1190 W Alameda Ave Suite G-2, Burbank
(818) 557-6604

Recent Reviews

Eva L.

It would have been a nice place to relax at if its employees would have been cleaning the tables. It's now open only for carry-outs, and I am still concerned about my safety. We're told the chain closed down its sitting areas for our safety, yet I feel unsafe picking up my orders here if the employees aren't wearing face masks (like they are doing in some local deli stores), knowing they haven't been required to be tested for COVID-19.

francisco medina

They were very polite too bad drink took too long and then realized they got my drink wrong!!

Alexis Escobar

They were very polite and fast. The experience made my morning stress free.

Don L. Price

One of the better Starbucks... Clean, friendly andgood service.

Ray Adams

Nice stop off point on my way to Glendale. I like this Starbucks.

Chris Marty

Good place to come and get a cup of coffee. The amount of people seems to fluctuate and quite unpredictable.

Larry H Parker

Good place to come and get a cup of coffee. The amount of people seems to fluctuate and quite unpredictable.

Gayle C.

Super meh. I confess I might've been the one having an off day, but the vibe I got was overwhelmed place without much organization or friendliness, just trying to call out Next.

Mr Aleatoire

I love this location. Always meet my friends here. Nice customer service and decent people.

Christopher Martinez

Good place to come and get a cup of coffee. The amount of people seems to fluctuate and quite unpredictable.

Vanessa M.

Been coming here on and off, considering I've had 2 different jobs walking distance to this location. For the most part, it's alright. There have been a handful of instances where my drink was incorrect, with one of the times having to wait a very long time for it to get resolved. Mobile ordering has also been mostly fine, with a few snags. It's busy at random times. But overall, the staff has been kind.

linda teel

They r very slow here and also the coffee drink I got the other day they never fill to the top 1/4 of the cup is whip cream I am paying $6 bucks for coffee at least do it right

Sheila D.

This is the worst Starbucks I have ever been in, and I have traveled across the country for work. Low energy, miserable employees, slow service. Note to Starbucks, pay your employees a livable wage, instead of expecting your customers to tip them for overpriced, scorched tasting coffee.

Жанна Алишерова

I waited for the order for 20 minutes, they just forgot about it. When I nevertheless asked to give my coffee and green tea, it turned out that there was no green tea. Why did they sell it to me then? Coffee made in a hurry was terrible.

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Nice store...good service

Tapahia Heke

Staff are friendly and inviting, WiFi is easy to use, it's just not the biggest Starbucks so can get a little cramped, but overall a good rating.

Alejandro Abarquez, Jr.

Bought regular brew on Nov 10 at about 6:30pm and conplained to the store staff that coffee is not hot. I asked the staff to put hot water instead, but the water was no hot at all. So, what kind of coffee shop is this when we cannot get hot coffee? This is a dissapointment.

Marco P.

Jaime has bad customer service. I came here last night for the BOGO Handcrafted Promo and the cashier Jaime was very stubborn. We had like a glitch in our app thinking we ordered two orders of the same drink. He told us to call. We did and the app was fine. We go to place our order Two Chai tea lattes and he told us that wasn't a part of a promo. My sister insisted it was because she did that earlier. (She purchased this on her own card with her own app because she has her own phone that's not connected to my phone or account at all) He thought we scammed him, but we didn't. I obviously didn't hear him clearly and thought he did it for us because he asked how long I was a member for and I said 5 years. I was waiting for our drink and he only made us one. I was confused and he had told us no he didn't push the promo for us. I ended up getting a refund and all of this could have been prevented if he just made us another drink lol. I went to another Starbucks explained the scenario and the manager happily pushed the promo for us. I called customer service and he pushed through $15 for my family and I. Don't waste your time having coming here if Jaime is here. My family and I have been going to Starbucks for years and we've never had an upsetting experience until today.

mirna harb

All the baristas are amazing, and they are always on top of getting drinks out promptly :) I love using the mobile app during their peak hours to order and pay ahead. I just walk in and pick up my drinks when I get notified that they are ready. So helpful!

A W.

This is for the Extremely RUDE Barista Courtney (white, heavier set) that is working this morning, she had such a bad attitude and her face looked like she wanted to hurt someone, no good morning, no how can I help you and when I grabbed some dolce powder that was right there at the counter where you get your drink, she angrily pushed them out of my reach and stormed off, like wow!!! Then another employee was just asking her if there was half n half back out on the floor bar and she just gave her a dirty look, went and grabbed the half n half and took it out there like she was so upset about having to do it. Looks like someone isn't taking advantage of their free morning coffee!! This is not how you conduct yourself in a customer service position, you don't ever push or snatch supplies away from a paying client, extremely rude and needs counseling on her bad attitude!!!!!

Amanda S.

Came here to grab a coffee and study on a Tuesday night. The tables are tiny and the space feels cramped. The lights outside shine through the windows and right into your eyes. Ordered two lattes and they both tasted awful and burnt. Just as we were thinking about staying the air conditioning kicked on when it was already freezing, and that was it. I might try this location again - but I'll probably avoid it.

