The Carving Board Burbank

216 E Olive Ave, Burbank
(818) 563-6799

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So I came here for the first time on a Tuesday around 2pm. I was craving a sandwich and this place seemed Iike it would have some good sandwiches based on some photos i saw on google so I decided to stop by. I ordered a ham and swiss sandwich which came with lettuce, tomato, red onion and mayo on a Sourdough bread. The sandwich was delicious! The ham was carved from an actual baked ham! It tasted so good. I was really happy with my meal. It also came with a side salad which was also very good. What I wasn't fond of was the girl at the register. She was not the most welcoming person and was in a rush to get my order when there was only one other customer in the restaurant! I can see why it's empty! I give her 1 star. And 5 stars for the food. Compliments to the cook. You are doing an amazing job ? . In average I'll give this place 4 stars. Might need to get a nicer cashier.

Johnny T.

Based on what I just ate the fact this spot has 4 1/2 stars is crazy to me. Starting to lose faith in Yelp. These are basic sandwiches, overpriced. The Carving Club is a joke at that price! Claiming "thick cut bacon". One piece of regular bacon per sandwich lol. Just be honest you guys. So cringy. The French dip was a joke as well. Was thinking Philippe's but way more like Arby's. Seriously. Arby's.

Teri F.

A welcoming smile upon arrival and some delicious sounding sandwiches up on their menu! Hard to choose but I had the Cobb sandwich (minus bleu cheese) and it was wonderful. I only wish I could haven eaten the entire thing but I was so full after half. The house made chips were also delicious. My husband had the French dip on a French roll and he said it was great as well. Meat was very tender. Such great service and good!

Selin H.

Different but so good! Little bit pricey but it is so delicious. I love the variety of the sandwiches specially the options of beef sandwiches is really good. If you the one who likes Different tastes try whatever you like from their menu. About the sandwiches, at the first I thought it was small portions but unfortunately it kept me full all the afternoon and evening. The marinade steak was so good but little bit salty for me, and the steak was melting in my mouth. About the sides there were 4 options macaroni salad, coleslaw salad, fries, and tomato soup. We tried fries and coleslaw salad which I prefer the salad (it was so delicious).

Vanina I.

First time here and let me say I will be coming back! The girl who took my order went by the name of Sona and she was very very nice and helpful with telling me what to choose from the menu. She's definitely a keeper :)

Nazli A.

Amazing food! Been here time and time again - the flavor is THERE PURRRR. Miss Sona is a queen and gets you your food real quick! The people leaving bad reviews are just assholes who can't wait for the store to open without throwing tantrums. Yeah

Harutyun A.

If I could give 0 stars I would! It was my second time going there, First time the girl who was taking my order was just ignorant, and not looking at my face. Second time I went at 10:55 not knowing they open at 11 she said wait outside in a bad tone! Disgusting way of talking to a client!!

Kyle Martin Greer

Very friendly service and delicious sandwiches. Clean establishment

Hiromi R.

This place is LIT! I've been wanting to find a go-to sandwich spot, and I think I finally found it! But you really need to know what to order. For my first visit, I made the mistake by ordering a cold, chicken salad sandwich which was more like a 3-star rating. Then I came back again and tried the Chicken Parm and the Bentley, which was BOMB! The hot sandwiches are DEFINITELY better here. I pounded the Bentley, I could've had another one! I want to come back to try the breakfast sandwiches and the Diane. I also had the deep fried Oreos and butter cake (which is more like a bar). I've been a fan of butter cake ever since I had it at Nick's Restaurant, but it wasn't the same. Obviously these are filling, and I felt stuffed after eating them, but it was worth trying it once. Parking is a bit tricky here. You could try one of the structures and walk, but I usually park up the street. The restaurant does not offer dedicated parking.

Anneke S.

Great food, tastes amazing, a little pricey but that's what it takes for food this good. I can tell their ingredients are quality and they don't cut corners. Well done.

Alexander Lepkowski

They said they closed in 10 minutes even though it was 8:40pm and wouldn't take our orders. Just a heads up if you're trying to come 20 minutes before they close.

Rachel H.

Found this spot on Yelp and we are so happy we did. Sandwiches are fire, Jones soda, yaaassss, and the desserts mouthgasm good. We've tried the French dip, Buffalo grilled cheese, the Bentley, and the pulled pork, all stellar. It makes ordering really difficult cuz I want them all in my mouth. The ciabatta they use is perfect for the French dip and the Bentley soaking up all the goodness and strong enough to not fall apart, while still allowing a perfect bite. The fries are ok, their house potato chips are good, but the tomato soup with that dollop of goat cheese and a little kick of spice is dreamworthy and totally worth the small upcharge. Deep fried oreos. I mean, c'mon! They cover them with chocolate syrup and powdered sugar. You know how oreos get that slight soggy still crispy thing when you leave em in milk for the exactly perfect amount of time? Yeah, it's like that...but with a cozy warm crispy fried chocolatey shell. It's like opening a Christmas present with your mouth. The butter cake is ooey gooey goodness! I keep telling myself I'm only going to eat half of it, and then it's gone. I recommend having water or milk handy cuz it is rich and luscious. We've only ordered for pickup, but the service has always been friendly and the packaging is pretty good, with the exception of the house chips which are always in an open paper pouch waiting to fall over.

Dan B.

This was a total find. Food was really amazing. I had the Bentley, bread was excellent, steak was top notch and the blue cheese dressing was really quite good!

Jazmine R.

This is a great place to eat at. The food is great and so is the service. I've been here many times already and have brought about 10 different people there the past several months and they all really love and enjoy the food. I definitely recommend going there if you wanna try something new and different!

Stephanie D.

We ordered several sandwiches from here when we needed an easy and quick lunch. We were not disappointed. These are very good sandwiches. Next time you are in the area, check them out.

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