Young Can Wok Chinese Bistro

1200 Broadway, Burlingame
(650) 343-3322

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David Vinca

Delicious fast food the whole family loved. Get popcorn chicken and Bangkok Basil beef. Friendly service too.

C Alexander

I ordered the basil chicken lunch special. The flavor of the chicken was good, but there was very little chicken. Most of the basil chicken entree consisted of onions. It didn’t occur to me to take a picture of the onions that were left in the box until I ate all of the chicken. This was approximately half of the onions that were left! Additionally, the rice was not fresh. It looked like day old rice at best.I’m not sure what the service procedure is for lunch, but I walked in hoping to get a table. I was given a menu at the door and had to place a to go order. I wasn’t offered a table and I assumed that there was no seating for lunch. When I returned to pick up my order, I saw that people had been seated since I had placed my order. My assumption was that they don’t want customers at the table ordering from the lunch menu and that they prepare lunch portions to go quite differently from the regular menu. Diner beware.

jaymie cc

I frequent Young Can Wok every so often on my lunch break . I typically get the same thing every time I am here . I love their delicious hearty wonton soup. Thin and delicate wonton wraps filled with what taste like fresh shrimps , pork, pepper,sugar, chopped green onions, garlic, and ginger in rich savory steaming hot and delicious broth. It's so delicious !!! The Green onions ,garlic, and ginger really brings out an Unami kick to the wonton soup. They do offer portion sizes, large or small. I usually get the small. I recall six wontons in the small size. I'm not sure about the large one.The restaurant is clean, bright and has a delightful ambiance. Love their delicious wonton soup. I highly recommend Young Can Wok !


My wife and I split Mu Shu Chicken and Cashew Chicken with brown rice, dishes that we have gotten many times at other restaurants. The Young Can Wok versions were among the best we have ever had. The waitress was very friendly and efficient. Well worth checking out.


Owner not a very friendly guy. Lady serving food was very nice and knew owner had made me feel unwelcome. Food was good but with so many great Chinese restaurants, it's hard to say I would return here. If anything to help support those working there because the owner/manager guy is someone who made me feel unwelcome

Cam Ta

Don't let those false reviews fool you. The owner and the lady are unfriendly, and the lunch is a prime time for business, I was the only there eating until 45 minutes later, one more guy walked. The reason is their food is not Chinese food cooked right, they just put everything together and serve. Yuck.On top of that, they are unfriendly individual.Should stay away from this place.

B Rodriguez

It was edible. I ordered the Sesame chicken with extra vegetables and asked them to make it spicy. The 2 star rating is for two reasons: First, it was WAY TOO sweet. I expect that in the midwest, but in the bay area, I was hoping for more authentic sauces. Secondly, on a to go order via delivery service, (I was staying at a hotel), provide utensils, or at least napkins.

Emily Paugh

Always a wonderful dining experience. The staff is attentive and remembers our favorite dishes and drinks. They ask after our family if they aren't with us. They really make an effort to get to know us. The food is amazing and always cooked to perfection. I've never had a complaint about going to dinner here.

Tim Moore

Great high quality food with super friendly staff

Princess F.

best quality chinese food in the bay area. price is 1000% worth it!! absolutely the best

Xinsui H.

I got the one from my office, not from your restaurant. Do you mean If you don't provide the utensil, I should use my hand? Or if I get utensil, it should be from your restaurant? Making wonton everyday doesn't mean anything to the meat quality. You can make the wonton with not good meat everyday. Who is going to try this soup will know what I am talking about if they got good wonton soup before.

Mr. A.

Young Can Wok is our family's favorite spot for Chinese food. All of the food is fresh and delicious. Our favorites are the heart healthy soup, phoenix wings, double pan fried noodles, and Hunan tofu. The owners run this place extremely well. Calvin, the front man, is super friendly and accommodating.

Tricia Kim

The worst customer experience ever. If you have a toddler, do not come here. You will immediately feel completely unwelcome and frowned upon. My two years old ate just like how a toddler would. Rice fell on his chair and on the floor. The owner started sweeping the floor with a big sigh and frown while we were still eating. On our way out, the same owner SHOUTED at us saying we need to respect them. EXCUSE ME?!!! The owner needs to learn the basic etiquette 101 of running a restaurant business, that is to treat a customer with respect. Do not come here if you have a toddler.

Christine A.

Fresh dishes! Ordered Mongolian beef, walnut prawns, rice and enjoyed them all. Mongolian beef could have been spicier.

Tricia K.

The worst customer service ever. Came with a two year old who ate just like how a toddler would - rice fell on the chair and floor. While we're still eating, the woman came and started sweeping the floor with a big frown on her face and big sighs. We were about to leave after giving a big tip for the normal amount of mess that any two year old would make, and the same woman SHOUTED saying I need to respect their business and teach the toddler to not spill food. EXCUSE ME??! Who SHOUTS at a customer???!!! Do you know the basic etiquette of running a service business?? It was clear, they did not want us to come back. Feeling is completely mutual. This restaurant needs to learn the very basic 101 of customer service, which is to treat customer with RESPECT. If you have a toddler, do not ever come to this restaurant. You will immediately feel not only unwelcome but frowned upon.

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