Tacos 1986

4005 W Riverside Dr Suite 102, Burbank
(818) 861-7219

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Sulem A.

If you want cold tacos this is the place. I came in person ordered and the tacos were over loaded with sauce to the point it made the whole taco falls apart & cold. I just think the people working there have little or no interest in providing good food. It's a shame because it has potential but they need to put effort and think about the food & customer service they provide.

Jorge S.

The worst place i have been and every way these means the guy who was cooking was all pissed off like he doesn't get paid good enough to due he's job Wrigth. lifting he's hands watching he's phone like he wasn't going to finish are order the girl who bring are food outside to us just close the door and are faces didn't even respond to us if they put salsa for are order we knock in the the door and ask the Grumpy guy for salsa and he said they didn't have any and close the door again and us after we spent about 100 dollars for these type of service i will recommend to anyone not to come to these place The worst place 100% sure of that these happen 8/25/2021 at 9:40pm in case the owner wants to check he's video tapes im assuming he have camaras so he can see from he's eyes what type of people it's running he's place

Iesha Clarke

Me and my husband tried one taco from this place and it was so good we ended up buying the taco pack.

Ratigan S.

Damn! Just ordered these on DoorDash and I was not expecting such TASTY, LOADED tacos!!! Perfect level of guac that I didn't have to take a student loan out for, delicious chicken and steak that took me to Mexican heaven, and a perfect amount of toppings to make it feel balanced. Not to mention the tortilla didn't taste like cardboard or fall apart - these were not messy tacos. Plus they're packaged in a way that they don't just become a taco salad. Very impressed.

Mario B.

Best tacos I've ever had in my life! We saw this on the worth it videos from buzzfeed and boy are they worth it! Better than anything I've had in my entire life! The meat, and the topings are to die for. Special shout out to their horchata

Christopher Tobar

The Adobada tacos are good but should really come with 2 corn tortillas each. Also the meat was a bit too charred and left a not so pleasant lingering aftertaste.

angel german

Didn't get what I ordered, and what I did get was mediocre at best. Don't recommend.

Roberto G.

Not great tacos it's just a hype no flavor to the for street tacos in pacoima have more flavor to there food never again.....

Siren I.

Ordered Carne Asada tacos with salsa through postmates. Order was missing the salsa, joy Meat was chewy and the flavor was meh, guess they rely on the extra toppings to mask the flavor, not sure. I got mine with only guac & both the guac and meat needed salt. The tortilla was good.

John Gomez

The food is acceptable however I’ve ordered from this place 3 times through postmates and twice I’ve not received something from my order. The first time was a taco platter thing that was $50 and instead I received one taco combo ($10). They simply said “sorry we’re busy, you can order again on the app” after an hour wait. Tonight, I ordered two mushroom items because someone with us is vegetarian. Missing again, and the poor person left out now has to wait for food from somewhere else. This place apparently cannot get orders right unless it’s a taco combo.

Dee M.

First of all the vampiro tacos we're dry, like they were air fried and tasted stale. They also forgot my horchata, but given the quality of this so-called authentic Tijuana food, that was a blessing. The only thing that was decent were the pinto beans. As a California native, I've been to Tijuana and they would not claim you! I'll tell everyone far and way that this food was awful. Rename yourselves Tacos 86

Claudia C.

I ordered some tacos, quesadillas, and mulitas. Their salsas have no spice and I believe it is due to the demographics (Burbank). Maybe you guys are catering to a certain population. Y'all gotta put some real spice in your salsas! Your default salsas remind me of El Pollo Loco (not a compliment). Is this establishment a brick and mortar version of Angel's Tijuana Tacos?(Anyone that comes to 1986 ought to taste Angel's). Just saying, this was okay :)

Sripal Reddy

Thr best tacos I had besides the one in Mexico. There hot sauce is the best. No seating available. Limited options but taste is good. For the kind of fast food chain I felt its bit pricy.

Ellie B.

Love this place! Great tacos. Tortillas are made there. I had done to their downtown location ...and was so delighted to see this toluca lake location that I had to stop. Much better location. Really recommend the chicken quesadilla.

Flippy A.

This spot is great. This place reminds me of Orinoco in DF, and not just the color scheme. These are the best tacos in LA, hands down. So glad they opened this location. The place downtown was tough to get to. Try their trompo. Chef's kiss.

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