Venice Classic Pastry

130 S Glenoaks Blvd, Burbank
(818) 859-7455

Recent Reviews

John Thomas

Prices to high and not much variety

The absentee farmer

This place has the best deserts.

Melissa H.

Our visit was odd and didn't give me a reason to return. We came on a weekday morning and it seemed very picked over. By the sagging look of what was left, it seemed whatever they had out was from the day before. I settled for two small pieces of nazook, which were okay but dry.

Service was taciturn. I often find Armenian shopkeepers to be reserved and frowning, but this one was especially severe and I had the distinct feeling that they wanted me to leave.

Covid: The female clerk who gave me my pastry and the man ignoring me by the window both wore masks.

It's possible something was lost in translation, or that certain items aren't replenished until later in the day. Even so, I've had better experiences elsewhere. I'll stick to TeaPot and Sarkis.

Emily Baum

I liked it so much, I went back the very next day for more! Beautiful selection, patient service, and absolutely delicious.

Nata L.

We ordered  a Birthday Cake for my daughter. We just showed them the picture and told them for how many people.  They were very nice and very polite. Asked the right questions and answered all our questions. The day of the party They were right on time and the cake looked Exactly the way we wanted. Just Beautiful. Plus the cake tasted so delicious, not to sweet not to raw jut perfect. Even the cream ( which i never eat ) was good. Overall thank You all and Special thanks to the Chief who made it . Thanks again.We will definitely recommend this pastry to all . Very satisfied.

Emily B.

I liked it so much, I went back the very next day for more! Beautiful selection, patient service, and absolutely delicious.

Jessica G.

The ladies who do the sale are very rude. They don't even say hi or bye. But the reason I'm giving them one star is because the lady uses the same gloves to handle cash and touch the pastries! So unacceptable!

Vishesh Pires

Tasty sweets. They're still open during this pandemic. You're required to wear a mask in order to enter.

Odet Markarian

Very good

Mia G.

Something funny about one of their staff is that when I buy something, it seems like she tries so hard to refuse to hand me the receipt! I have to ask for receipt every time I shop from there. When I ask for my receipt, she stares at me with no facial expression! Lovely little pastry but I feel awkward when she puts me in that situation. lol

Aguta A.

Delicious, home made pastry! Prices are amazing! WILL COME BACK

Aguta A.

Home made pastry I've been looking for! This place has so much variety and the prices are amazing. I can tell there is no preserve added, everything is natural, no chemicals. It is super delicious, hill in the wall HEAVEN .WILL COME BACK

Roubina Manouchehrian

Terrible customer service. Sold staled and old product and refused to exchange or refund, when I drove back within an hour. Total value was $9. Lol

Roubina H.

Very poor customer service. Pastry was old and staled and they refused to exchange or credit my purchase. The total amount was $9. They don't care losing a customer for such a minimal account.

Andreti B.

Nice people, good prices. They bake fresh bread every morning. Their seleection of pastries is a lot for a little shop and very delicious.

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