Village Host Pizza & Grill

1201 Broadway, Burlingame
(650) 347-2728

Recent Reviews

Troy H

We door dashed to a local hotel, rec'd wrong pizza. I contact them, they fixed the mistake. I would use them again.

Angelica T.

I ordered a large pepperoni pizza with garlic and a hot dog. The pizza was literally the worst pizza I have ever tasted. The cheese tastes cheap and the amount of garlic was overwhelming. The hot dog was an absolute joke picture attached.

Sara A.

I just gave them a call at 8:20 to place an order for pick up (it's currently 8:30 as I am writing this). I've been a patron for many years. The guy that answered the phone said that they're done taking orders for the night. The hours listed currently say they close at 10 on weekdays. Go somewhere else to get a pizza- Village Host is not what it used to be.

David J. Williams

Was kind of expensive pizza I had was kinda good it's as good as most I give it 3 not best I had not worst staff were a 5 very good at taking order and delivery of the product friendly

Jillian C.

We've found ourselves a little hidden gem in Burlingame. Per Father's Day request we were given the task to find a pizza spot. I wanted to try somewhere new and came across this place. Right off of the freeway on Broadway Ave sits this hidden gem. It's right at the corner but it is a bit quiet that you could miss it. Their menu is pretty small and to the point. They offer sandwiches, pizzas and a few specials! They have a bar and from the looks of it, they used to offer a salad bar as well. I assume due to Covid they put a hold on that as it currently is a holding place for pizza boxes. We ordered a small ham & pineapple pizza for the kids and a small pesto chicken pizza for myself and the hubby. I'm a crust person and the crust was delicious. It has a good crunch when you take a bite into it but still just enough doughy-ness between the crust n toppings. Both pizzas were good but I'd have to say the pesto chicken was better of the 2. Small pizza came with 8 slices and was enough to feed the family and still has some for the girls to finish off for dinner. It's a large restaurant. You could definitely hold a party in there. Reminds me of the old round tables that had arcades in the back of the restaurant but those are currently unplugged. Definitely will be coming back!

Clarissa B.

I've tried the chicken pesto pizza and the combo and boy I can't say how YUMMMMY and how much flavor is in both! So delicious, and the toppings don't fall off the pie..which I wish I can add more stars for!! I've been to other pizza places and when so many toppings are on the pizza it just ends up falling off! The staff are very busy yet kind! Ranch sauce costs a quarter but even the ranch is soo good! I can't wait to try other things on the menu!

Judy C.

5 stars simple hot dog , Friendly staffs . relaxing inside seating . 4.75 hot dog + a bag of chip not including tax.

R.M. D.

Great pizza and pitchers of beer with old an vibe nostalgic place. Only open until 8:30 pm daily.


A fantastic place. The food is reasonable and very delicious, the staff is very professional and friendly. And their Chicken Pesto Pizza is out of this world! And they do take out.

M L.

Our favorite pizza on the peninsula! We live a few zip codes north of Burlingame so they don't deliver to our area. My husband & I take turns picking it up since nothing in between compares. Village Host is better than Toto's, Round Table or Zorbas!

Mike Holton, Jr.

Great pizzeria, friendly staff. Very relaxed atmosphere.

Renee Cline

Always consistently delicious! Large combo is our go to. I miss the salad bar but it's par for the course these days. They had a great pre made house salad in its place.

Daniel S.

Always solid pizza! We have one in my hometown area so it's always nice to visit when I go up to work in Burlingame! I recommend the Triple P!

Joe D.

Closes at 9:30pm but if you walk in a couple minutes after 8:30pm...won't take or listen to your order. Would have sat and had a few beers but just told they weren't taking orders. Across the street, much better customer service.

Jennifer Lopez-Mora

My pizza wasnt worth $35 im sorry but I should of been honored the price that was stated online smh super expensive for a small, made no sense to me at all

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