Feng Cha Teahouse

1199 Broadway Ste 2, Burlingame
(650) 781-3001

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Polina L.

I want to come back to this place for other flavors.We went here because my husband wanted a hot drink and I really love places like this! We chose a simple tea with nothing on it, which was so good! I really love Jasmine tea in its pure form, and I can tell you that theirs was just right. The room they have is clean, bright, so it's nice to set up inside. The employees were friendly. When someone broke something off the shelf, there was no problem with that, the employees just cleaned up and didn't charge the visitor anything (maybe that's everywhere, but in my country it happens differently, and therefore, for me, this fact matters).To summarize, I think I will definitely visit Feng Cha again to try something else and tell you, my dear readers, about my experience.

Stephanie C.

Stopped by after dinner on a Friday night. The place was pretty empty and quiet but there was a steady trickle of customers in and out. I ordered the Peach Oolong Milk Tea at 50% sweet, which I enjoyed. Had I not just had a carb-y dinner, I would have also opted for boba. Service was polite and quick, no complaints! Good option for a place to sit and chat over a milk tea in Burlingame!

Louanne F.

This place used to be one of my favorites, but it has gone downhill since sometime in 2022. I loved the cream brûlée dirty boba with black tea but it is not the same anymore. The tea flavor isn't strong, the cream brûlée isn't really there and there isn't enough sugar to torch the top. My partner isn't picky, but he questioned whether I ordered the cream brûlée dirty boba since he couldn't taste it at all. I've tried a lot of the fruity drinks in the past and they were pretty good. However, I don't know about the quality now.

Sam T.

Order through the app - it's quick and easy and you'll don't have to wait for long. Good and refreshing would def go again.

Liyi D.

We were going there shortly before their closing time. For some reason, we were not able to place the order via Yelp for pickup. As I called into the shop, one female quickly assist me with the order. The goji ginger drink was good experience it was a hot drink for colder night. I would suggest to do 75% sweetness even though you are usually a 50% sweetness kind of person. They put quite a bit of ginger in the tea. In terms of the dessert, the cake was moist, though, not sure if the Boba was fresh. It could be because they were closing. Nothing too impressive for this quick pickup order but would definitely recommend the goji ginger drink.

Sheena C.

Been awhile I haven't gone to a Feng Cha branch. I usually go to the one in Fremont but I was in the area and tried this location out for the first time! It is meter parking so it will take a bit to find parking. I came here with my mom and we ordered, Creme Brulee Dirty Boba and Taro Milk Tea. The creme brulee is a good amount of cream on the top. I'm super surprised that it's a large size! If I remember, it used to be half the size at the Fremont location. Has it been too long since I haven't gone back? hahaTheir boba is good! It's nice and chewy. It's cooked perfectly! The overall experience of this place is good. I'd come back again if I was in the area. It's decorated for Halloween/thanksgiving so super friendly vibe here. The staffs are nice as well.

Alvin M.

I got the creme brûlée dirty boba here with 50% sweetness, but the boba itself was overly sweetened, causing the drink itself to taste like it doubled or tripled my typical boba order of sweetness. It was like I was drinking pure caramel. I couldn't finish it..I understand that each boba shop has their unique ways to prep/create a drink (ie, I would order 0% for certain places with tiger boba as I know the boba will sweeten the drink), but this was a bit over the top. I wouldn't have expected this from their most popular drink. I'm probably the one missing something.

Carmina D.

What's your guilty pleasure..Cake..Boba..Coffee?? In this case, my sister wanted cake and I wanted boba and this place has it all! I got the Dirty Caffe Latte with boba and it was so good! You can definitely taste the coffee and the boba was well cooked - soft and chewy! My sister got the Tiramisu Treasure which was a good portion. It wasn't as sweet as it looked which wasn't a bad thing but it was on the dry side. Not bad if you're in need of a tiramisu fix. Overall, I would love to come back here again since it's got a lot of my guilty pleasures all under one roof!

Kristy S.

Different and unique options for milk foam that you can add to your tea /milk tea.I got their cream Butler dirty boba with dark roasted milk tea. Nice and creamy, boba is soft and chewy perfect texture.I would come back again. To try their other milk foams.They also serve desserts.Nice decorations and many tables.

beach m.

Terrible service. Here with my family now and we are trying it for the first time. For drinks plus extra for tip. We got our son a strawberry drink and asked for less sweet. They gave us 75% sweet. After trying it we ask the cashier if she could make it less sweet because it's still on the sweet side. She said you should of gotten 25%. That's all she said. She didn't offer to fix it. So we said is their anyway to add more water or adjust it somehow? She gave us a cup of water. ‍. Now we need to sit here and have our drinks instead of take them in the car because there is no lid on my sons drink. "You should have gotten 25% sweet." ??? Well. Good to know but it's useless knowledge because we are never coming back.

Mandy C.

You can preorder your drink through the Feng Cha app and get 20% off on the first order. The store is small but very cute and clean. We tried two drinks the mango fantasy and crème brûlée dirty boba. Both of the drinks were extremely attractive. The mango fantasy had a nice mango flavor with generous bits of sago. The creme brûlée dirty boba is tasty but I actually did not care for the bits of the creme brûlée because it gave it a gritty texture.

Fareedha P.

This place is such a guilty pleasure! I have to limit myself from coming too often. All of their drinks are pretty solid, but I always order the dirty boba with milk tea. It never disappoints - super consistent and delicious.

Teason M.

Always a delightful time when I get drinks from Feng Cha. First time I had them was at a wedding in south San Francisco. They're located in the heart of Burlingame and they now offer dine in. Recently tried their new mango fantasy. I love the tapioca and tartness. Def a beautiful blend. Uploading some old photos of Burlingame Feng Cha. Hope you enjoy their drinks as much as I do .

Kevin P.

Great cafe vibe, very modern looking. All the drinks seemed very standard, I had the dirty boba, as I usually love the brown sugar milk drinks with boba. Unfortunately the pearls didn't absorb the drink as well as I would've liked, and as I reached the bottom of the drink, I was drinking straight sugar, to the point where it was basically undrinkable.

Cathie P.

Dirty milk boba with oat milk was a little thinner than the regular whole milk version as expected. I liked that they give the oat milk option as I wouldn't be able to have the whole milk version. The boba must just have been prepared because it was still warm which went against the ice in the drink and made it a little strange. The part that was the strangest was the creamy top which was difficult to drink and didn't mix with the rest of the drink. Don't know how the other drinks are here but I will not be going back for the dirty milk boba.

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