Tally Rand

1700 W Olive Ave, Burbank
(818) 846-9904

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Peter W.

You want a classic American cuisine and the heart of Burbank from a place that's been open since the '50s come here he won't be let down. It's terrific. We got the turkey dinners with mashed potatoes, gravy and all the fixings and it was great. It was really great. I really enjoyed it. The price is reasonable. I got it to go. It was all good quality to go. All well done and quick parking is good. Easy access. Really enjoy this place.

Oo7 J.

Best comfort food I've had in such a long time. The restaurant itself has a very cozy vibe to it and the food is beyond delicious. The portions are huge and the service is amazing. This place is a 10 out of 10

Poly Gone

Came to try the Hot Turkey Sandwich "Huell Howser's favorite" and it was delicious! Tasted just like homemade Thanksgiving dinner. The Apple Pie a la mode was great as well. Service was quick and free parking in lotFood: 5/5

Cynthia C.

Sooo...this review may be a bit biased, but it's a solid 4 stars based on service, quality and quantity of food. Buuut...full disclosure, Tallyrand, or "the Tallly", is a nostalgic place for me. This review may be through rose colored glasses. We ate "down below" in the bar, which is where my daddy, some 40 years ago, informed me of the importance of the 3 martini lunch being enjoyed in an establishment that offered a clear view of the front door and an easy escape through a back door should the boss come through the front door. My dad was a true salesman who would've enjoyed reliving his glory days of sales through the likeness of one Don Draper. Not the best of morals or manners those days, but they were indeed THOSE days. Aaaanywho...since we were in Burbank, we went through a stroll down my memory lane and came in for drinks and dinner. It was busy, and we scored the last available table in the bar. Holiday decorations filled the restaurant and around us were families, couples, friends catching up over drinks, and a few guys watching football while seated at the bar. The first thing we got was very fast attention and drink orders, while menus were set down for us. I went for the classic Old Fashioned and hubs went for his usual Captain and Coke. The Old Fashioned was PERFECT! Strong and flavorful. So strong, in fact, I had 1/2 with dinner and had hubs finish the rest so I could drive us home. lol Dinner: I went with the classic Tallyrand roast Turkey dinner. As stated on the menu: Huell Howser's Favorite! Awww...make that TWO bits of nostalgia enjoyed at "the Tally" this night. For $17.95 it was a full plate. Came with home made soup(chicken noodle) or a side salad. Layers of lovely roasted dailly, carved, mixed meat turkey (moist and delicious) served atop herb dressing (on the dry side, but I think the moist turkey was meant to soften if it sat there any kinda time, but I was having none of that), with a side of scratch made mashed potatoes and turkey gravy. Also a side of cranberries (canned perhaps, but yummy) to round out my plate. Everything tasted very good though, admittedly, the chicken noodle could've used more flavor. Hubby went with spaghetti with meatball & meat sauce for $17.50 and, between slurps, pronounced it 'Yummy!' Both meals came with option or aforementioned soup or salad and also fresh sourdough bread or fresh baked(daily) muffin. I went with a muffin, to be taken home and enjoyed for breakfast the next morning, and hubby went with sourdough, which was enough for us to share and OH SO GOOD! All in all, if was a very enjoyable visit to "the Tally" and we were left with a cheerful 'we hope to see you again' from the staff, a few times. Yes, we shall return as long as the memory of my daddy's 3 martini lunches is etched in my heart. Cheers! CC

Orly W.

Old fashioned 50+ year diner. Great value. The Turkey dinner is pretty good. I found it to be a little blend but, relatively healthy so you don't need to feel guilty following the consumption. I served it this year for Thanksgiving and everyone enjoyed it by survey and would love to have it again.

Stephanie C.

It's nice going into a restaurant and not being super overwhelmed with the extras. Yes, the staff are more, "experienced" and a bit direct, but it was like being helped by your bossy but loving aunt. But my tea pot was regularly refilled, and the food was warm and comforting. I don't need the Instagram-worthy shots, just my tummy to be warm and full.

