Feng Cha Teahouse

1199 Broadway Suite 2, Burlingame
(650) 781-3001

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aq xin

Solid spot for dirty boba, the creme brulee foam at Feng Cha is always so good. Got 25% sweet and it was perfect for me. I've been to the Milpitas location and this one seems consistent. Wish there was seating in/outdoors, they also don't have snacks compared to Milpitas.

Nghi Bui

Very happy with the items I got, black tea dirty boba and strawberry breeze. However, they're not very flexible with the menu. I wanted oolong tea for the dirty boba and strawberry milk tea, but the cashier said they can't do either one because they're franchise and it's not on the menu.She didn't say that in a friendly way either.As happy as I was with the drink, probably won't come back.

Shamim Bonna

Did I order a cup of ice for $6?? NOPE there was apparently 2 whole sips of Vietnamese coffee in there! A total rip off, my drink was so jam packed with ice I couldn't even shake it. And my husband's milk tea was essentially milk, so definitely not coming here anymore

Pamela Rivera

Feng Cha Teahouse is in a convenient location and offers simple but tasty lunch items. I definitely recommend stopping by if you are in the old town pasadena area. The first time I ever ate a Croque Madame was here haha. It is amazing how many Feng Cha Teahouse locations that owner Steven Chang has opened now.

Tesialyna A

This place is very good I would recommend the mangoade it is very good 5 stars.

Shirley C

One of my favorite places in the Bay Area to go for boba! Drinks are always fresh, and tastes great. You can definitely taste the tea in the drinks, and the fruit drinks are made with fresh fruit.I suggest ordering online via Clover for pickup! Sometimes the line to order at the store can get very long.


- D R I N K S -• Jasmine Apple Green Tea (Highly recommend! Super refreshing!)• Summer Melon Green Tea (Perfect for the hot day!)• Dirty Boba w/ Black Milk Tea (70% sugar was perfect. One of my fav brown sugar bobas in the bay.)• Tie Guan Yin Tea w/ Durian Milk Foam (Idk how I feel about the durian foam with this drink. Gotta try it with tiramisu next time.)- M I L K F O A M C A K E S -• Matcha Love• Tiramisu Treasure(Loved how spongy both cakes were. Not too sweet which is a win for me. Loved the crunch of the chocolate chips on the tiramisu one. Strong matcha taste on the other. Great dessert to end the day off with.)Definitely coming back for the Jasmine Apple Green Tea. So good and refreshing.

Mike Lai

We spilled 3 of our 4 drinks in the alley next door. They were SUPER nice and replaced all 3! The Dirty Boba is amazing, creme brulee really adds a lot of depth of flavor. This is one of the very rare boba shops with multiple flavors of milk foam. Highly recommend this place just on the service alone!

Daniel Judianto

Thank you for having the best taro milk tea in the Bay Area. If it's taro milk tea you seek, you owe it to yourself to come here.

Mich Ro

Solid drink selection with great tasting fruit teas. Get rewards via 5*.


There is no indoor nor outdoor dining. I came here from SF and I was disappointed because of that:(. In total for my drink and milk foam cake were 12dls, everything was delicious. I would recommend trying this o place.

Julie Taeko

I really wanted to try this place for a while, and I absolutely love the taro breeze drink which is essentially a smoothie that has a wonderful blend of sweet and savory. It was very filling and delicious. I switched the milk to oatmilk, but if you are allergic to milk you might want to check about the cheesy salt cream that was in there as well.The service was only OK, but perhaps it was because it was at the end of the day. We bought a chocolate cake which looks so good, but I havent actually eaten it yet.

surekha sunkara

This place is so goood, must try their dirty boba with torched sugar on top and their strawberry ? milk cake both were amazing. The boba nice soft and not too mushy And brown sugar flavour was very nice not too sweet or overpowering. The cake ? was soft delicious with a very nice natural strawberry flavour and ? on the top .

Dianne Gong

Summer melon green tea with aloe! Tie guan yin tea with grass jelly! Nice tea flavor!

Michael Rojas

A bit pricey, but the drink quality was impressive and the customization options plentiful. The interior is very attractive, though no drink-in for now,only takeout.

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