Lamplighter Sports Bar

1936 Ventura Blvd, Camarillo
(805) 484-2113

Recent Reviews

Tellingyew B.

Dirty dive bar that you can control the music is cool but ew no Latin / Spanish music on the box ALLOWED bartender was meh . It's okay I played Kim Petra so Ha ! Iykyk will not be back. Ty

Tom R. Hardinger

Awesome 8 Ball tournament and great people all around!

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Bistro La Cave

This place is closed. Looks like it’s permanently closed.

Michel Jansson

Tried to get to Lamplighter within business hours but it was closed, with no signs of life of this bar what so ever. Are they still in business?

Service: 1

Cliff Ashlock

Great time here with friends, pool, Foosball, darts and

Atmosphere: 5

Service: 5

Kurt Shaw

9:15 in the morning. Employee told me if I parked in their parking lot he would have my car towed. Gotta have room for all of those customers there are never here when I come on Saturday mornings.

Steven S.

Best dive bar in town, the bartenders, T, and both Dave's were welcoming and make great Caddy, Margaritas. There are pool tables a juke box with plenty of good music! TVTo watch sports and a place to have conversations with locals. I believe they are gay friendly and excepting of all which is a plus! Please support this iconic's a treasure.

What The

$7.25 for a modelo draft. Crazy overpriced dive. Place smelled like urine. $1.00 for one song on the juke box. Dive bar charm with yuppie bar prices. What happened to you Lamplighter? Make it great again?

The Grill Doctor SoCal

Went to this place regularly, loved the bartender Jamie she was great.met the owner lady, she was great. But.... one night went there w 2 male bartenders working. Apparently one of the male bartenders had a girlfriend that was there. My buddy wanted to buy her a drink, had no idea she gf of bartender. Was immediately kicked out. Went back a week later, sane bartender recognized me, kicked out again along with large group of friends. Possessive, sweaty bartender that drips sweat in your drink with a power trip. Go to take 5 or outlaws and avoid the fat and angry bartender at lamplighter.

Nattee DREAD-igles

Dive bar w pool tables and PINBALLStiff drinks and laid back vibe.

Cailin C.

Love lamp! Dave is the best!! Great service, good vibes I always love coming here!!!

Pirate Dave

Home sweet Home and sanctuary !!! Quaint,fun,and filled with Friendly & wonderful folks. Are you Lost in the hassles of life,, then here is your relief , Come & say Hello to " Jack-O" Aarrrhhh ???‍☠️

James Shelton

Great service would come back and see them again down home bar

Janet Briggs

Love the staff! Great drinks!Always a good time!

Stéphane Ulrych

Great music, nice and friendly customers , we were 2 couples there and had a lot of fun and great chats with local customers! Cocktails were great, and it was price friendly! I definitely recommend it!

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