Terrace Restaurant & Lounge

112 N San Fernando Blvd, Burbank
(818) 433-7114

Recent Reviews

Mikhail Isaev

I went here in the evening with my friend to smoke hookah. this is a very good place. Service and quality of tobacco at a high level. The staff speaks my language which is very nice.Food: 4/5


We love the food and great entertainment 😍 we had amazing time!! Thanks

Mike Spaders

Very nice different for me but I loved the placeFood: 4/5


When we showed up they said they had no reservation for us but they got us a table

John A

Great place for big groups. I loved the ambiance and want to try to go on a weekwnd when there is a band.Hookah available. Bread is made there and is delicious.Food: 4/5

Has It

I don’t know why anyone would give this restaurant a 1 star. It’s an amazing place great food wonderful music. I had so much fun it was a memorable evening.

Gil Macias

Very good food and music

William N.

Food sucks. The Xorovatz(kebab) portions are kinda ridiculous since they're pretty small. Live entertainment is good. Good atmosphere. Food mediocre at best for the price.

Haik Patatanyan

Great restaurant, good music. Food was very delicious. I would highly recommend. We like going during the week too when it's more chill and have hookah.

Shahram Mehraban

It’s an ok place. Food is fine but nothing special. Location is great.

Mike D.

"Reservations only"? Really? The first I've of that in the entire Los Angeles. Must be exclusive or trashy. Sounds like Rachette music so I'll go with the latter. Seems very ghetto.

Val K.

This is the worst possible place you can go. Music is loud, quality is unbearable, food sucked, service non-existing. Do yourselves big favor, stay away from this hell.

OpenTable Diner

It was our first time but we loved it and we will definitely go back


It was our first time and we loved it! I have couple of things to say for them to improve. Our food was delicious, however, we waited forever 1hr 34min for our meats plate to arrive! We saw our waiter bringing it finally, then circling back and taking it back since we were sitting at the back table, and he was checking tables upfront and they all already have the meat. When 10 min later we asked him when he is going to bring the meat, he felt that it was his mistake, went and brought that plate back. And unfortunately, the meats were all cold by that time! That was a bummer! The DJ should play better variety songs. Overall it was great! We will definitely comeback!

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Food was really good, and I believe it is a lot for 1 person, they charge $60 for person, which is not expensive at all. Will come back

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