The STAGE California Fusion Restaurant and Cafe

546 S San Fernando Blvd, Burbank
(818) 567-2610

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Mike Jarboe

Our Foodie Group had lunch at the Stage! What a beautiful setting for a restaurant! Abundant flowering trees and bushes, and art work, all on the patio seating area. They even have a special, one secluded patio area for smokers.The food was excellent! I had a seafood salad. Others had the fish tacos and said they were really good!

Gareth Beadle

The outdoor sittings areas are lovely with thick greenery creating private dining areas. The fountain and other touches make this a relaxing place to eat, talk, and relax. The food and dessert (chocolate mousse with raspberries) was delicious. They apparently have live music on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, but we weren’t there then.

Johan Carson

Certainly a spot worth stopping over, the food is good and fresh, the prices are reasonable and it is regularly neat here. Keep it up.

Ani S.

This place is so cozy you fall in love with it the second you walk in. They have live music, which set a nice ambiance. They have complimentary wine with a purchase of an entree for their reopening until august 2020. Their food is good but they brought the sides before the entrees and one steak was brought so late that the skewers were really cold. Service is slowww but they all have such good attitudes and are friendly. The food quality is good and the flavors are decent as well. They have the stone steak where they bring the meat raw on a stone and you cook it to your liking, which i thought was super clever. Their bbq is good. The ribeye looked yummy as well. Their sides are so delicious. The veggies and hurdle sprouts are amazing. Overall good place for a night out. Would recommend.Watch your bill at the end though bc they do miscount the drinks and sides.

Maria Markarian

Hidden gem, they have a real good menu includes steak, bbq skewers, pizza, soup, salad and couple of sea food like salmon and sea bass.They have a small parking lot next to the entrance and it's free.Good service ? and nice atmosphere very cozy and gardeny.For drink they have few wine options I usually get one of their red wine bottles.It's good to try their appetizers especially if you are getting red wine you must get the cheese platter.I love the presentation of the skewers it's so delicate and delicious ?

Natalie F.

We had reservations for Friday, July 3rd at 6 p.m. for private booth #412. If you want one of their private booths, I recommend reservations. Around 7 p.m., live music started on the stage. The Stage literally has a stage in the outdoor portion of their restaurant. Between movie screenings, plays, artists and exhibitions, they've created the perfect stage where you can be entertained while eating good food, sipping on a glass of wine or cocktail. I specially choose this place because of their outdoor seating on Daydream Way. What we ordered....Wild Mushroom Ravioli | porcini, shiitake, portobello, asparagus, light wine sauce, & grana padana. This is my plate, it was very good! The sauce was light and flavorful, the ravioli's al dente to perfection. Very good meal without feeling heavy. Wild Atlantic Salmon | wood-fired baked salmon, gigli pasta aglio limone, raspberry glaze and asparagus. Our teenager ordered this one, she is a normal light eater and when we looked over she cleaned her plate. We didn't have to ask if she enjoyed her food and happy to see it!Premium Angus Rib Eye Steak | 14 oz. prime angus, fire roasted garlic potatoes, balsamic glazed veggies. Good steak, asked for it cooked medium-well, arrived very well done with a lot of char. sides were good. Plate came with a complimentary glass of house wine. I would give The Stage a more of a 3.5 rating. The gentleman who seated us, unsure if he's the owner, he was running around all evening, was extremely nice and very welcoming. The service was a tad bit on the slow side, food arrived timely, but drinks were slow in Burbank's 80 degree heat. However, given the circumstances, can't complain too much. Just thankful for a very nice outdoor restaurant given we can no longer dine inside. Parking is free, as valet is closed due to pandemic. IG @streetheart a

Avery Mccall

They serve large dishes and for fair prices. friendly staff. Kudos.

Lina M.

