1520 W Olive Ave, Burbank
(818) 558-6923

Recent Reviews

Arrow M

I’ve only ever been to this one when I order through the app and pick up. So far they’re pretty reliable. The coffee out when the app says it’s out. Efficient in-app to physical location ordering.

Kenneth Patak

Fast service great service stuff was good busy place but get the drinks done fast

Karla Calderon

Just went to Starbucks asked for a Chai tea latte and they gave me a latte I can drink strong coffee it's bd for my blood pressure nd worst of all I'm at work so I can't take it back

Danny I

Ashley was super friendly, helpful, and personable. She also had the Christmas spirit which is very much appreciated. And the drinks were amazing. Merry Christmas!

Kayla Flores

I asked for light ice and my cup said otherwise. My entire cup was filled with ice! CHEAPPPP!!

Jidorea A. Woods

Can't go wrong here.

Stella Pennacchioli

Great customer service.

Rene Seville

Staff is super friendly, pastries are fresh and delicious. Drinks are delightful and come out quickly even when they're busy. Love this location.

Ana Mundo

Strawberry funnel cake cream base is delicious ?

Brad Spitzley

Drinks are always great and staff is always "staffed". So expect to get your order as you like, and expect to get it rather quickly.This location does NOT have a drive thru. Not a negative. Just letting people know. There is parking in the back, however, and street parking.The inside has tables and social distancing, but some tables are wobbly and the inside is extremely cold.The outside area is nice, but again, some wobbly chairs/tables, and there's often dust and fur being kicked up.

Sierra Sampson

First time ordering a custom drink, and they were completely nice and they made my custom made drink so delicious.

Mari S

I love getting drinks that aren't on the menu. The workers are very nice and they never reject if you ask them to make something outside their menu!

Sean S.

This is a large Starbucks making it easy to be socially distant when placing an order and waiting for your drink. Plenty of space outside and since this has parking only for the Starbucks, it makes it easier to get in and out with your car. No drive thru, but thats okay. Staff were very friendly and the drinks were made quickly.

Sl0Thb0y 32

It's a spectacular place to get drinks. I especially like the pink drink it's a drink that has actual strawberries on it ?

CHRIS Carnage

This branch has nice portraits to distract you from thoughts of death and destruction. Coffee is just coffee to me. I like my coffee like I like my women. Filled with darkness. Hahaha!

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