1190 W Alameda Ave Suite G-2, Burbank
(818) 557-6604

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Tom B.

Not my first choice for coffee but I prefer their selection of sandwiches and salads for a quick meal.

Kristi Arnds

This Starbucks is always quite busy during the day- especially in the morning hours. I'll often go to the pavilions next door, just to avoid the line. However, on this particular visit, it was late and empty. The barista was fabulous and made my picky drink with no hesitation. She struggled to make it right, even though I asked for something special. I always love to specifically review stores that stand out. Thanks rad barista chick- my almond vanilla creme was awesome.

randall caporale

Who serves iced tea WITHOUT lemon?! "I'm sure he means lemonade", said the manager... Ah, no.. just a regular squeeze/wedge of lemon. I'm sure the coffee is top-notch...

John Thomas

As always great service

Mike Kim

Great staff. Attentive to detail. In and out. Way to go.

Angelia C.

I come into the store often and hope for a different interaction every time. I do not like coming here but it is close to work. The partners here are very cold, do not make eye contact and do not make you feel welcome at all. Thier is a certain standard that you expect from Starbucks considering the price you pay, the expected quality of the product and the culture it represents. Management should really talk to the baristas about making customer feel valued. Maybe a smile would improve the overall experience but it seems they cannot do that. I am very disappointment by the lack of community and warmth that this store gives out. Very poor customer service and no desire in making customers happy.

Melissa E.

I just love coming to this place, has best lattes, service, no lines, fast and so friendly. Good sandwiches too and they'll grill them for you. Music is sweet! My favorite Starbucks in Burbank.

Anthony Wehner

I personally love Starbucks, and the people working at this one we're just great! My coffee didn't take too long, they were very friendly, great time.

Mary S.

Read the ENTIRE mobile order sticker, Jaime!!! Ordered a blueberry scone and peppermint gum. Received a blueberry muffin and mints. No apologies. Just that "turn your face" avoidance thing like a bad junior high break up....‍ The difference between meh customer service and great customer service is accountability. Mistakes happen. Cold disengagement doesn't have to.

Anthony Ray

I personally love Starbucks, and the people working at this one we're just great! My coffee didn't take too long, they were very friendly, great time.

Vivian Von Visger

Sweet tooth made happy, kid loves the protein pack.

James Y.

Great barista here. He said hello as he was making my drink. He also confirmed my drink order that it was to be sweetened. It is a smaller location but enough tables inside and outside to do some work.

Angela C.

I don't have anything against Starbucks, in fact, generally I love Starbucks. However, this specific location is just a disgrace to the company. My friend and I had planned on having a nice and enjoyable morning by stopping and splurging on our favorites. However, everything we ordered was crafted incorrectly. I ordered a venti pink drink w no strawberry inclusions.....and what did I get? Extra strawberry inclusions. My friend ordered a venti mango dragonfruit, no water light ice. What stud SHE GET?? A mango dragonfruit with EXTRA WATER, EXTRA ICE! Are you kidding?! I was so over it at that point that I didn't even say anything to them about it. They knew in their hearts they had messed up our drinks and that makes me sick. Never going back.

Doison Russell

Very clean and fast services staff was very nice

Scott Nusbaum

What can I say, it's Starbucks! No really, friendly baristas and great location!

Alejandro R.

This location has the worst customer service I've ever experienced at a Starbucks. Apparently they don't know what a line is and skipped me twice. They need to send staff back to training.

Saul Romo

THX for the wi-fi apreciated!

Rommel Belandres

Fast service, freindly staff.


Everything you expect from Starbucks with quick service. They were happy to accommodate special orders. Service was fast. Bathrooms were clean. They had all of the food products in stock. The tables were well bussed, wifi was fast. Coffee bar was clean as well.

Courtney K.

The best staff and they make the best drinks. They can't control the taste of the food since they don't actually make it and people get so upset about their drinks being wrong when they didn't order correctly or they grabbed the wrong drink in the first place. "Oh your names Adam and you ordered a cappuccino? Well that's an iced tea for Britney, so I don't think it's yours." Honestly, people



1190 W Alameda Ave Suite G-2, Burbank, CA 91506