Story Tavern

150 S San Fernando Blvd, Burbank
(818) 567-4200

Recent Reviews

John S.

I've been to this place 4 or 5 times and they have some of the most rude and disrespectful staff consistently . Any request from a customer is the biggest inconvenience to the staff and they are not candid when showing how irritated they are. I've seen the staff yell at customers and groups. This place has been horrible over and over and anytime someone suggests it I refuse to go. Also the food is mediocre even for bar food and very overpriced. Just go to Ralph's and you'll like what you get out of the freezer better!

Caiden Vargas

Had a very good experience in here with my son. The food was served rapidly and the customer service is just fantastic. Prices are fair.

Jeffery Snyder

I just loved their dishes. I always get good service here. The place is well kept and the cashiers are always very welcoming. Highly recommended.

Oliver Morales

Fine scene for delicious American food. i was so full. the bill was decent for the quality.

Kerry Decker

This is our Friday night date night spot. It's a bright spot at the end of a long work week. The wait staff are very friendly and welcoming. And the Mac and cheese is absolutely amazing!! We love the outdoor experience and have not had a single bad experience.

Shawn D.

This amazing place and it's staff, who walk on water have helped keep us sane in this crazy time.

Carl Macpherson

I simply loved their food. I always get awesome service here. The place is neat and the staff members are always helpful. Highly recommended.

Joe Z.

Story Tavern is a hip little bar nestled in the heart of Burbank. Located on San Fernando Road by all the popular Restaurants , this bar gets heavy foot traffic. Serving up a wide variety of craft beer, Story Tavern has over 20 craft beers on tap. They also have wine on tap. Yes! Wine. Story Tavern has beer pong tables, shuffleboard, dartboards and foosball tables. You must leave your I.D before playing any of the games. They just want to make sure you bring back the game equipment, like the paddles and balls.It's definitely a good place for interaction with a date or hanging with friends. The patio outside is great for people watching, since It's such a high traffic street. I thought it was kinda weird my beer was served in a plastic cup. I am sure It's because all the games and they don't want broken glass everywhere but it made the beer lukewarm. Maybe you get a glass if you sit at the bar, not sure.I love beer that comes in a nice frosty mug or glass, not a cup. I never got a chance to order food , but it looked good. The bartender was friendly and handled the crowd well.

Chloe Snyder

Came in the other night with some girlfriends after Gordon Biersch was too busy. Duncan Made me the best Martini i've ever had in my life and he's really cute. We all split the sausage platter followed by the house cider, which is delicious. Will be coming Back.

Benjamine Diandray

I get to eat here a lot since I work in the area. I like how their service is always great and they keep the spot clean at all times. Pricing is affordable and they serve sizeable portions.

Gord Mann

They were well adapted to Covid precautions while maintaining good hospitality.

Greg M.

I'd have given this place a 5/5 if it were not for the incredibly obnoxious sexist racist bartender who thinks she walks on water.

Punta Cazabee

The staff is not polite, the atmosphere is not Latino, they are very serious with our community... white bartenders... but at least the drinks are okay...

Lucy T.

I love this place! The awesome part is they have really cute seats outside after you get a drink! The only reason I come here because there salsa dancing! It's so awesome they allow dancing out

Kimberly D.

We've been here before and had an okay experience. Today we call to make sure they're open since some Yelp times have been inaccurate since COVID. The guy on the phone was kind of short but we brush it off. We arrive and he tells us to order at the bar. No problem! We tell him we want to dine in, he kind of rolls his eye/moves his head in a rude manner. Tells us to order at the bar and then go wherever we want. At this point I was uncomfortable so we left. I've never had someone be rude to me before for no reason! Big pass. I suggest going to over under public house down the street. Really nice servers and it's amazing! All we wanted to do was support a local business, so glad we ended up somewhere else.

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