Sushi Dake

1722 W Verdugo Ave, Burbank
(818) 558-7443

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Danielle Marie Bedics-Arizala

Excellent! We have not been here for 2 years because we've been living on the east coast. We used to live right down the street from Sushi Dake and would walk there quite often. We were visiting in the area and of course we had to stop in! Everything is absolutely delicious. Super friendly staff and it felt so good to be greeted by friendly faces. We had dinner at Sushi Dake twice before we left and we will be back again on our next visit! Amazing! Thank you!


Service was great sushi was very good (but I've had better).


Tasty sushi and lovely staff. Ordered Sexy Roll (top) and Hawaiian Roll. Fast service.

Brad Kluck

So good, feels like family, top notch chefs hidden away in Burbank, low key , comfy.omakase, never disappoints

Ron Yungul

Good food, friendly staff, intimate space. Just the sort of small, family-run Japanese restaurant I like. And they take reservations. You just have to promise to be on time!

Simon Howe

Pretty good! Nice little mom n pop place with very kind and helpful wait staff!

William T Sutherland

Wonderful Food & Sushi. . .Great Service!Go!

Mazen “Matt” Kaedbey

Excellent sushi and good selection of rollsVery fresh and tasty

Mae Reyes

Tucked away from downtown Burbank, good enough for a sushi, sashimi, fix away from crowds. Good , friendly service. A neighborhood fixture, a gem.

Mirna Ayala

Friendly staff and delicious food in a beautiful restaurant, loved it

Arkadiusz Mart

I have been going to Dake for about 5 years now (they've been open for about 9 years). We went there on the recommendation of a trusted friend (otherwise, I would have never tried it because of the location - in a strip mall next to an exotic fish store). I am so glad that we did. IT WAS AMAZING, and it is our GO TO spot for sushi. They have a great variety, high quality sushi and the service is wonderful. We've recomended it to som many of our firends and they are never disappointed.The restaurant is owned by Michael and Diana. Diana is one of the sweetest women I know. She is always so welcoming, and how she remembers everyone's names, I willl never know. Michael is great. He is a little more aloof until he gets to know you, but just as wonderful. I love how he is always trying to create new rolls. His latest is a with Mango, Salmon, Avocado and, I think, Tuna. It was really good, and I'm not a fan of Mango.I think the Oishi roll is one of the best ever. Cool crip and oh, so yummy! The Diana Roll is a good one if you are not sure what you want. It is 6 or 8 different types of individual sushi rolls. There is one with Smelt Eggs, Salmon Roe, Spicy Tuna, Yellow Tail, Tuna, and a few others. If you are in the mood for a salad, they also make a great sashimi salad. It is really good. They also have a great selection of Beer and Sake.Tony is the 'new' (he's been there about a year now) head chef, and he is completely open to trying new things. Just don't do that to him when the restaurant is full. I watched someone go in there when there was a wait, and then sit at the sushi bar and tell Tony they wanted several different types of rolls. And they weren't simple ones. "I want this type of fish,mixed with hot oil, then wrappend with Soy and Seaweed paper then, on top I want ......." You get my drift. Then that individiual had the odasity to complain about how long it took ... REALLY ... do you not see that there are only 2 sushi chefs behind the counter and about 30 people with orders in front of you? SIt back, relax and enjoy some Sake.If you like Sushi, and like a fun, non-assuming place with genuine people had high quality food, then this is your place! My husband and I love it!

Danielle M.

My fiancé and I have been doing a bit of a "find the best sushi in Burbank" kind of challenge ( highly recommend) and we came across Sushi Dake! I've seen it for years but it was unsuspecting and never thought of it. Saw some awesome reviews, so we gave it a go. And boy was it delicious! I can't even tell you all we had, but I will say, the blue fin sashimi was a knock out! Everyone we had awesome and I highly recommend checking this cute and quaint sushi spot out!

Gordon A.

I don't enjoy writing negative reviews, but there were too many positive reviews and after my takeout dining experience I just had to say something. Let's start with the Miso Soup: Dishwater is my point of reference. Next up the Fried Gyozas: overcooked on the outside, Tasteless on the inside. The Edamame was fine. The Avocado roll: well if you like brown avocado than come get it out of my trash can. Sorry, but I like my avocados green. Cucumber roll: the cucumbers were wilted and tasted soggy & old. California roll: It was okay, but had some of that brown avocado that Sushi Dake is known for. Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura: 2 pieces of tasteless shrimp and meager portions of veggies. There are a lot of fancy rolls on the menu, but don't be fooled. Unless they use fresh food, avoid at all costs.

I Heart Them C.

Very friendly and fast staff. Food was good and would definitely come again. Only disappointing part is there's no more ayce which I kinda expected. Lots of places stopped doing that despite them doing it in the past. Cool part is that we were alone and the chef gave us a few free samples of sushi.

Stephanie S.

Wow! Great! we stumbled on this find yesterday while shopping in Burbank. First off location nondescript in shopping mall right next to a massage parlor. Can't be that bad, right? Service for us was just fine tonight. My daughter ordered the eel and avocado roll and loved it so much she ordered a second. I had toro sushi (incredible) and the fatty sashimi 9 piece (yellowtail, albacore tuna, salmon) bellies. This was amazing. Edamame, miso soup and oh yes, a blue crab roll (very tasty) washed down with a large Kirin light. Great meal, fresh well picked fish, worth coming to for some great sushi.

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