Village Host Pizza & Grill

1201 Broadway, Burlingame
(650) 347-2728

Recent Reviews

Edgar Fernandez

Delicious. Love their burgers and Za's. I recommend if your in the area.

Paul C

I've eaten here a few times, not had any problems, this time however, the pizza crust was rock hard and burnt normally I don't trip of off a bad day, but when I pointed it out to the guy behind the counter, he didn't care about it at all. I'm guessing one of the kids that just don't care about the place he works. Hope the owners will care.

Jessica M.

Village Host is one of my favorite, go-to pizza places! The pizzas are always loaded with toppings, cheesy and delicious. We normally order a pepperoni pizza with olives and onions, a family favorite, and it is the best! Village Host is definitely doing something right! Great Pizza!

Peggy S.

Seemed a bit empty so being from out of town we were apprehensive but the aromas inside the front door were irresistible. Very clean, even the restrooms. Comfortable seating and the 49ers game on TVs. Great pepperoni and sausage pizza with airy and crispy crust. Roasted turkey sandwich was delicious with thick slices of turkey, fresh veggies and warm, crispy roll. So good Noticed several to go orders happening during our visit. So glad we found this place.

Derek K.

Grew up in Burlingame and the Village Host was one of my favorite haunts - when visiting my Mom, it's a mandatory stop. It's nice to see quality has not changed and the combination pizza is every bit as good as it ever was; highly recommended. Such great quality from a hometown favorite, so much better than the cookie cutter chains (I'm looking at you Round Table and if they're still around, you too Straw Hat). Try it and you will not be disappointed.

Sandy D.

We Door-dashed a pizza from Village Host. It was delicious! One of the best pizzas we've had in a long time. Perfect crust, chicken, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, feta on a marinara sauce. Even the Door dash experience was good.

Eric Burnell

Great place for pizza and sandwiches. ?

B S.

I saw an employee come out of the store and yell at a group of people that were passing by (bigger guy with brown hair). Not sure what his issue was but it was very unprofessional...

Rebecca C.

Brought my grandson to Village Host in Burlingame, CA yesterday afternoon. This place is our families fav place for over 60 years. My grandson and his family now live in Florida and Mom came out and still loves it! So her son, my 10 year old grandson wanted to go, and from the last last bite to the 2 leftovers for dinner, he was still "in heaven" and loving the pizza! A fav "new" place!!! During lunch I was telling my 10 yr old about the best "Cheeseburger Sandwich" there which is not overloaded, but the juice and flavors seep out and you are licking it up!! He was amazed at how huge a burger it was! All in All, you will need 6 napkins and potato chips come with it! Ate over 3/4s an hour ago and still full! We both could not finish the "whole thing"! The bun is a light and fluffy sourdough roll, 5-6" loaf! With all the correct trimmings of pickles, tomato slice and lettuce and thinly sliced red onions! (of course you can have it "your way"). They do put mustard and mayo on it as well! The meat tastes like you just bit into a lightly packed hamburger pattie which is filled with its juice! Grandson was completely delighted and content! P.S. There are much more toppings including Jalapeños!


Food/Taste/Flavor : 5/5 - A crap top of toppings if that’s what you enjoy (I enjoyed). This isn’t like the pizzas you get in Italy where the focus is on the very basics like the dough, cheese, and sauce. This is American (cue eagle screech). Toppings on top of toppings on top of toppings. Their cheese was also melty and strings up as you take a slice just as a pizza should. However… because of so much toppings, I think they had to bake this longer and crust came out a little hard. Ambience : NA - interior looks a bit wonky but we picked up to go Service : NA - Ordered online. Picked up. 20 minutes. No issues at all. Value for Price : 4/5 - This would not be the place I’d recommend if your focus is on the crust! A bit steep for a pizza, but definitely would do again and try the others on their menu

Danielle G.

I don't know about you, but if I'm giving my money to a business, I expect some sort of customer service. I've been here multiple times, and each time, the customer service is horrible. I ordered a pizza 4 hours ahead of time for a pick up time. When I arrived at the counter, I was immediately yelled at "there's a line!" ... was I missing something? Because there was no one at the counter. Long story short, I was told my order wasn't ready, and it would be another 25 minutes. What's the point of ordering ahead? Also, if you were going to make my pizza on the spot right then and there, just say so. The pizza isn't that amazing that I would tolerate the customer service, or should I say lack thereof. I guess when you deal with a bunch of soccer teams and kids all day, they somehow forget how to treat paying customers. Bye, time for a new spot!

Samantha Berg

My favorite drunk delivery pizza. Generous toppings, plentiful dough / crust, and the only pizza I've seen with orange cheese on top. Exactly what you're craving.

Theo Blake

Bro when I say dang tasty??....I mean that! Never had pepperoni pizza so good. Also when I called in, they said 20 mins but when I got there in 15, they were just pulling out the 2nd pizza I ordered, so they're dang fast too!!Lastly, the pizzas are thick crunchy, flaky crust ....perfectly cheesy and they weren't not stingy with the pepperoni!I promise they didn't pay me for this comment and admittedly I usually only leave negative comments if any, but I had to spread the word on this spot!!!????? #SuperPleased!!

Jessika Picton

We were visiting from Nevada stopped here for dinner. Can't say enough how delicious this pizza is!!!Even my picky eater kids loved the pizza. You gotta try this place, only sad we don't live close so we can come back again and again.

C Productions

Having round table pizza be my first job growing up I've been to many pizza places. This place is worth the price.

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