Se Come Asi Taqueria

1302 Old Bayshore Hwy, Burlingame
(650) 513-1706

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Glenn Montigny

I read the previous reviews and have to comment, for those of you who were negative, I think you may be too picky. This place has amazing food! It's nothing to look at from the outside, but I'm sure this is a family run business and they take care in making some pretty great food, some obviously from scratch. I had the carne asada fajita combo and my wife had the super chicken quesadilla and a pork tamale. They only do take out right now, which was fine by us. I was hungry when I went in and hungrier leaving since we waited and smelled the wonderful aroma coming from the kitchen. Great mix of spices in the fajitas and homemade guacamole. Plenty of great food for a reasonable price. We have been traveling the 50 states and look for places like this. My hats off to the cook!

Barbara Montigny

Awesomely delicious food, freshly made.

David Garcia

Bullshitt place that kid in there had attitude like he hates working there.... buckle up kid and help your parents out

Joe Frambach

The rice and bean burrito is pretty good but I ordered a super vegetable burrito. Didn't get what I expected, it's a tortilla balloon filled with globs and globs of sour cream and a little avocado puree. If you want a vegetable burrito, then get the regular bean and cheese and add avocado. I would have saved a couple dollars.Edit/update: Later this evening I came down with a bout of diarrhea. This warrants more than a poor review and I will be seeking a refund.

Brown jc

Closes before 8 pm! website needs to be updated accordingly I called 20 minutes before they close (7:40pm) the lady who answered didn't wanted to take my order because it was to "small" 5 tacos not enough she tried to oversell me 4 tacos of each type of meat they have 10 options do your math what in the world I was just looking to have a meal for my self not to cater my neighbors. I guess this not a "taqueria" how it says on the description where you can order only what you want, this is just bad customer service -⭐

Rafael Garcia

Customer service is trash. They had some little kid taking peoples orders and he had the worst attitude I’ve ever seen. I literally saw him rushing customers to order and even saw a guy just walk out and not even order because of how rude the boy was. Picked up the phone to take an order and just because the person who was on the line was asking about making changes to his order the boy told him to hurry up and order. Worst experience at any restaurant I’ve been to.

Sean W.

I had an interesting visit to Se Come Asi Taqueria and in the end it is five stars for me. It was about 20 minutes before closing when I went in and there were five people already waiting for their food. I ordered a Carnitas Burrito and found a spot to wait. I could tell by their expressions and energy that the others waiting had been doing so for some time so I started watching the woman cooking and her 14-ish year old son who was helping. She was cooking each order one-by-one, meaning instead of making everyone's burritos at the same time she did each order start to finish before beginning the next order. Having worked in food service for a good piece of my life it was obvious that they didn't know how to manage multiple tickets at the same time, hence the really long wait for orders to come out. It ended up being about 20 minutes later when I finally got my burrito and I walked out to my car thinking I had just wasted 20 minutes of my life that I can't get back. That was until I took my first bite of that Carnitas Burrito... As soon as that undeniably authentic flavor and freshly seared texture of the carnitas hit my tongue I took back all the negative thoughts that I had been thinking about this place. I will be back and I will gladly wait 20 minutes for a burrito that tastes like it came straight out of your abuela's kitchen. Truly authentic Mexican comfort food here!!


Arrived at 6:15 and was told I could not dine in because they closed at 7pm.The lady cooking said we could, but the young boy in the front said we couldn’t because they were closing at 7pm.Never will I ever come back!

Brett W.

I work nearby and eat here every couple of days. The burritos are shockingly good - like "I would bring someone here to show them great burritos good," not just "convenient to work good." For those reviewers who have commented on the service or the atmosphere here in 2021 - c'mon, this is clearly a family business that's hunkered down through the pandemic with everyone helping out, and has managed to stay afloat serving up really delicious food. I hope Se Come Asi does great as we all emerge from lockdown. And, the young guy behind the counter knows our names and our orders and is always ready to help us practice our Spanish. He deserves to end up the burrito king of the Peninsula and I hope y'all high-maintenance peeps are all working for him someday.

Janice Pentecost

Delicious food! Best bean and cheese burrito. Highly recommend Se Come Asi Taqueria.

Andrew Safont

Excellent carnitas tacos.

Alvin E.

I was eager to eat some Mexican food. The person in front was a young kid who absolutely has no personal or customer service skills. I really get turned off from restaurants that use the inside of their restaurant as a dumping ground and storage area for their junk. I was hesitant to order food because of the rude cashier and the storage and junk inside the corner restaurant. I tried to order a wet burrito, and was rudely told they were not serving any wet burritos. I ordered a breakfast burrito anyway, and the food was decent. The outside patio in front of the restaurant was also unkept. If you're really really hungry and looking for Mexican food, I guess you can try this place out.

Victor B.

To the young man who took our order: please, please work on your customer service skills. If you don't want to be there on a Saturday morning don't take it out on your customers. I almost decided to walk out when placing my order from your attitude alone. Sat outside to eat as we patiently waited for our food. After a long wait for some tacos (which are fairly quick to prepare,) I poked my head back in only to see our food sitting on the counter. Again lack of communication and customer service skills on the young man. Food was average, nothing special. Can't go wrong with tacos. Sadly I wont give this place another try next time we visit this hotel. I was genuinely excited about this place.

Lynne H.

What a discovery! Hidden away across from the Hyatt Hotel near the old movie complex in Burlingame. A family run business with authentic flavors, homemade salsas, and really good food. I had the carnitas super burrito and the carnitas were perfectly cooked and juicy. And the rice and beans, guacamole and crema were fresh and delicious. Can't wait to try the other choices. I intend to tell all my friends who like good Mexican food about this place and the wonderful Guatemalan family who deserves our support for opening it!

Sing Laos

It was ok for a mom and pop shop.

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