thai, and the thai iced tea + boba is all amazing, me and my gf order from here all the time and the staff is always super nice. Love it so much. Clean bathroom too.

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