4001 W Riverside Dr, Burbank
(818) 308-1900

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carrie kneitel

Seriously? My daughter ordered the shiitake chili tofu in a small. You can see the picture below, that’s their version of a small ($9.75). She had to add rice and was still hungry. What a shame that you’re not generous with your portions, you lost our business!

Ben Shani

This place is awesome. Their flavor profiles are exactly what you’d hope they’d be and their staff is always incredibly friendly. New favorite spot.

Andrea Cuellar

Mmm where do I start?!? I loooove Sweetfin and how delicious their food is. This is my go to Poke place in the area. Service is great and the employees are always friendly. I always look forward to my weekly Sweetfin stop.

Lindsay Thomas

Great service and food every time I go. Haven’t had this fresh of food since I’ve come to LA and the workers there make it an even better experience, always very friendly and helpful. 10/10 recommend!!!!

Arnold U.

We always eat at Sweetfin in different locations and food is awesome and very filling. At this location the spicy tuna bowl was skimpy and felt cheated what I normally get...Consistency is key.

Ana G.

Stood in line for 10 min, I was just standing there nobody helped me. It's better to order deliver i guess. Never coming back here again! The customer service is unbelievable!

A S.

In the land of Choose Your Own Adventure Poke, this place is a welcomed relief. My thought is... I DON'T KNOW HOW TO MAKE GOOD POKE!! You tell me oh choose your vegetables, choose your sauce and mix it with this sauce and that sauce. What??? Usually I just end up with a mess of a thing that tastes all right. And I was okay with that, until I went to Hawaii and realized this was never the way poke was supposed be served. Hawaiian poke is pure perfection. The balance of taste crafted specifically for each fish... They decide how it should taste and serve it to you. Not this choose whatever you want thing. Sweetfin comes close. It gives you the option of the Californian poke, but it also serves up tried and tested bowls that they know taste good. And they do. I almost always get the Yuzu Salmon Bowl. Sweetfin is more expensive than others, but their ingredients reflect that. I suggest getting the Sweetfin app if you go here a lot, as you can rack up points towards $10 off your order real quick.

Steven Z.

Had an amazing experience on August 2nd my bowl tasted so good and everything was proportioned perfectly. Customer very comforting and informative.those guys care about what they do. Shout out to James and and for helping me out.

Stephanie L.

I loved Topanga location, so when I saw one was local I got excited. First off I ordered. Couldn't see the menu well and well the guy rushed me. I went to pay and he said no cash. Not one sign anywhere. So had to leave to my car to get my card. Came right back and he was helping the other guy. Then he (the employee)started yelling at the impatient customer in front of me. The customer as a question and the employee made me very uncomfortable with his tone Now the food. The tuna I got 2 servings. There is only a little and it is very mushy. It was a horrible experience. Ill stick with the Village location.

Miranda S.

Always a great experience at Sweetfin! So happy to have fresh poke in the Burbank area. I love that I can always count on the fish being fresh, and the service being great. There are so many new menu items to try! Be back soon Sweetfin!

Philippe Lavallée

DON’T ENCOURAGE THESE GUYS GO NEXT DOOR! read the sign next door if you care about good people which clearly isn’t the case of sweetfin. scumbags

Andrea F.

After visiting Sweetfin in Santa Monica and Woodland Hills at the Village, I was excited to see that they finally opened a Sweetfin Poke place here in Burbank. I give this place ONE STAR based on the fact that they are in a horrible area of Burbank where parking is scarce & the two dudes working behind the counter are more motivated to serve online orders versus walk in customers standing right in front of them. After circling for 10 minutes and finally finding a parking spot, I walk in and am asked if I could wait 10 minutes before ordering because they are very busy with orders taken by the app or third party food delivery / pick up. After standing there for about five minutes and a few people walking in and then walking out because they don't want to wait, i'm finally told that it would be easier if I placed my order on the app, rather then telling it to them. that would've been nice to know when I walked in rather than waiting 10 minutes later to be told that. Either way, I am not going to download an app just to order food?! Seems ridiculous if I'm standing right there and I am ready to order. Needless to say I was not interested in the obstacles, just to place an order. Not sure why they couldn't just help the people that were inside and ready to order. Note to the manager: your employees need to be more attentive to the Walk-ins "choosing" to dine at your establishment. I wonder how much business this place loses by them doing that. It's Burbank, and I'm sure your rent is not cheap.


What you did to Corner Poke is really messed up. Stop destroying an independently owned business with your corporate greed!!

Rachel S.

I've been to a few other Sweetfin locations and I've always had a good experience. I like they have options like black rice and kelp noodles. I got them both in my bowl - but that might have been too healthy, lol. I got that for my bowl with albacore and yellowtail. Got my husband's bowl with bamboo rice with salmon and albacore. I don't like that you can only get two proteins, even if you get the large bowl. I would have added tuna. Overall the bowls were fresh, but mine tasted a bit too healthy? Could have also been the sauce - I chose the miso sesame shoyu. Still I do like this place and their unique options.

Lindsay B.

The manager is so friendly and awesome, which is very hard to come across these days! The food is always great! And the bowls are always made quick. I'd recommend this place to anyone. Thanks for the great food and service !

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