Tacos 1986 Burbank

4005 W Riverside Dr Suite 102, Burbank
(818) 861-7219

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Arturo Xavier (ArTxA)

Bad service, bad tacos and expensive. I travel all over the country and eat tacos regularly I rarely put a bad review, these tacos really need to change.We were only two people in the place today and they made us wait about 5 min just to take our order, also the meat seems to be overcooked or like if it was sitting there all day, it was very dry and clearly it was not fresh, I was even afraid to eat them.

Robby Morgan

Food was cold when it was served. Was the only person in the store when I ordered and I saw them prepare it. Honestly couldn't believe it when I ate the food. No intentions of ever going back. Looking forward to whatever restaurant takes it's place when it closes its doors.

Charles Davis

Simple menu. Good flavoring. Seems to feel a bit like In N Out for tacosEnjoy!

Isidro Soria

Service was great, so 4 stars for that. But I would not recommend this place for tacos. If u want tacos, I suggest elsewhere. If I can rate the food I’d give it 1 star.

Jose Rivera

These tacos are not what your looking for, if your Hispanic/Mexican in search of some street tacos.I'll start of by saying the service is excellent, but the food was not good. First I get an order of tacos and the tortilla is cold. How are you going to serve hot meat in a cold tortilla, this isn't a veggie wrap.The second thing the meat is over seasoned. I tried asada/adobada/mushrooms, they all felt way to salty, plus the mushroom felt like it was scraped with all seasoning left in the pan from a day worth of cooking. And last but not last the guacamole and salsas. They are nothing to write home about. They are all bland it adds nothing to the taste, so why even add it?This tries to be a fancy taco place but it fell a little short. I would recommend Guisados in downtown Burbank if you're looking for a gourmet taco

Poncho Buendia

It was awesome! Pastor tacos were heavenly!!! Salsa Morita to die for.

Dane Roemer

Well like most things in the COVID days this has gone downhill too. Our order today came with cilantro that smelled like old lettuce and was a bit yellow. The salsa verde tasted sour, like it had gone bad. Not acceptable to me. We had to throw that stuff out for fear of getting sick.

Iesha Clarke

Me and my husband tried one taco from this place and it was so good we ended up buying the taco pack.

Christopher Tobar

The Adobada tacos are good but should really come with 2 corn tortillas each. Also the meat was a bit too charred and left a not so pleasant lingering aftertaste.

angel german

Didn't get what I ordered, and what I did get was mediocre at best. Don't recommend.

John Gomez

The food is acceptable however I’ve ordered from this place 3 times through postmates and twice I’ve not received something from my order. The first time was a taco platter thing that was $50 and instead I received one taco combo ($10). They simply said “sorry we’re busy, you can order again on the app” after an hour wait. Tonight, I ordered two mushroom items because someone with us is vegetarian. Missing again, and the poor person left out now has to wait for food from somewhere else. This place apparently cannot get orders right unless it’s a taco combo.

Sripal Reddy

Thr best tacos I had besides the one in Mexico. There hot sauce is the best. No seating available. Limited options but taste is good. For the kind of fast food chain I felt its bit pricy.


This place is so amazing- I almost don't even want to review it. It's our new favorite taco place. There's literally no reason to go anywhere else. Except maybe beer. I don't think they serve beer. Correct me if I'm wrong 1986... Go here. Or don't- and save the tacos for me.

nevean ghatas

The worst el pastor taco I've ever had in my life. Very disappointing! I was expecting a decent taco giving all the things I have heard about this place.

Jeremiah Graham

My only complaint is that there aren’t more storefronts all over town. The best tacos.

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