I'm so happy they reopened after covid 19. We called to make reservation last minute on Saturday night . We were seated promptly but we wanted one of the booths, so they suggested to sit at one table order drinks and food till the booth is available and we moved to the booth with was very cozy and relaxing . Live piano music playing and amazing weather . We ordered steak au poivre and 6 squires bbq . Both were amazing and juicy . Sides were so tasty as well . I love this place as usual . Service was decent . The guy who helped us was fun, friendly and honest . We ordered a bottle of white Napa wine and was also very good . Thank you guys keep the great work

Harris Pawlett

I don't know who their chef is but that person makes miracles. During these past months I've tried most of what they have on their menu. Everything was super yummy. It's a perfect place to take someone to make them surprised. It workd for both friend gatherings and romantic dinner. Not to mention the live music there. Totally going back there after the quarantine.

Lauren Philips

This is a true hidden gem. You could drive by it once or twice trying to find it. The restaurant has good parking. The outdoor space is amazing with several distinct areas for large groups or intimate dinners for two. I have honestly never eaten inside - they have a very modern/rusitc space but the garden is so delightful, I always eat out there.

Ezra Maynard

This place offers excellent service as well as enjoyable meals. The best spot in the city. The food and drinks came out quick and the rates are reasonable. Will definitely recommend this place.

Colby D.

This was more of a 3.5 star experience but I rounded up because everything was fresh and looked beautiful, including the patio area that we were allowed to dine in. Pros:*Has a patio which is now open for dining in during the pandemic*Patio is stunning and offers both sunny and shady spots, and additionally provides privacy for all guests because of the vines growing on the fence surrounding the property *Lunch menu has pizza, pasta, and sandwich options that all sound yummy and includes one of three sides for a decent price*Salad was fresh, dressing was delicious, steak on the steak pizza was cooked well and had no tough pieces, pizza dough not too crunchy or soft and had right amount of saltCons:*Server wasn't clear about costsWe asked for a drink menu and the server brought out bottled still water and said, "All we have is (murmured something)." I thought he said the name of the bottled water and was asking if it was okay that they could only offer bottled water so I said sure. He then brings out two carbonated drinks that taste like cranberry, and when I asked what it was he repeated whatever word he mumbled before, so then I understood he wasn't asking if it was okay for us to have the bottled waters but was it okay for both of us to have the only drink they are offering right now. That was not clear and was an additional $20 charge. While I should have asked him to repeat/explain what he was asking me, he should have clarified how many drinks we wanted, and also probably should have told us/asked if we were okay with bottled water, because that was an additional ~$6 charge. We chose this place because they had a reasonably priced lunch menu...we didn't expect to leave paying $33 each.*Although the steak and crust of the pizza were good, the cheese became overwhelming by the time I finished half. It's very pungent. Because we were staying in a hotel, I didn't want to keep leftovers or waste food, so I had to force myself to eat two of the slices. This is probably just personal preference (not sure if this is a good flavor combination for anyone), but my recommendation is that you don't order the steak pizza unless you really like blue cheese, or unless you aren't planning to eat the whole thing yourself.Overall, I would still return to try other options, but the rest of their menu is pretty pricey and out of the range I'm willing to pay for this kind of food. If I lived nearby, I could see myself coming here often for lunch and trying all of their lunch items. Probably wouldn't spend $30 on three skewers any time soon.

Les K.

Love this place especially the lunch special pizza, skewer , streak sandwich , salmon and the pasta.

Parisian Letisha

I don't know who their chef is but that person makes miracles. During these past months I've tried most of what they have on their menu. Everything was super yummy. It's a perfect place to take someone to make them surprised. It workd for both friend gatherings and romantic dinner. Not to mention the live music there. Totally going back there after the quarantine.

Seda S.

Great atmosphere at The Stage. We've been to love concerts here! Both the service and the food were great. In summers we prefer sitting outside. Its design looks great. You have somewhat of privacy, too. Totally recommended!!!

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The STAGE California Fusion Restaurant and Cafe

546 S San Fernando Blvd, Burbank, CA 91501
(818) 567-2610