Martina J.

The staff at this Starbucks is friendly and accommodating. If you don't like a drink they have make a whole new one, no problem. The parking lot in front of this Starbucks is tight & this is a busy location. So if you're in a hurry, mobile order.

Anika S.

We've been going to this particular Starbucks for years, working and now living nearby, and we think this one is the nicest in all of Burbank. For me, it's the ambiance, along with some healthy drinks & food choices that makes me want to frequent a particular coffee shop - where I can talk to my husband or use iPad and phone in a friendly cheerful atmosphere with toned-down relaxing music while getting energized with a house drink and tasty sandwich. Too much to ask for in mostly all other Burbank Starbucks with jittery loud music, strange odors and freezing AC and understaffed? In this location, you'll get all that you need, best choices on Starbucks menu, fine-tuned music, nice seating after some recent rearrangement, solid WiFi, and the fastest and precise service by the most friendly, personable and energetic employees on any of their fast rotating shifts. We usually order Hot Chai Latte with 1 pump of syrup only and steamed soy milk, Spinach-Feta Cheese wraps and/or Roasted Turkey & Dill Havarti cheese w/arugula fresh multigrain sandwich (turkey is raised without antibiotics) or Sprouted multigrain bagel, each grilled or toasted. And never have they made a mistake on my order. All employees are genuinely helpful, especially Destiny will go out of her way to make you feel welcome! Don't be concerned at waiting in a line here - they won't waste your time, they'll get additional staff working in the kitchen to promptly complete all orders, super efficient creative teamwork!

Tom B.

Not my first choice for coffee but I prefer their selection of sandwiches and salads for a quick meal.

Kristi Arnds

This Starbucks is always quite busy during the day- especially in the morning hours. I'll often go to the pavilions next door, just to avoid the line. However, on this particular visit, it was late and empty. The barista was fabulous and made my picky drink with no hesitation. She struggled to make it right, even though I asked for something special. I always love to specifically review stores that stand out. Thanks rad barista chick- my almond vanilla creme was awesome.

randall caporale

Who serves iced tea WITHOUT lemon?! "I'm sure he means lemonade", said the manager... Ah, no.. just a regular squeeze/wedge of lemon. I'm sure the coffee is top-notch...

John Thomas

As always great service

Mike Kim

Great staff. Attentive to detail. In and out. Way to go.

Angelia C.

I come into the store often and hope for a different interaction every time. I do not like coming here but it is close to work. The partners here are very cold, do not make eye contact and do not make you feel welcome at all. Thier is a certain standard that you expect from Starbucks considering the price you pay, the expected quality of the product and the culture it represents. Management should really talk to the baristas about making customer feel valued. Maybe a smile would improve the overall experience but it seems they cannot do that. I am very disappointment by the lack of community and warmth that this store gives out. Very poor customer service and no desire in making customers happy.

Melissa E.

I just love coming to this place, has best lattes, service, no lines, fast and so friendly. Good sandwiches too and they'll grill them for you. Music is sweet! My favorite Starbucks in Burbank.

Anthony Wehner

I personally love Starbucks, and the people working at this one we're just great! My coffee didn't take too long, they were very friendly, great time.

Mary S.

Read the ENTIRE mobile order sticker, Jaime!!! Ordered a blueberry scone and peppermint gum. Received a blueberry muffin and mints. No apologies. Just that "turn your face" avoidance thing like a bad junior high break up....‍ The difference between meh customer service and great customer service is accountability. Mistakes happen. Cold disengagement doesn't have to.

Anthony Ray

I personally love Starbucks, and the people working at this one we're just great! My coffee didn't take too long, they were very friendly, great time.

Vivian Von Visger

Sweet tooth made happy, kid loves the protein pack.

James Y.

Great barista here. He said hello as he was making my drink. He also confirmed my drink order that it was to be sweetened. It is a smaller location but enough tables inside and outside to do some work.

Angela C.

I don't have anything against Starbucks, in fact, generally I love Starbucks. However, this specific location is just a disgrace to the company. My friend and I had planned on having a nice and enjoyable morning by stopping and splurging on our favorites. However, everything we ordered was crafted incorrectly. I ordered a venti pink drink w no strawberry inclusions.....and what did I get? Extra strawberry inclusions. My friend ordered a venti mango dragonfruit, no water light ice. What stud SHE GET?? A mango dragonfruit with EXTRA WATER, EXTRA ICE! Are you kidding?! I was so over it at that point that I didn't even say anything to them about it. They knew in their hearts they had messed up our drinks and that makes me sick. Never going back.

Doison Russell

Very clean and fast services staff was very nice

Scott Nusbaum

What can I say, it's Starbucks! No really, friendly baristas and great location!

Alejandro R.

This location has the worst customer service I've ever experienced at a Starbucks. Apparently they don't know what a line is and skipped me twice. They need to send staff back to training.

Saul Romo

THX for the wi-fi apreciated!