Xbox User

Great food / Great Service = YummyliciousThis place has it all. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. All great options, pleanty of seating. You can eat at the counter, in the back room, in the dining room, outside, or in the lounge / bar area. A testament to it's popularity is plenty of seating and sometimes you still have to wait.Best known for the daily freshly cooked turkeys. The turkey plates (sandwich, dinners) are very popular cuz they're delicious. Everything is good here, I've never had a bad meal, returned anything, or left disatisfied.The bar / lounge is dark, quaint, and cozy. So many regulars that everyone knows the bar and wait staff. Great Bloody Mary's and a few TV's in the lounge for those who like the distraction.Vegetarian options: Extensive menu and plenty of tweaks available for the veggie heads.Kid-friendliness: Always little tikes running around. Mind you kinder people!!!Parking: Can be a challange during busy hours. Wrap-around parking surrounds the building and street parking in front and on side. Several "ADA" spots in front.Wheelchair accessibility: Wheelchair is no problemo!

Vitamin T.

RE: Thanksgiving2022. I just want to say, "JAMES B., YOU ARE NOT ALONE." Our order was to go, and while we thoroughly enjoyed the dinner, what followed was not pleasant. I should mention that salad was not part of the dinner this year. Perhaps this is because lettuce is hard to find at the moment. No pie for us either, but I had purchased one from Costco recently, so we were set. I should also mention that we had another unpleasant experience at Tallyrand last year. I will not go into details, but very simply, it should not have happened. I fully appreciate the commitment of the owners and staff on this special day in providing service to the community. It is NOT easy to put on this holiday dinner for a reasonable price each year, especially during COVID, hence I will give three stars instead of one.

Scott B.

I was so excited to get the Thanksgiving dinner to go this year because I didn't have plans with family or friends and I know the Talleyrand is known for their turkey. Unfortunately, after eating the meal, I had gastrointestinal issues for two days. Ugh.

Niki H.

The best hot turkey sandwich in town. The place is cozy. The food is tasty. The meat is fresh and delicious. Check this diner out if you are in town, guys!

David M.

This is my daughter's favorite restaurant. They enjoy the crayons and paper. They also happen to have all there favorite items for such picky eaters. Breakfast is always really good and they even have a healthy omelette. The waiter and waitresses are always very friendly. The fried chicken and blackened salmon salad are very good if you want something off the lunch menu.

Karen T.

Saturday was the first time I've ever been to the Tallyrand Restaurant and I have to say what a pleasant surprise! Food was terrific and they gave use quite a lot of food, very appreciated and the bread was amazing, hot and with lots of butter. We will definitely be coming back as I saw other items on the menu that I really must try! Yummy"!

Rick O.

First time to the Tallyrand. If you come on the weekend for breakfast, bring your patience. It gets packed. There's a parking lot and street parking too. We went on a Sunday morning after our little cousin finished her horse training at the nearby equestrian center. It's also by the studios and I guess it's a local hangout too. We sat in the bar, so I can watch Sunday football! Hehe. We had some spicy bloody Mary's and they were good We ordered the Ortega omelette which I had a taste and it was very good. Nice and fluffy and full of flavor. I ordered the turkey sandwich with half dark and white meat. It comes with mashed potatoes and stuffing covered with gravy and a little side of cranberry sauce. I ordered extra gravy because that's how I like it on Thanksgiving, which this sandwich reminded me of. It's so good! The banana muffin was really good too. I can't wait to go back and try something else.

Ralph M.

I learned about the Tallyrand years ago through a Huell Howser program and have wanted to give it try. Today, I met 4 friends there and we were all pleased. Four of us ordered the hot Turkey sandwich which didn't disappoint. The lone wolf amongst us ordered the Rueben and he really enjoyed his choice. The food was hot and delicious. The service prompt and attentive. The place is busy and a bit noisy with so many happy patrons but it's to be expected at an iconic diner. I will be back with my wife and hope to try their breakfast menu items.

Denise Duran-Bylard

Had dinner & drinks in the lounge. Drinks were great & strong. Comfort food... turkey dinner and fried chicken. The waitress was very attentive and friendly. This restaurant has been around for a long time and it could use a bit of sprucing up. My husband and I loved the old school vibe.

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